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Florida? No Surprise. SoCalDavidS Feb 2023 #1
Rodney King EYESORE 9001 Feb 2023 #2
Are You Really Wanting To Compare FL to CA? SoCalDavidS Feb 2023 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author EYESORE 9001 Feb 2023 #19
Hey, hey, hey SCDS - we Floridians... rubbersole Feb 2023 #20
Hey! We beat you guys in 2020.... paleotn Feb 2023 #23
Your two term governor is a fascist. Don't go there. paleotn Feb 2023 #22
I'm not from Florida EYESORE 9001 Feb 2023 #24
haven't been keeping up with the news, have you? CatWoman Feb 2023 #28
black. . .woman. They don't even hide it anymore. Grady Judd's Polk County. AZLD4Candidate Feb 2023 #7
We are severely flawed Woodswalker Feb 2023 #3
Black? No surprise. joshdawg Feb 2023 #4
Stay away from the police they are not your friend. The Jungle 1 Feb 2023 #5
The police CALLERS are complicit. live love laugh Feb 2023 #8
Glad to see your post. It's time they get some serious scrutiny. You are so right. Judi Lynn Feb 2023 #17
Thanks Judi Lynn I love your informative posts too. live love laugh Feb 2023 #27
I've been around cops most of my life and multigraincracker Feb 2023 #9
In Chicago... ProfessorGAC Feb 2023 #14
As a Union supporter, I feel most POAs multigraincracker Feb 2023 #16
My Dad Was A Teamster, Truck Driver ProfessorGAC Feb 2023 #18
... 2naSalit Feb 2023 #6
Video of the day. multigraincracker Feb 2023 #10
Wtf?! Beyond disgusting. Hedious! Shocked, but not so surprised. electric_blue68 Feb 2023 #11
Facepalm of the day. lambchopp59 Feb 2023 #12
Don't bank with Mid Florida Credit Union Farmer-Rick Feb 2023 #13
Florida is Facist now. A preview of what a national DeSantis regime would look like. Tommymac Feb 2023 #21
One of my best friends lives in the Tampa area Duppers Feb 2023 #25
I sure hope there is some sort of action being pursued against the police too n/t Silent3 Feb 2023 #26
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