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In reply to the discussion: OMG John Oliver [View all]
OMG John Oliver [View all] montanacowboy Feb 2024 OP
I'll chip in a few bucks for that worthy cause. BigmanPigman Feb 2024 #1
Me too montanacowboy Feb 2024 #2
Post removed Post removed Feb 2024 #3
Now wait a second... limbicnuminousity Feb 2024 #5
We thought she was kidding BigmanPigman Feb 2024 #7
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2024 #25
Don't get involved in that. colorado_ufo Feb 2024 #12
Periodically I take a moment birdographer Feb 2024 #20
I hear you, but soldierant Feb 2024 #47
While it's true his cultists are stupid birdographer Feb 2024 #49
Someone should start a gofundme, a bribery fund for the Supreme Court. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #28
excellent idea! housecat Feb 2024 #48
He'd have to check-in with his boss lady first. chouchou Feb 2024 #4
No shit montanacowboy Feb 2024 #6
Or, as the old saying goes; A HERETIC I AM Feb 2024 #26
I believe they're the same size. SergeStorms Feb 2024 #31
Apparently the sky's the limit when it comes to John Oliver. 16 Emmys buys a lot of cred. Comfortably_Numb Feb 2024 #8
Clearance Thomas, markodochartaigh Feb 2024 #9
Will travel in a free motor home! rubbersole Feb 2024 #11
Clarence will never do it, Oliver should just tell everyone to AdamGG Feb 2024 #10
he will need a Go Fund Me RainCaster Feb 2024 #13
We could do it Farmer-Rick Feb 2024 #17
He has that HBO budget. JohnnyRingo Feb 2024 #14
...no... HotRod Deluxe Feb 2024 #36
But we can't appoint a new justice in an election year! BWdem4life Feb 2024 #15
Mitch set the standard for a simple majority.... NowsTheTime Feb 2024 #59
If you can bribe them to come on gibraltar72 Feb 2024 #16
I hope they had an attorney at law review it before they said it. Jacson6 Feb 2024 #18
Hopefully this won't result in a raise in his existing off-book income JudyM Feb 2024 #19
Let me know when he takes the offer....never. Fla Dem Feb 2024 #21
Thomas is a POS, but this is pointless. The question is why he isn't investigated. themaguffin Feb 2024 #22
It's the court of public opinion weighing in. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #29
He's never up for election and the only check is Congress who isn't going to do shit themaguffin Feb 2024 #39
Exactly. So all we have left is the court of public opinion. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #42
Ok, yes we should weigh in, but again, we must stay in reality themaguffin Feb 2024 #44
Thomas would just take the money and stay. Marcuse Feb 2024 #23
He'll never accept... surfered Feb 2024 #24
He might accept just for funzies if he were planning to retire anyway. nt Shermann Feb 2024 #52
Now Justice Kennedy wants to renegotiate his deal. Freethinker65 Feb 2024 #27
Really hope former Justice Kennedy had a VERY long official chat with Jack Smith's team Attilatheblond Feb 2024 #41
Regular people need to start bribing politicians and judges to work for the American people. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #30
Because "regular people" face consequences. Wednesdays Feb 2024 #35
And they have no bribe money lame54 Feb 2024 #38
Starting a gofundme "vacation fund" for SC justices isn't illegal. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #43
Absolutely brilliant! Saoirse9 Feb 2024 #32
Thomas would never take a cut in income. rickford66 Feb 2024 #33
Bingo RF DENVERPOPS Feb 2024 #54
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #34
Why would he do that? What if Thomas accepts? FakeNoose Feb 2024 #37
If Thomas accepts... SpankMe Feb 2024 #40
The Supreme Court rids itself of Thomas Roy Rolling Feb 2024 #46
Uncle Clarence is 75 years old and loves money and motor coaches IronLionZion Feb 2024 #45
GoFundMe? Kennah Feb 2024 #50
But but Biden can't appoint a replacement because it's an election year!!!!1111 Shermann Feb 2024 #51
I bet that was cleared with Legal Department for a few days /nt bucolic_frolic Feb 2024 #53
Yeah, he kept stating that he couldn't believe Xavier Breath Feb 2024 #56
Nominate and confirm Florence Pan as soon as he's gone Thunderbeast Feb 2024 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Feb 2024 #57
It's a great publicity stunt for HBO and entertaining for us mucifer Feb 2024 #58
As an aside, If I knew a 75 year old was diving that, I'd get out of the way! NowsTheTime Feb 2024 #60
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