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17. I've cut the cord months ago.
Tue Feb 20, 2024, 12:18 PM
Feb 2024

I pay less monthly for virtually the same service and have additional money at the EOM.

I looked at all the channels and internet service I was getting with cable. The price kept going up. Twice a year in fact. Just a few dollars so one barely noticed, but after a decade, it really added up.

Then I summed up how much monthly I would pay by going to fiber internet (my locale is lucky enough to be one of the places in the country with unlimited high-speed fiber), and using an online service like Hulu+ with LiveTV and/or YouTube TV. It was much cheaper, there was no "two-year" contract, and the pricing was fixed for several years. So I won't really face significant pricing increases until Summer 2026. Also, everything is included in the monthly price quote. No 'hidden fees' or charges where they advertise say, $70 monthly, and then tack on additional taxes and access/service fees so that you are really paying over $100 monthly for that $70 service.

I pay $100 less monthly, and I get triple the internet speed/bandwidth with fiber, and nearly all the channels with BOTH Hulu and YouTube TV. The channels I lose (about 2 or 3) I haven't even accessed in several years, so no big deal for me.

Plus, my ISP HQ is local (only a few miles away) versus my cable company HQ being thousands of miles away.

My cable company is begging for me to come back, but I said, umm.. no. Unless you are going to knock $150 off the monthly price, no way.

Ummm...Hey MSNBC.... [View all] PCIntern Feb 2024 OP
Gotta catapult the propaganda EYESORE 9001 Feb 2024 #1
You are not wrong. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #2
You're not alone. 2naSalit Feb 2024 #3
People are slowly coming around to my way of thinking, gab13by13 Feb 2024 #4
Might be why more and more people are cutting the cord. llmart Feb 2024 #5
I've cut the cord months ago. 4lbs Feb 2024 #17
K&R spanone Feb 2024 #6
K&R onecaliberal Feb 2024 #7
This is how propaganda works Tesha Feb 2024 #8
The old "Guilt-by-Association" two-step. PTL_Mancuso Feb 2024 #12
Yes, that's very Fox -like PatSeg Feb 2024 #9
MSNBC is owned by NBC Universal which is a subsidiary of Comcast Group. CMCSA is currently trading at $41.24. PatrickforB Feb 2024 #10
Thank you for the reminder: Shareholder profits are held above worker and consumer interests and the earth itself. PTL_Mancuso Feb 2024 #11
Thank you for this Wild blueberry Feb 2024 #14
Our country has largely lost the belief in the public good dlk Feb 2024 #16
This should be its own OP. MontanaMama Feb 2024 #18
False equivalence as well as a misguided and inappropriate attempt at "balance." Martin68 Feb 2024 #13
Years ago my mother-in-law was visiting while Obama was being shown at at Overseas base FHRRK Feb 2024 #15
Spot on PC KS Toronado Feb 2024 #19
Poster nails it correctly. republianmushroom Feb 2024 #20
No, you're not wrong. calimary Feb 2024 #21
That's like reporting how wrong the Hurr report is. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2024 #22
I've been saying for at least a couple of years now soldierant Feb 2024 #25
Yep. calimary Feb 2024 #30
Can't stop themselves angrychair Feb 2024 #23
Yay! Thank you for stating this. Duppers Feb 2024 #24
You are not alone ffr Feb 2024 #26
Good catch, PCI. Their comment lines should be DU'd Hekate Feb 2024 #27
He will be targeted by Putin. uberblonde Feb 2024 #28
or, alternatively ... krkaufman Feb 2024 #29
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