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Sins of the Slobfather Blue Owl Jan 2022 #1
For me, this latest revelation is not normal at all. gristy Jan 2022 #2
yes. it. does. riversedge Jan 2022 #5
Not if the corporate media ignores it. FoxNewsSucks Jan 2022 #6
I have that same fear. Moebym Jan 2022 #20
Isn't that Trumps MO? Like with his lies and corruption, he overwhelms the system. dem4decades Jan 2022 #3
I do not think Trump wants this info as part of his overwhelming the system. He is angry riversedge Jan 2022 #7
A complicit media doesn't help either. nt FoxNewsSucks Jan 2022 #4
Twitter replies: Rhiannon12866 Jan 2022 #8
So, Maryam, Moebym Jan 2022 #19
Thank You for posting these. Wonderful 'trail' of public reaction. nt Tommymac Jan 2022 #25
If you weren't living thru it Joinfortmill Jan 2022 #9
I'm not becoming numb to this. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #10
Greatest crime story ever told NJCher Jan 2022 #23
I couldn't agree more emphatically DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #30
Lock Them Up Bingo Card FakeNoose Jan 2022 #11
Rt TY 💙 BrooklynDad! Cha Jan 2022 #12
Some will get ..."locked up" & some will not get that...Time will tell, but Stuart G Jan 2022 #13
The sad truth. hay rick Jan 2022 #14
Fox has found that outrage lasts 3 days. Then they need something new/more, catrose Jan 2022 #21
I haven't seen much evidence of "increased resistance" here. Kaleva Jan 2022 #33
The resistance I have in mind is activism. hay rick Jan 2022 #36
The endless stream of treason being revealed, the process working exactly as it should, is awakening L. Coyote Jan 2022 #15
In violation of The Posse Comitatus Act..... turbinetree Jan 2022 #16
If they have evidence trump -- himself -- tried to seize voting machines, etc., Hoyt Jan 2022 #17
This is an all-hands-on-deck moment Moebym Jan 2022 #18
Its working, swing voters could not care less. Jon King Jan 2022 #22
So you say. Please provide links or evidence to prove this. Tommymac Jan 2022 #26
hope some links are forthcoming NJCher Jan 2022 #31
It's not moral outrage. Aussie105 Jan 2022 #24
Will a Republican Legislature pass a law Captain Zero Jan 2022 #27
The more patience we give, the more numb people get. Emile Jan 2022 #28
Not a single case of treason grantcart Jan 2022 #32
It's all too late for that. BlueTsunami2018 Jan 2022 #34
too late.. Demovictory9 Jan 2022 #35
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