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I suspect if he lies under oath, the DA will go after him agingdem Apr 21 #1
Why at this point would he perjure himself? brooklynite Apr 21 #8
Why did Allen Weisselberg lie under oath?... agingdem Apr 21 #9
And Pecker saw the consequences of that. brooklynite Apr 21 #10
More than that InstantGratification Apr 21 #45
Pecker Jilly_in_VA Apr 21 #2
Will he rise to the occasion? Sneederbunk Apr 21 #22
Or just be a wimp like his 'shroomy friend? erronis Apr 21 #23
Pecker covering for a pecker because of who one's pecker pecked. MiHale Apr 21 #26
We couldn't make this stuff up! calimary Apr 21 #32
👍 MiHale Apr 21 #47
K&R for, how about all his treasure trove of killed stories! UTUSN Apr 21 #3
I can see where this testimony will make it loud and clear the reason for the... Hugin Apr 21 #5
Exactly. And it won't be Cohen saying it first. onecaliberal Apr 21 #35
And thank you Ronan Farrow Pinback Apr 21 #18
Agree! Ronan really got on the story and carried it. erronis Apr 21 #24
If he tells everything he knows it will be more devastating than Cohen. CrispyQ Apr 21 #4
Oh yeah PatSeg Apr 21 #19
So it is going to be chronological order. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #6
Telling the Karen McDougal story as precedent? What is the "foregrounding..." part about? underpants Apr 21 #12
She came forward in 2016. She wanted people to know, they paid her off too. onecaliberal Apr 21 #36
Wow, this trial hasn't even started and already so many opportunities for juvenile toilet humor. sop Apr 21 #7
Yes it's a target rich environment underpants Apr 21 #13
Fair criticism but, Disaffected Apr 21 #28
And so it begins... sop Apr 21 #29
Yes, it does. Disaffected Apr 21 #44
And don't forget the pecker jokes! calimary Apr 21 #33
t'ain't gonna be much distance between Pecker and Asshole next week underpants Apr 21 #42
Good one! calimary Apr 21 #60
RSO rso Apr 21 #11
Will Donnie turn up his gas dispenser to 11 in response to Pecker"s testimony? Ping Tung Apr 21 #14
Definitely looking forward to Pecker's testimony. It will be very damaging, all of Trump's sleazy behavior emulatorloo Apr 21 #15
This is 7th grade, locker room humor. It's as juvenile as the stuff when Rudi farted during his 3Hotdogs Apr 21 #16
Whoa, this should be interesting! PatSeg Apr 21 #17
So Pecker orangecrush Apr 21 #20
So when does TSF tweet about him and violate the gag order yet again? (I won't call his posts 'truths' cuz they ain't) Maeve Apr 21 #21
I suspect grandpa won't be snoozing tomorrow. Demobrat Apr 21 #25
I think pecker is really gonna stick it to Donnie. It will be painful and hard to take it all in. unblock Apr 21 #27
It's the FIRST narrative and facts on Trump's motive that win the jury, ancianita Apr 21 #30
Expect stiff resistance from the Defense Table. NBachers Apr 21 #31
OMG how I LOVE this thread!!! calimary Apr 21 #34
I assume Pecker isn't "cooperating" JoseBalow Apr 21 #37
Straight to Pecker - no foreplay lame54 Apr 21 #38
And Rachel Maddow Deep State Witch Apr 21 #39
I thought defense was told not to say Tree Lady Apr 21 #40
No one, but especially not the defense, is supposed to publicly naming the witnwsses soldierant Apr 21 #59
Remember, Mr. Pecker flipped on his old friend Donald. blogslug Apr 21 #41
Some of the tighty whitey decorum police are at it again here on DU. NoMoreRepugs Apr 21 #43
I quit watching The Apprentice when Carolyn left. Backseat Driver Apr 21 #46
One of my all-time favorite headlines..... Happy Hoosier Apr 21 #48
I can't wait for the judge to rubber-stamp "GUILTY!" NBachers Apr 21 #49
Who leaked? WarGamer Apr 21 #50
Maybe nobody! Who is this joker anyway? getagrip_already Apr 21 #52
so, in tv attorney fashion, is this an attempt to indicate motive for the crime? Model35mech Apr 21 #51
No, the crime has two components.... getagrip_already Apr 21 #53
Thanks. I really needed to get onto the correct track Model35mech Apr 21 #54
I actually didn't get that from the linked article... Mr.WeRP Apr 21 #55
Warning: The double entendre generator is showing signs of overheating. nt Buns_of_Fire Apr 21 #56
I thought this was supposed to be a secret? ecstatic Apr 21 #57
That Pecker is really going to give it to that Asshole. DontBelieveEastisEas Apr 21 #58
My own last name is the 4 letters that come after... 3catwoman3 Apr 21 #61
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