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Sat Apr 8, 2023, 10:13 AM
Apr 2023

No to ignoring reality in order to blame the south -- which deserves plenty, but not THIS. (And of course there are no confederate states.)

GEOGRAPHY: Roberts is from New York. Gorsuch Colorado. Kavanaugh Washington DC. Alito New Jersey. Barrett Louisiana. Thomas Georgia. Most spent most of their educational years and adult lives in the northeast. (The liberal justices are from NY, NY, and DC.)

CONSERVATISM: All the conservative bloc justices are very to extremely conservative. NO moderates.

RELIGION: Five are LIFELONG DEVOUT CATHOLICS, Gorsuch also devout Catholic most of his life before shifting to an undefined Episcopalian (Protestant) sect; many see him as effectively a sixth Catholic justice.

Here's a little eye-opening religious history of the Roberts court by The Constitution Center from a study published before Barrett joined the court. Obviously, the influence of conservative Christianity has grown since she replaced RBG.

The study was based on a dataset that included every Supreme Court case that produced an opinion relating to the First Amendment’s establishment and free exercise clauses from 1953 to the 2020 term. The data showed that the Roberts Court represents a break in the development of the two religion clauses.

“Over the entire period, the court ruled in favor of religion 59% of the time,” the authors reported. “Win rates do not differ significantly for Free Exercise Clause cases (59%) and Establishment Clause cases (57%). Across the Warren, Burger, and Rehnquist Courts the religious side prevailed about half the time, with gradually increasing success. In the Roberts Court, the win rate jumps to 83%.”

The study noted two major shifts in the court’s religion rulings: leftward in the 1960s and 1970s and rightward beginning in the 1990s.

“The religion clauses of the First Amendment were once understood to provide modest but meaningful protection for non-mainstream religions from discrimination by governments that favored mainstream Christian organizations, practices, or values,” they wrote. “On the other hand, the religion clauses provided little protection for mainstream religions—indeed, under the Establishment Clause, mainstream religion’s influence over government policy was restricted. Under the Roberts Court, however, the religion clauses have increasingly been used to protect mainstream Christian values or organizations that are restricted by secular laws or liberal constitutional protections.” This transformation, the study says, is largely the result of changes in the court’s personnel. ...

The top five most pro-religion justices since at least World War II are Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. and Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito Jr., Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.”

“They are also all Christian, mostly Catholic, religiously devout (though this variable provides a weaker explanation than the others), and ideologically conservative. Amy Coney Barrett will likely advance this trend.”

Barrett, who didn’t join the court until 2020, did advance the trend in last term’s religion decisions, her first full term on the court. ...


Of course it's not just religion. Other studies examine the profound secular shifts to serving the wealthy and business and to acting in effect as a political agent of the Republican Party.
Get thee to the greatest page malaise Apr 2023 #1
Great post. Baitball Blogger Apr 2023 #2
ABSOLUTELY! B.See Apr 2023 #51
Yes, this was their plan all along! Hopefully this fact will kept in the spottlight. Kittycatkat Apr 2023 #3
Started with that rancid bag of shit and polling place "overseer" Renqhuist and Carlitos Brigante Apr 2023 #4
Yep. As designed. Working perfectly to keep white wealthy conservative minority rule Freethinker65 Apr 2023 #5
K&R. Excellent. The Supreme Disenfranchisers. bronxiteforever Apr 2023 #6
As horrific as Dredd Scott was, I think the Roberts court will go down Marius25 Apr 2023 #7
I totally agree, Marius. brer cat Apr 2023 #8
I also agree. Grumpy Old Guy Apr 2023 #14
Plus the Federalist Society, Koch network, ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Mercers, ... rubbersole Apr 2023 #16
Yes! Grumpy Old Guy Apr 2023 #33
Either that or history itself will go down. 👎 dchill Apr 2023 #25
The California Assembly is 77.5% Democratic Sympthsical Apr 2023 #9
California's districts leftieNanner Apr 2023 #21
Well then Tennessee has some very incompetent partisans Sympthsical Apr 2023 #22
True Zeitghost Apr 2023 #42
Point taken, but. I have seen R control of CA in my lifetime. The minority has never been..... mjvpi Apr 2023 #26
Why are you attempting to "both-siderize" this? maxrandb Apr 2023 #31
+1 Spazito Apr 2023 #39
Sadly, too many people on our side didn't like Hillary. Kaleva Apr 2023 #10
You forgot inthewind21 Apr 2023 #11
Well thought out Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #12
You are right the Roberts Court in history will be remember as the "Shitshow" Court. usaf-vet Apr 2023 #13
As a veteran Traildogbob Apr 2023 #15
+1000 mountain grammy Apr 2023 #19
The two biggest problems in America are the Supreme Court and gerrymandering world wide wally Apr 2023 #17
Bingo inthewind21 Apr 2023 #18
Fix campaign finance and democracy will deal with both of those issues. mjvpi Apr 2023 #27
Agree! True Blue American Apr 2023 #44
K & R mountain grammy Apr 2023 #20
Don't forget the Scumbag BINO Justice housecat Apr 2023 #23
The Supralegal Extreme Court of the Untied States. dchill Apr 2023 #24
So it belongs to Bush and Rove and their ilk. LisaM Apr 2023 #28
+1000 n/t MarcA Apr 2023 #35
Roberts helped to engineer W's "win" in 2000, madamesilverspurs Apr 2023 #43
I actually forgot that Gore was once elected in this state that now has a bigoted, RW legislature. Ligyron Apr 2023 #48
+1,000,000,000 happy feet Apr 2023 #29
Not sure where you're getting the "confederate" nonsense. BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #30
You don't have to live in the south to have the ideology of the confederacy maxrandb Apr 2023 #37
Tell us you hate the south without telling us you hate the south. BlackSkimmer Apr 2023 #46
Tell us you can't read the Electoral Maps of the past 50 years maxrandb Apr 2023 #47
Not just the Citizens United decision. Grins Apr 2023 #32
Gerrymandering is a big problem, no doubt. BlueCheeseAgain Apr 2023 #34
Hawaii, Rhode Island and Massachusetts maxrandb Apr 2023 #45
Its simple Cherokee100 Apr 2023 #36
also, This entire shitshow belongs to John Roberts - Citizen's United OhNo-Really Apr 2023 #38
I thought John Roberts would be better. I was dead leftyladyfrommo Apr 2023 #49
John Crow krkaufman Apr 2023 #40
McConnell laid the groundwork in 2010 for the court takeover. NullTuples Apr 2023 #41
Think again? The influence is FAR-RIGHT CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN RELIGIOSITY. Hortensis Apr 2023 #50
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