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If I haven't heard about it, then it must not exist AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2021 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Sep 2021 #40
Nicely played malaise Sep 2021 #41
Interesting that aside from one "No, but ..." response, no one has answered the question StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #42
Is that required? malaise Sep 2021 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Sep 2021 #44
They really should get that on a t-shirt. LanternWaste Sep 2021 #45
I see what you did there... Ocelot II Sep 2021 #2
That is not a public thing... Ohio Joe Sep 2021 #3
Exactly the point. Ocelot II Sep 2021 #4
Heh... Ohio Joe Sep 2021 #5
No, but I can provide a list of people who are not indicted Effete Snob Sep 2021 #6
I'll put you down as a "No." StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #7
Congratulations Effete Snob Sep 2021 #12
I read your entire post StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #13
... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #26
Do you actually talk to people like that in your real life? Effete Snob Sep 2021 #30
What crime committed in 2016 do you think can't be prosecuted in the next few months or year? StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #33
Wire fraud, for one Effete Snob Sep 2021 #35
Those crimes are ongoing and the statute of limitations doesn't start to run until the last act StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #37
Oh, so now you know what the DoJ is doing? Effete Snob Sep 2021 #38
I didn't say I knew what DOJ is doing StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #39
The "and so on" Effete Snob Sep 2021 #36
Ten bucks says you fail to see the irony of telling others they're condescending. LanternWaste Sep 2021 #46
Can you tell us ... NanceGreggs Sep 2021 #8
A dream is a wish your heart makes Effete Snob Sep 2021 #9
The only thing Giuliani and Cohen have in common is that they were both Trump attorneys StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #14
Post removed Post removed Sep 2021 #16
That's kind of odd Effete Snob Sep 2021 #20
Tick tock... Effete Snob Sep 2021 #10
How do you know he's not doing anything? Ocelot II Sep 2021 #15
I think mcar was being sarcastic StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #19
Maybe so - apologies if that was the case. Ocelot II Sep 2021 #21
It is often hard to tell the difference StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #22
... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #27
No worries mcar Sep 2021 #29
Did I really need to include the sarcasm emoji? mcar Sep 2021 #28
My bad. Your satire of people who really think that way was too convincing! Ocelot II Sep 2021 #31
With all due respect to mcar, it wasn't hard StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #32
Thanks mcar Sep 2021 #34
KnR Hekate Sep 2021 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Kid Berwyn Sep 2021 #18
Beating a dead horse is so much fun.. msfiddlestix Sep 2021 #23
You apparently think so ... StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #24
I guess a sarcasm coda is required from time to time msfiddlestix Sep 2021 #25
So far no list has been forthcoming StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #47
Hmmm EffieBlack Sep 2021 #48
Kick StarfishSaver Oct 2021 #49
You're kicking your own post? BigmanPigman Nov 2021 #51
Notice posts 47 and 48... CanyaDigIt Nov 2021 #52
Yes, I did. That is why I had to comment. BigmanPigman Nov 2021 #53
Kick StarfishSaver Oct 2021 #50
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