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12. Dems have been asleep at the wheel on this issue
Thu Jul 22, 2021, 12:43 AM
Jul 2021

of voting going back as far as Florida in 2000 and then after Obama was elected with the first round of voter suppression bills. The GOP is dedicated to suppressing votes and stealing elections, but it often seems Dems are not willing to fight back as hard, and just expect black and brown voters and activists like Stacey Abrams to 'outwork' the suppressive efforts. Look what DeJoy did in trying to sabotage the mail - yet we don't see him being held accountable.

Everyone Thinks Manchin & Sinema Are The Only Ones SoCalDavidS Jul 2021 #1
It's quite possible he knows what he's doing. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt Walleye Jul 2021 #2
I think it is quite possible that he wants an exception, without breaking the filibuster. Bev54 Jul 2021 #3
Sometimes Biden comes across in a bad way to me. triron Jul 2021 #4
yup Skittles Jul 2021 #5
I doubt he supports another exception. Hell, Sinema wants to reverse the 2 now and go to 60 votes Celerity Jul 2021 #7
It is scary to hear Dems still promoting fantasy "bipartisan" ideas. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #35
hardly surprising, he has said this for ages Celerity Jul 2021 #6
Folks are not listening between the lines. He doesn't want to blow up the big infrastructure stuff. joetheman Jul 2021 #8
The bi-partisan smaller one that the Rethugs are now playing 'pull the football' games with? Or the Celerity Jul 2021 #11
If Biden is talking about going back to a talking filibuster, Manchin opposes that (and Sinema, and Celerity Jul 2021 #9
That's from April....this is from June 16 OnDoutside Jul 2021 #18
That has nothing to do with the talking filibuster nor Sinema or Feinstein Celerity Jul 2021 #19
Not specifically, no, however you quoted a piece headlined OnDoutside Jul 2021 #23
Manchin is not the only one opposed. Sinema is even more hardcore. Celerity Jul 2021 #24
I honestly believe that Sinema will fall in line once Manchin agrees (iirc she signed up to OnDoutside Jul 2021 #25
Did you miss the thread you're posting on? FBaggins Jul 2021 #29
No I didn't miss anything. I'd have no doubt he was channelling Manchin. OnDoutside Jul 2021 #39
No... Manchin favors it. FBaggins Jul 2021 #21
Unacceptable. Mike Niendorff Jul 2021 #10
Dems have been asleep at the wheel on this issue radius777 Jul 2021 #12
+1, ... because too many don't believe it'll affect elections but we see the effects in polling !!! uponit7771 Jul 2021 #14
and Biden says people will vote anyway, radius777 Jul 2021 #15
+1, I they have it objectively wrong; making it harder to vote them peephole won't vote !!! uponit7771 Jul 2021 #20
Bottom line, should voting rights pass he isn't NOT going to sign it. Plus it's probably politically PortTack Jul 2021 #13
He didn't say that. OnDoutside Jul 2021 #17
Wow, that's leadership. "Isn't going to not sign it..." lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #36
I do understand. He's not speaking in isolation, and I bet if he had OnDoutside Jul 2021 #16
Happened to catch this question and answer on the fillibuster Deminpenn Jul 2021 #22
Oh, for Pete's sake. Stop it NurseJackie Jul 2021 #26
+1 betsuni Jul 2021 #27
Maybe he's hoping for a better playing field after the mid-terms Mysterian Jul 2021 #28
It'll be too late after the mid-terms. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #37
Democrats have the ball, second down and 3 at the Republican 20 yardline. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2021 #30
+1, problem is Manchin isn't the ONLY person wanting to keep the filibuster he's just the face of it uponit7771 Jul 2021 #32
Gee, when it was just Manchin and Sinema to vilify, we were being told to "get tough with them"... brooklynite Jul 2021 #31
I.....I........I don't understand. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2021 #33
Republicans are suppressing voting rights aocommunalpunch Jul 2021 #34
He also said that he thinks the Senate should go back to an actual filibuster mcar Jul 2021 #38
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