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Wed Dec 29, 2021, 03:58 PM Dec 2021

Oprah Winfrey is as much a fraud as the ones she brought into the spotlight. [View all]

We're talking Joel Osteen, James Frey, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, etc. and the rest of her "magical thinking" bullshit.

Personally, I was never a fan. Much like Trump, I've always felt that she was foisted upon us.

Afternoon talk shows were great until she hit the scene. I adored Phil Donahue. His show was always intelligent and thought provoking. Then comes Oprah with her fluff crap and the genre went down hill from there.

BFD, she gives away cars. Does she cover the costs for the insurance?

Her response to Dr. Oz's Senate run is "Let Pennsylvania decide".

F*** her and the horse she rode in on.

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This should be fun... Wounded Bear Dec 2021 #1
There's no way the OP's getting a free car now leftstreet Dec 2021 #8
LOL! LymphocyteLover Dec 2021 #225
Wow...you're sure right there. PatrickforB Dec 2021 #185
She has unleashed fraud after fraud and given them a spotlight to peddle their bullshit. Autumn Dec 2021 #2
Agreed. sop Dec 2021 #6
Totally agree! Rebl2 Dec 2021 #34
Dr. Oz, it seems, but who else is a " fraud" and why? whathehell Dec 2021 #61
The poster lists them Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #66
Yeah, I can read and Google, whathehell Dec 2021 #72
Who cares if you hate Oprah Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #79
Lol..Wrong poster, Doc, I said I do NOT hate Oprah whathehell Dec 2021 #91
Sorry about that Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #127
Me too. whathehell Dec 2021 #132
This message was self-deleted by its author Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #180
LOL, YOU might want to reread my post Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #128
Huh? whathehell Dec 2021 #131
I made it as simple as possible Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #178
They OP lists some of them. Try reading it. Osteen, Oz and Orman are the worst. Autumn Dec 2021 #70
Sorry, Autumn..The OP gives names, but whathehell Dec 2021 #77
You may see no fraud or BS I do. Autumn Dec 2021 #84
So explain it to me and some others here whathehell Dec 2021 #89
I owe you or nobody else an explanation for people I dislike or like. Autumn Dec 2021 #95
Lol..Nice try, but when we make assertion here, whathehell Dec 2021 #100
Then you better get fucking busy. This thread is getting longer and plenty of people don't Autumn Dec 2021 #111
Ha. Bingo. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #114
Lol Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2021 #166
They are all frauds. OP is correct. nt SylviaD Dec 2021 #265
Prove it.. The OP is only asserting. whathehell Dec 2021 #266
Yes, and you are spot on. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #112
That silly old fool says automobile deaths, death from smoking and drowning are the same as Covid. Autumn Dec 2021 #118
Well, Dr. Phil gave up his license to practice psychology 15 years ago TexasBushwhacker Dec 2021 #122
Yeah, well, as you said, he IS still eligible to practice therapy, whathehell Dec 2021 #130
Dr. $hill does not "practice therapy". Totally Tunsie Dec 2021 #133
So What? whathehell Dec 2021 #143
You claim he's still eligible to practice therapy. He is not Totally Tunsie Dec 2021 #147
I didn't say that, someone else said " technically, I guess he's whathehell Dec 2021 #152
Quoting your response #130: Totally Tunsie Dec 2021 #155
As you can see, it is prefaced.by "as you said" whathehell Dec 2021 #160
Talk therapy mostly does not work anyway. DenaliDemocrat Dec 2021 #181
Can you provide a link for that assertion? whathehell Dec 2021 #289
Here is a review article of many studies DenaliDemocrat Dec 2021 #299
Thank you. whathehell Jan 2022 #300
I know this is kind of getting off topic Mossfern Dec 2021 #290
I see no real problem with Suze Orman, PatSeg Dec 2021 #99
Suze Orman qualifies as a fraud in my book whopis01 Dec 2021 #200
Maybe she is, I don't know,. That said, whathehell Dec 2021 #240
I said nothing about Oprah and/or her responsibility whopis01 Dec 2021 #277
This message was self-deleted by its author whathehell Dec 2021 #279
The subject of this thread is Oprah Winfrey.. whathehell Dec 2021 #280
Seriously? whopis01 Dec 2021 #285
Seriously whathehell Dec 2021 #287
Maybe. OneBro Dec 2021 #219
Maybe.. whathehell Dec 2021 #267
Wow, you're really invested in these people. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #274
Lol..Sorry, but its you who seems "invested" in whathehell Dec 2021 #281
Lol. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #282
'Plenty of evvidence"?..None that you have been whathehell Dec 2021 #283
Oh my. Resorting to personal attacks? BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #284
Oh my.. whathehell Dec 2021 #286
You spelled evidence wrong. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #291
Lol..Is that the best you've got, a typo? whathehell Dec 2021 #292
Wow. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #293
Wow whathehell Dec 2021 #294
Lol, is this the copycat game from days of yore? BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #295
Lol..I don't know that game, dear whathehell Dec 2021 #296
Amazing. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #297
Whatever floats your boat, honey whathehell Dec 2021 #298
I bought a product advertised by Dr. Oz. I filled complaint with Utah BBB. olegramps Dec 2021 #223
Not defending Dr.Oz . whathehell Dec 2021 #238
with respect to Dr Phil - cab67 Dec 2021 #239
She gave Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vax bullshit a platform. progressoid Dec 2021 #191
I haven't been able to stand that heifer since the mid 80's. She has ALWAYS struck me as fake as The_REAL_Ecumenist Dec 2021 #76
Heifer? Really? You can't do better than that? Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #117
As a black woman, " heifer," is a black thang. nt childfreebychoice Dec 2021 #140
Heifer is a sexist thing, no matter who is saying it. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #142
Yes, it is sexist as hell. hlthe2b Dec 2021 #203
I don't think so! That's disrespectful. ecstatic Dec 2021 #149
PREACH! I don't know why people have a problem with calling it like it is... The_REAL_Ecumenist Dec 2021 #168
Promoting ugly misogyny is not going to go over well, whether you think it culturally acceptable hlthe2b Dec 2021 #204
Holy fuck? For real? You really just said that?!?! CrackityJones75 Dec 2021 #169
I said what I said. Perhaps, you don't understand African American culture. Sorry that you don't The_REAL_Ecumenist Dec 2021 #170
Are you for real? Seriously? CrackityJones75 Dec 2021 #172
Are you Black? And do you have family from the deep South? if not, then you REALLY don't understand The_REAL_Ecumenist Dec 2021 #175
Am I black? CrackityJones75 Dec 2021 #183
Just to add... CrackityJones75 Dec 2021 #184
I'd appreciate it if you'd speak for yourself on this issue. ecstatic Dec 2021 #190
Post removed Post removed Dec 2021 #195
Incredibly well-said... +++ hlthe2b Dec 2021 #207
+1 demmiblue Dec 2021 #218
So if you're going to use the "it's a part of my culture - you wouldn't understand" defense Moebym Dec 2021 #206
+1000. nt ecstatic Dec 2021 #187
Glad I read your response first. OneBro Dec 2021 #220
... betsuni Dec 2021 #205
I'd say it's unbelievable this post is still here over twelve hours later Blue_Adept Dec 2021 #222
Um I joined in 2004 and IMHO there are no differences in the jury system at all over the years. Tommymac Dec 2021 #250
Dr Oz Dorian Gray Dec 2021 #167
Won't ever forgive Oprah for Dr. Oz bermudat Dec 2021 #231
so when is Dr. Shill gonna run for senate? nt msongs Dec 2021 #3
Someone isn't Remembering Their Spirit! Sympthsical Dec 2021 #4
Well your book would never be in Oprah's Book Club anyway, so you won't japple Dec 2021 #29
Neither would my books wryter2000 Dec 2021 #33
Unless.... SergeStorms Dec 2021 #119
And... wryter2000 Dec 2021 #235
Also not a fan. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2021 #5
I remember early in her daily talk show... targetpractice Dec 2021 #7
I always thought most book clubs... ret5hd Dec 2021 #18
Books featured in Oprah's Book Club get a sticker on the cover... targetpractice Dec 2021 #22
I too adored Phil Donahue. I'm more equivocal about Winfrey, though not her promoted "talent." hlthe2b Dec 2021 #9
Phil Donahue was the best KS Toronado Dec 2021 #41
Yes, his show was cancelled not because of lack of ratings, but his opposition to war with Iraq. Jetheels Dec 2021 #52
Yep. OneCrazyDiamond Dec 2021 #145
Donahue helped prop up Nader, giving us Bush II. That did far more damage than any of the people... Lancero Dec 2021 #173
Given "Dr" Oz's repeated hydroxychlorine promotion on Fox, that may literally not be true hlthe2b Dec 2021 #198
Totally agree Green Line Dec 2021 #10
Green-eyed monster seems to be rearing. You can't stop progress. brush Dec 2021 #11
I guess he refused to dumb down his content tenderfoot Dec 2021 #13
Time marches on. Shows have a life span. His lasted until it didn't. brush Dec 2021 #20
Post removed Post removed Dec 2021 #23
Seems yours were hurt by Donahue's show getting canceled. brush Dec 2021 #36
Her spawn are still here Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #68
She funds schools for girls in Africa who might not get educated. brush Dec 2021 #97
That has nothing to do with this discussion Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #129
I really don't care what you think. And who doesn't have good and not so things... brush Dec 2021 #196
... NurseJackie Dec 2021 #211
You might want to do some research into those schools. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #192
Since you seem to know so much, why not tell us? brush Dec 2021 #197
I trust that people who post here are intelligent enough to do their own research. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #216
Same for Donahue. He propped up and pushed Nader, which gave us Bush II. Lancero Dec 2021 #174
Oh please Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #179
Nader was a deciding factor in the 2000 election. And Bush did a whole lot of damage. brush Dec 2021 #237
He moved to New York for his marriage wryter2000 Dec 2021 #35
He refused to dumb down his content? tishaLA Dec 2021 #96
He was against the Iraq war. Network wanted him to change his opinion. He wouldn't. SharonAnn Dec 2021 #163
That was after he moved to o cable news tishaLA Dec 2021 #171
I always knew it was ratings time when Donahue did schlock like that dflprincess Dec 2021 #165
Phil once wore a skirt in response Jimbo S Dec 2021 #38
I remember that show and thought it was a response to the Men's movement tenderfoot Dec 2021 #49
Actually he wore it on a show that was referred to as a "Transvestite Fashion Show" (see link below) dflprincess Dec 2021 #164
I was thinking the same thing - the Dr. Phil and Dr. OZ are despicable and prey walkingman Dec 2021 #12
Is Suze Orman a fraud? Shermann Dec 2021 #14
I've read that she's a shill for certain kinds of investment schemes, or might as well be one. Ford_Prefect Dec 2021 #54
Her investment advice works for her, because people are paying big money for it. Rabrrrrrr Dec 2021 #87
I don't know that she pushes any get rich quick schemes Shermann Dec 2021 #108
She's not selling get rich quick. She's selling lots of books and seminars that don't actually Ford_Prefect Dec 2021 #120
Suze Orman and the Scam of the Personal Finance Industry Celerity Dec 2021 #63
Not too long ago some celebrities suggested Oprah run for president. BeckyDem Dec 2021 #15
I almost vomited when there was talk her running for President tenderfoot Dec 2021 #19
I remember that very well. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #113
Glad you keep notes! Texasgal Dec 2021 #188
No notes needed dear. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #189
Some of the woo she peddled has affected people I know oregonjen Dec 2021 #16
Remember her months long jag promoting "The Secret"?... targetpractice Dec 2021 #27
Wait...I thought it was "The Answer" Xolodno Dec 2021 #47
That is a very funny story... targetpractice Dec 2021 #56
If so, the parody makes more sense than the original. soldierant Dec 2021 #182
I call it "buzzword training" cynical_idealist Dec 2021 #102
You do realize that for people who are very successful visualizing what they want is very real to Solomon Dec 2021 #245
That was meant to be my point. You said it better. targetpractice Dec 2021 #246
LONG ago I watched Oprah when she first started in Chicago, and really liked her. Talitha Dec 2021 #17
There was a specific moment when she touted her sudden weight loss... targetpractice Dec 2021 #25
Yes, I remember seeing clips of that on tv, she looked great. Talitha Dec 2021 #107
hate to say it, but Donohue was utter garbage too. JuJuChen Dec 2021 #21
Not when he was in Chicago wryter2000 Dec 2021 #40
i knew someone who worked at cabrini green. elevator mechanic. mopinko Dec 2021 #58
She was very authentic when she started the talk show in the mid 80's. It was after the money and iluvtennis Dec 2021 #24
Yep! Rebl2 Dec 2021 #28
That is my take, too Cosmocat Dec 2021 #221
You forgot the bees Effete Snob Dec 2021 #26
I didn't know Osteen was one of hers wryter2000 Dec 2021 #30
I like Ylanla Vansant Demovictory9 Dec 2021 #31
Sounds like sour grapes to me. LakeArenal Dec 2021 #32
Yeah..I'm not an Oprah hater..Not getting this uber- hate fest whathehell Dec 2021 #64
Same. Meanness and intolerance is the spiritus mundi. Hortensis Dec 2021 #135
Thank you. I quite agree Ron Obvious Dec 2021 #37
agree on all counts except for the "sour grapes" NJCher Dec 2021 #59
Never a fan either, from day 1 Jimbo S Dec 2021 #39
That describes it pretty well wryter2000 Dec 2021 #42
Magical thinking sells. lindysalsagal Dec 2021 #43
Don't forget Deepok Chopra. One of her early success stories. I wonder if she gets a cut. vanlassie Dec 2021 #44
Still don't get the appeal. czarjak Dec 2021 #45
YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YEEEESSSSSSS!!! dixiechiken1 Dec 2021 #46
Ugh, never liked her or her commercial ridden show. Jetheels Dec 2021 #48
Anyone getting "taxation is theft" vibes from her fans that responded here? tenderfoot Dec 2021 #50
Exactly kcr Dec 2021 #81
I agree with you about some of those people. ShazzieB Dec 2021 #51
Yeah, what's with the Dr. Phil hate? whathehell Dec 2021 #67
He's an ass. His most recent: demmiblue Dec 2021 #80
That's the only assine thing I've heard him say, but that whathehell Dec 2021 #98
Remember him sending teens the camps to change their behavior? Maggiemayhem Dec 2021 #104
No, I I don't follow him closely, and I haven't heard of whathehell Dec 2021 #123
$hill was not Oprah's therapist. Totally Tunsie Dec 2021 #139
Okay. whathehell Dec 2021 #141
He's been a shill for most of his career. Totally Tunsie Dec 2021 #146
Lol..I don't need to defend him..My biggest question is.. whathehell Dec 2021 #153
See my answer #155: Totally Tunsie Dec 2021 #156
Something wrong with a dr who equates a contagous, deadly virus to automobile deaths, cancer Autumn Dec 2021 #115
That is Stupid & Dangerous.. full Cha Dec 2021 #134
ffs, he claimed 360,000 deaths a year in the US from swimming pools Celerity Dec 2021 #275
Agree on that point. I love the show Bull! jimfields33 Dec 2021 #86
Yes, it's great whathehell Dec 2021 #93
Ask a clinical psychologist. cab67 Dec 2021 #262
never liked her anyway llashram Dec 2021 #53
While she does amazing things for many, Lunabell Dec 2021 #55
I recall more than a few wanting her to toss her hat into the ring in 2019 for 2020 Celerity Dec 2021 #57
I remember that too Chautauquas Dec 2021 #60
She was partly responsible for forcing schwarzenegger on us. I will never like winfrey. Tikki Dec 2021 #62
She and Leno! deurbano Dec 2021 #124
Agreed. BHDem53 Dec 2021 #65
K&R Sherman A1 Dec 2021 #69
Did she Rebl2 Dec 2021 #71
She supports Democrats, and she does good interviews. milestogo Dec 2021 #73
K&R Doc Sportello Dec 2021 #74
My sister spent a lot of time in Africa because she headed up the moonscape Dec 2021 #75
That is pretty much the impression I've gotten of her for years PatSeg Dec 2021 #82
Once she spotlighted w that was the end for me. Butterflylady Dec 2021 #78
Her "revealing" interview with silly Harry and Meghan has already been removed from the web. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #83
Of course she is. Always has been. Even though she's donated money to demo liberal causes, Rabrrrrrr Dec 2021 #85
There is one thing that I will always be grateful to her for Leith Dec 2021 #88
One of the first significant women of colour to make it in media Soph0571 Dec 2021 #90
Post removed Post removed Dec 2021 #103
She made "The Secret" popular. Earth-shine Dec 2021 #92
she's accomplished so much.. probably attributes some of it to visualization/manifestation stuff Demovictory9 Dec 2021 #288
Yup. Not a fan at all. NewHendoLib Dec 2021 #94
Couldn't agree more. zentrum Dec 2021 #101
Never watched TV talk shows. Never will. AZLD4Candidate Dec 2021 #105
I wondered if there was anyone else. SergeStorms Dec 2021 #125
Generally agree,but there's no misssing the snippets or discussion of so-called "cultural icons" hlthe2b Dec 2021 #209
This is why we will get destroyed in the midterms. Jon King Dec 2021 #106
Because we see Oprah for the fraud she is? BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #110
I agree with you. Democrats in Va fell for purity tests. arlyellowdog Dec 2021 #126
Didn't know Joel Osteen was one of hers. I took care of my mother's checking for her. doc03 Dec 2021 #109
I couldn't agree more Butterflies Dec 2021 #252
The bizness requires you to keep selling and pushing. MarcA Dec 2021 #116
Daytime TV is all opium for the masses. SergeStorms Dec 2021 #121
I've never been a fan Skittles Dec 2021 #136
And who "foisted" her onto us? brooklynite Dec 2021 #137
It'd be interesting to find out. I haven't seen a single one of her shows. Kaleva Dec 2021 #213
I also haven' seen any of Kelly Clarkson's... brooklynite Dec 2021 #226
I agree, but I was also done with her after her interview with atheist Diana nyad, where said she childfreebychoice Dec 2021 #138
K&R UTUSN Dec 2021 #144
She's a great Democrat and talented individual. ecstatic Dec 2021 #148
About undecideds/"I just don't like her" in 2016: "She's not coming over to your house! betsuni Dec 2021 #150
She's certainly no Neil Degrasse Tyson. Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2021 #151
I remember her having on Deepak Chopra TlalocW Dec 2021 #154
Frauds existed before Oprah . Look at how many people voted Reagan JI7 Dec 2021 #157
Just a polished up version of Jerry Springer on many of her shows. nt Quixote1818 Dec 2021 #158
oprah lost me as a viewer a long time ago..it got to the point she would have guests on and she dawn5651 Dec 2021 #159
Q: What Do You Call a Killer Whale That Passes No Gas? panfluteman Dec 2021 #161
I always liked Donahue's show more dflprincess Dec 2021 #162
And yet... Roy Rolling Dec 2021 #176
K & R for Phil Donahue. mountain grammy Dec 2021 #177
Oprah cares about Oprah dlk Dec 2021 #186
Wow! This is one of the longer and most energetic threads I've seen on DU. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Dec 2021 #193
Oprah is too much of a celebrity suck up Raine Dec 2021 #194
Lot of hate here. Jakes Progress Dec 2021 #199
Thank you. betsuni Dec 2021 #201
I could not agree more. Pretty disgusting how the thread has escalated hlthe2b Dec 2021 #202
+1,000,000. Honestly couldn't believe this was DU when I opened Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2021 #215
More descended than escalated. Jakes Progress Dec 2021 #243
I meant the hateful rhetoric. hlthe2b Dec 2021 #244
Agreed. Jakes Progress Dec 2021 #271
Yes, it can be very telling sometimes. Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2021 #210
But what some people aren't considering is that ecstatic Dec 2021 #232
But, but.... she's rich and didn't give me a car. Jakes Progress Dec 2021 #242
Thank you for my point. Jakes Progress Dec 2021 #241
+1000. nt ecstatic Dec 2021 #228
Well ssid obamanut2012 Dec 2021 #276
Like my momma said: It tells more about the haters than the hated. Jakes Progress Dec 2021 #278
Talk show hosts have lots of guests. betsuni Dec 2021 #208
Excellent observations... AND questions. NurseJackie Dec 2021 #212
Apparently a free car is not enough. lapucelle Dec 2021 #233
Bees! NurseJackie Dec 2021 #236
Let's not forget about tax on gifts nitpicker Dec 2021 #249
Phil Donahue True Blue American Dec 2021 #214
Unadulterated Venom. OneBro Dec 2021 #217
So true. nt ecstatic Dec 2021 #227
+1 MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #268
She's an entertainer and she's promoted a lot of harmful anti-science on her show. yardwork Dec 2021 #224
Happy New Year to everyone twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #229
Hah! Butterflies Dec 2021 #254
DU can be a tough crowd. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #256
Lol Solomon Dec 2021 #261
K and r. Treefrog Dec 2021 #230
You forgot Brainstormy Dec 2021 #234
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2021 #247
What the hell?! madamesilverspurs Dec 2021 #248
I don't like it either MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #259
Proudly calling out Oprah as a flawed person and entertainer. Shameful she will not denounce Dr. Oz. Tommymac Dec 2021 #251
You're getting Covid! And you're getting Covid! 7wo7rees Dec 2021 #253
Get it out of your system gulliver Dec 2021 #255
Trunp is a fraud who should have been in prison with rape e jean cartoll Arlandolcantley Dec 2021 #257
welcome to DU gopiscrap Dec 2021 #272
Wow, I've been here for years LittleGirl Dec 2021 #258
Oprah isn't perfect but then who is? MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #264
I think she did Democrats a favor by not endorsing Oz. WarGamer Dec 2021 #260
I've never liked her either. Phil Donahue was amazing! nt SylviaD Dec 2021 #263
Oprah has many flaws, like all of us, but Sunsky Dec 2021 #269
+1 betsuni Dec 2021 #273
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Dec 2021 #270
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