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17. Most independents lean toward a party. The current split is 43/46 R/D
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 10:00 AM
Feb 27

Most independents lean one way or the other. Very few are truly independent or non-partisan. The percentage of true independents is rarely more than single digits.

The 43% are essentially Republicans who just choose to register or identify as independents. Also, many states don't have party registration.

So, the percentage of Republicans is higher than 1/3. It's more like 44% (math below). That partly explains why Trump's approval rating is consistently higher than the percentage of people who ID as Republicans.

Example, using Gallup's numbers.

Republicans: 25%
Democrats: 27%
Independents: 45%

Independent leaners:
Republicans: 43%
Democrats: 46%

Total Republicans, plus leaners: 25% + (0.45 x 0.43) = 44.3%
Total Democrats, plus leaners: 27% + (0.45 x 0.46) = 47.7%
Total true Independents: the remaining 8%.


I would be surprised NOT to be! niyad Feb 27 #1
As a founding member of the League of Radical Leftist Vermin....... lastlib Feb 27 #2
EXACTLY!!! niyad Feb 27 #3
We've all been on the list since at least 2015. TwilightZone Feb 27 #4
i nominated myself. ret5hd Feb 27 #5
The Republican Party is like a X-rated version of National Enquirer. Almost walkingman Feb 27 #6
Less than 1/3 of American's are registered republicans... Think. Again. Feb 27 #11
True, living in Texas it feels like everyone is a Republican. walkingman Feb 27 #16
Repugs have just become the loudest and most dangerous SouthernDem4ever Feb 27 #21
Most independents lean toward a party. The current split is 43/46 R/D TwilightZone Feb 27 #17
They are also on their own enemy list. They will go after their neighbors chowder66 Feb 27 #7
That's when you have a police state DBoon Feb 27 #22
Yep. It's the very definition of eating your own. chowder66 Feb 27 #23
I will reevaluate my life if I am not on the list. LoisB Feb 27 #8
After writing the following, I will lodge a protest if I'm not on it DFW Feb 27 #9
I'd be honored if I was on that list Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 27 #10
Is there, in fact, an enemies list? If Myrick knows of its existence and has, in fact, seen his name on it, ancianita Feb 27 #12
Soon he'll be charging a fee to get on it. Buns_of_Fire Feb 27 #13
Pretty sure I'm on it maxrandb Feb 27 #14
Oddly, it's local Magahats who will protect me Kaleva Feb 27 #15
I'd be honored to be on that list! llmart Feb 27 #18
You just made the list Buddy maxrandb Feb 27 #19
I am on there for sure. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 27 #20
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