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17. Time for Scotland and Northern Ireland....
Sun Jun 27, 2021, 10:06 AM
Jun 2021

to decouple from an England circling the bowl, headed for the hole. The final act in the once proud empire's decent from 2nd rate power to 3rd rate nobody. They believed the lies and did it to themselves.

An important case studies. Hope the courts step up here - as they did last year. empedocles Jun 2021 #1
KNR and bookmrking. niyad Jun 2021 #2
They all got the same playbook at the same time. And the worst is that it worked. Scrivener7 Jun 2021 #3
I hate to day "I told you so." But I told you so. nt joetheman Jun 2021 #4
i wonder what part rw radio plays in rural areas there. it still works pretty well here, altho certainot Jun 2021 #5
Democrats need to Elessar Zappa Jun 2021 #7
Yes, I've thought the same for quite awhile.. whathehell Jun 2021 #11
The only strong messaging the democrats have is the Lincoln Project. Jetheels Jun 2021 #13
Interesting thought. whathehell Jun 2021 #16
I have not seen much either recently so I looked up Lincoln project, here's a link if interested... Jetheels Jun 2021 #20
it would be very easy now with artificial intelligence to do a thorough monitoring certainot Jun 2021 #22
The Same People Who Were Behind This GB_RN Jun 2021 #6
Yes! Malcolm Nance said as much Beatlelvr Jun 2021 #12
Yep! zaj Jun 2021 #14
Yes, and I always understood that Russia was behind Brexit. ananda Jun 2021 #18
"Trash those preconditions..." William Seger Jun 2021 #8
The parallels to America are stunning. TheRickles Jun 2021 #9
Putin's Effort To Breakup The Western Alliance of Democracies zaj Jun 2021 #15
It is odd that none of this surprises us - yet it continually fools them. Same with the tea party. NewHendoLib Jun 2021 #10
Time for Scotland and Northern Ireland.... paleotn Jun 2021 #17
My spouse said that he felt betrayed LittleGirl Jun 2021 #19
Fucking repugs are everywhere......nt Hotler Jun 2021 #21
Kick dalton99a Jun 2021 #23
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