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Just asking for a friend [View all] prodigitalson Mar 2022 OP
Contact the Ukrainian embassy in Washington DC relayerbob Mar 2022 #1
Donate to an organization helping Ukrainian refugees. LonePirate Mar 2022 #2
I would try to contact Vote Vets and/or Malcolm Nance mucifer Mar 2022 #3
Ask the Ukrainian embassy, not DU. I would also encourage your friend to really think about WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2022 #4
there are numerous links markie Mar 2022 #5
I will definitely pass this along prodigitalson Mar 2022 #10
As Flannery Connor said about Dorothy Day gratuitous Mar 2022 #6
contact the Ukrainian Embassy lapfog_1 Mar 2022 #7
Not human targets, but moving living ones prodigitalson Mar 2022 #31
I think they want equipment more than people. JI7 Mar 2022 #8
I'd tell your "friend" to ForgedCrank Mar 2022 #9
he would say there are more important things than coming back nt prodigitalson Mar 2022 #11
... markie Mar 2022 #20
5 K money might not be enough Tetrachloride Mar 2022 #12
Plane to Warsaw and then some bus tickets? nt prodigitalson Mar 2022 #14
Incidental expenses pile up. Tetrachloride Mar 2022 #21
My friend spends weeks at a time in "the woods" and prodigitalson Mar 2022 #24
Use caution on salty food. The more salt, the more water you have to drink Tetrachloride Mar 2022 #25
You are thinking out loud prodigitalson Mar 2022 #26
Could also follow and ask questions on the FB page Expats Ukraine Bev54 Mar 2022 #13
thank you. nt prodigitalson Mar 2022 #15
An inexperienced, untrained civilian on a battlefield can create serious issues . . . Journeyman Mar 2022 #16
Your point and counterpoint are well taken, thank you nt prodigitalson Mar 2022 #27
To contribute Goonch Mar 2022 #17
Does he speak Ukranian? PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2022 #18
english and spanish only prodigitalson Mar 2022 #19
Fast learner, not really good. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2022 #22
Six week pimslure course nt prodigitalson Mar 2022 #23
What in the world is PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2022 #33
It's a pretty effective listening/speaking program similar to DOD and DoS prodigitalson Mar 2022 #34
Is your friend going to be taking this course first, or while under fire? yagotme Mar 2022 #36
First prodigitalson Mar 2022 #37
If he's 53 years old, he is simply not going to learn a new language that readily. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2022 #38
Your friend has an answer for everything, what's MerryBlooms Mar 2022 #28
Existential fear. prodigitalson Mar 2022 #29
Well, you're answering throughout your OP MerryBlooms Mar 2022 #30
I don't know how to respond to that prodigitalson Mar 2022 #32
Buy Air BnB spots to house refugees and incoming 25 year old experienced military people Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2022 #35
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