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Fri Dec 9, 2022, 05:02 PM Dec 2022

Will Sinema running as an Independent in 2024 help or hurt the Democrat? [View all]

37 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
It will help the Democrat by taking more votes from the Republican candidate than the Democratic candidate.
6 (16%)
It will hurt the Democrat by taking more votes from the Democratic candidate than the Republican candidate.
25 (68%)
Somethine else (state below)
6 (16%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I would say impossible to guess at this point Amishman Dec 2022 #1
Fair point. ColinC Dec 2022 #2
Sinema votes with Biden over 90% of the time and is caucusing with the Democrats Polybius Dec 2022 #3
That could be a point made, but voters seem to feel differently ColinC Dec 2022 #5
But would they vote for her? Polybius Dec 2022 #7
I expect Rs to nominate Kari Lake or somebody similar ColinC Dec 2022 #9
Ducey is my guess, which makes it even harder for us, as he is not a crazed MAGAt Celerity Dec 2022 #30
Well a sane Republican qazplm135 Dec 2022 #59
She has none. She cannot win in 2024, the only thing she can do is fuck us by running as an indy. Celerity Dec 2022 #61
They should nominate Herschel Walker. Mr.Bill Dec 2022 #66
Independents always hurt the party closest to it. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2022 #10
I don't think she is closest to Democrats anymore ColinC Dec 2022 #20
I would argue people vote on social issues, i.e. the culture war. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2022 #21
Who among us is going to vote for her qazplm135 Dec 2022 #11
Not anyone here of course Polybius Dec 2022 #14
Too bad this isn't Facebook or Twitter where you can like a post. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2022 #17
Why would 20 percent throw their vote away? qazplm135 Dec 2022 #33
There are more registered Independents ("Other") in AZ than there are Democrats. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #18
And most of them qazplm135 Dec 2022 #31
The bills that actually make it to the floor for a vote are only part of the story. Gidney N Cloyd Dec 2022 #23
She has stated that she is NOT caucusing with either party. lees1975 Dec 2022 #45
Only statement I saw was qazplm135 Dec 2022 #76
Sinema will not run for reelection grantcart Dec 2022 #4
Ooof. This is a very likely possibility ColinC Dec 2022 #6
I agree with you!! n/t KarenS Dec 2022 #8
It will eliminate any chance of us winning the seat dsc Dec 2022 #12
I voted "something else" jcgoldie Dec 2022 #13
She's doing this to fend off a primary she would lose. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2022 #15
It's way too early to know. Earl_from_PA Dec 2022 #16
The Democrats should not oppose Sinema. nt LAS14 Dec 2022 #19
Of course we should, she doesn't get a free pass. If multiple vulnerable (vulnerable to a primary Celerity Dec 2022 #29
We've muddled along OK with Angus King and Bernie Sanders. nt LAS14 Dec 2022 #32
Neither of them have blocked Biden agenda legislation, Sinema has. She is NOT 'muddling along'. Celerity Dec 2022 #39
A republican would block even more Biden agenda and maybe cost us the majority. GoodRaisin Dec 2022 #57
Sinema cannot win as an indie, and she cannot win the Dem primary. She is gone either way. She needs Celerity Dec 2022 #64
That's fear talking qazplm135 Dec 2022 #34
It will help end her senate career, which is a good thing Fiendish Thingy Dec 2022 #22
Way too soon to tell. Screw this fierce urgency of now. GreenWave Dec 2022 #24
It won't matter much. 48656c6c6f20 Dec 2022 #25
I highly doubt AZ dems will ever vote for sinema ever again. FlyingPiggy Dec 2022 #26
Unfortunately, registered Democrats make up 30.665 of the electorate in AZ. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #28
That's not how elections work qazplm135 Dec 2022 #35
Numbers can go up and numbers can go down. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #37
Except there is no reason to believe she will draw big qazplm135 Dec 2022 #53
I hope I turn out to be wrong. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #54
We have the current polling qazplm135 Dec 2022 #55
Underwater doesn't mean one loses in a 3 way race. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #56
It's not hard to imagine at all qazplm135 Dec 2022 #58
We we both concede her odds have improved, due to this move. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #65
No I don't concede qazplm135 Dec 2022 #67
You said she improved her own odds (which you suggest were otherwise zero) right? Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #69
No I didn't say the greatest likelihood qazplm135 Dec 2022 #70
Again, what is "it" and "that?" Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #71
Go ahead and quote qazplm135 Dec 2022 #72
Define "that." Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #73
Good grief qazplm135 Dec 2022 #74
You use pronouns w/o providing antecedents and expect people to figure out Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #75
Math also claimed that Hillary would win too. Math also claimed there would be a red tide & that FlyingPiggy Dec 2022 #44
HRC won the popular vote, as predicted. The EC complicates matters. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #46
I disagree. I think dems will remember her for exactly who she is. FlyingPiggy Dec 2022 #48
She doesn't really need to splinter Democrats that much. She could win by getting the Independent Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #49
The 37% approval rating doesn't necessarily translate into votes in a general election lees1975 Dec 2022 #51
It will prove to be interesting. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #52
If she runs it will be because it hurts the Democratic Voltaire2 Dec 2022 #27
Will there be a push VGNonly Dec 2022 #36
No, since she has removed herself from the Democratic primary by going independent. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #38
I don't know.. it depends on Cha Dec 2022 #40
Hurt IMO nt Raine Dec 2022 #41
Running for what? Angleae Dec 2022 #42
I think it depends entirely on the other candidates... mike_c Dec 2022 #43
If Democrats run a strong candidate appealing to their constituents lees1975 Dec 2022 #47
It was a strategic move for her Dave says Dec 2022 #50
It's a desperate move qazplm135 Dec 2022 #60
We will run a Dem against her. Gallego and others are not going to stand down and just allow her to Celerity Dec 2022 #62
Her approval ratings are so low. But AZ is on a razors edge lindysalsagal Dec 2022 #63
Run poll again in 12 or 18 months it's Prairie_Seagull Dec 2022 #68
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