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47. What can the Public do...
Wed Jul 19, 2023, 11:53 AM
Jul 2023

...to best support the strikers? Should we stop ordering stuff? Or order as much as ever and let the Company feel the heat to deliver? Or what?

I hate to think that by buying on line I am crossing a picket line.

Thank you for your excellent analysis of UPS, my dear Simeon Salus. CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2023 #1
Good! Elessar Zappa Jul 2023 #2
If workers were treated fairly and with respect, unions might not be necessary in the first place. calimary Jul 2023 #3
This has never been the case. Jakes Progress Jul 2023 #22
They only start to act that way when faced with a union vote SouthernDem4ever Jul 2023 #27
Absolutely Bear Creek Jul 2023 #48
Could we pass a law that employers must reimburse the government here? raging moderate Jul 2023 #4
Excellent idea Hekate Jul 2023 #7
Isn't there a law stating such already on the books, or is it state-by-state only? Hestia Jul 2023 #13
Wouldn't the people still be eligible for aid whether they worked there or not? MichMan Jul 2023 #50
Are you sharing personal info of real people? leftstreet Jul 2023 #5
Calling this weird is weird. NBachers Jul 2023 #14
Well it is weird leftstreet Jul 2023 #20
I have changed names and swapped some circumstances in order not to identify fellow union members. Simeon Salus Jul 2023 #24
So the Shakira wasn't the singer? leftstreet Jul 2023 #26
The only time it will be an exciting time ( I assume you meant exciting) for labor SouthernDem4ever Jul 2023 #28
First, changed names, like I said. Simeon Salus Jul 2023 #33
Excellent description of working conditions and why we need unions Wild blueberry Jul 2023 #8
The lady who is our regular delivery person at my work is fantastic. tanyev Jul 2023 #9
Thanks for this post - great first hand insights. I totally support unions. n/t iluvtennis Jul 2023 #10
I'm happy that the Teamsters are already established at UPS FakeNoose Jul 2023 #11
Thanks to the GQP Congresses that allowed them to get away with the take-aways Hestia Jul 2023 #15
Minimum wage in 1990 was $3.80 per hour MichMan Jul 2023 #19
This all began with MOMFUDSKI Jul 2023 #12
Businesses skirt paying and working employees with Full Time pay and Benefits should be flying_wahini Jul 2023 #16
It's called *Algorythms* setting pay and schedule - managers hide behind the old Hestia Jul 2023 #23
Thank you for posting this. Duppers Jul 2023 #17
I'm with you. Joinfortmill Jul 2023 #18
I love our UPS driver hueymahl Jul 2023 #21
They also need to terminate this man, if he is still there. The Grand Illuminist Jul 2023 #25
I think he's still there maspaha Jul 2023 #34
Dear Simeon - This is due to the primacy of the shareholder doctrine - a legal PatrickforB Jul 2023 #29
Carol Tome is the CEO of UPS IcyPeas Jul 2023 #30
Beautifully said & explained Simeon DENVERPOPS Jul 2023 #31
I am also a former UPSer... maspaha Jul 2023 #32
Every person I have met in the last 25 years that worked at UPS said their SouthernDem4ever Jul 2023 #35
If a large company like UPS is hurting and in danger of going under DFW Jul 2023 #36
Insert Katie Porter and Jamie Dimon here... DJ Porkchop Jul 2023 #49
Delivery Drivers NowISeetheLight Jul 2023 #37
A good read about UPS from back in January Deminpenn Jul 2023 #38
My son was a part-time specialist at UPS for years ... rustysgurl Jul 2023 #39
I'm surprised UPS still has any workers given the working conditions and low pay described here MichMan Jul 2023 #40
And if they weren't union... 2naSalit Jul 2023 #41
I too worked at UPS Johnny2X2X Jul 2023 #42
K and R...Thanks for posting.. Stuart G Jul 2023 #43
Thanks was talking to my grandson (27) about this Tree Lady Jul 2023 #44
second to last entry here llashram Jul 2023 #45
It's the same thing for retail. Companies have gotten into the habit of running their businesses cstanleytech Jul 2023 #46
What can the Public do... zentrum Jul 2023 #47
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