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Sun Jul 26, 2020, 08:21 PM Jul 2020

I am really starting to get worried about November. [View all]

I'm worried that the polls are not reflective of the real numbers. I'm worried that, as in 2016, Trump voters will lie and call themselves undecideds in polling, and vote for Trump on Election Day. I'm worried that Trump will screw with the Post Office enough to throw off the mail-in ballot numbers. I'm afraid that all the usual Republican election cheats will allow Trump to squeak out a tiny margin in battleground states and take the election.

I'm worried that even if Biden does manage an electoral victory, that Trump will throw the country into an absolute state of upheaval and that all those crazy fuckers with long guns who were protesting the lockdown will be out looking for targets. I'm worried that Trump will send out his goons to cities and have those crazy fuckers join with them for his own private army. I'm worried that the police will just stand by and watch it all happen. I'm worried that our armed forces will just stand by and let it happen. I'm worried that there will be open warfare in cities all across America and that it could mark the end of our democracy.

Someone tell me I'm wrong. Please.

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I'm concerned that they've already rigged it. BlueTsunami2018 Jul 2020 #1
Probably have, including the mail in ballots. They end up being tabulated with the same machines. LiberalArkie Jul 2020 #10
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. n/t rzemanfl Jul 2020 #2
The polls were quite accurate in 2016. Loki Liesmith Jul 2020 #3
They were not accurate. former9thward Jul 2020 #37
She did. In terms of the popular vote. However, it's the Electoral College that actually PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2020 #52
The Clinton campaign team wanted to get to 400 electoral votes. former9thward Jul 2020 #54
None of what you say is true...so stop. Clinton did not ignore the Mid West. Demsrule86 Jul 2020 #77
She did not even make one stop in Wisconsin. former9thward Jul 2020 #80
Bernie Sanders did, for Hillary. betsuni Jul 2020 #85
+1 BannonsLiver Jul 2020 #84
Yes they were where she was in mid July within the margin of error is where we ended up Demsrule86 Jul 2020 #76
The polls were accurate. Then the polls changed. StevieM Jul 2020 #78
Not me. 2020 is not 2016.20 LakeArenal Jul 2020 #4
Thank you!! A voice of sanity Thekaspervote Jul 2020 #12
Trump is a ."..GIANT DISASTER" A LIAR AND A BULLY. Trump will lose. Stuart G Jul 2020 #36
I think a bunch of us are thinking that marlakay Jul 2020 #5
Not concerned about what he might do if he loses. I am concerned Hoyt Jul 2020 #6
I could see Trump cheating if he were only down a couple of points Poiuyt Jul 2020 #7
The difference from 2016 badseedboy Jul 2020 #8
I think Joe Biden is right quickesst Jul 2020 #9
Amen to that! I don't think Biden just says stuff...I really don't Thekaspervote Jul 2020 #13
here's what I personally think quickesst Jul 2020 #53
Might as well give up then? brooklynite Jul 2020 #11
Hell no, I'm not giving up. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #17
Facing and planning for reality is the opposite of giving up uponit7771 Jul 2020 #26
I absolutely agree... brooklynite Jul 2020 #31
except these type of OPs are not reality obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #62
Only if one were to give Red Don the benefit of the doubt, I don't believe he deserves ANY AT ALL uponit7771 Jul 2020 #65
Exactly, how do these help in any way ? JI7 Jul 2020 #68
Keep working hard. Do all you can to help elect Joe Biden. cayugafalls Jul 2020 #14
What's Your Basis For Your Poll Doubts ProfessorGAC Jul 2020 #15
Everyone predicted a Clinton electoral victory. Everyone. former9thward Jul 2020 #38
You are right. Almost everybody at DU was absolutely certain that Clinton would win. totodeinhere Jul 2020 #47
Sure They Did ProfessorGAC Jul 2020 #55
I imagine you have well thought out plans to deal with this in case it comes to pass Kaleva Jul 2020 #16
I don't have plans. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #18
A person who is really worried will take some kind of action. Making plans and such. Kaleva Jul 2020 #21
You can't plan for a situation with this many variables. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #40
There are really only two scenarios Kaleva Jul 2020 #70
If Trump does win again there will be nothing to plan for. totodeinhere Jul 2020 #48
One can make definite plans on leaving the country. Kaleva Jul 2020 #67
I guess so, but I don't think I can just pick up and leave the country on a whim. totodeinhere Jul 2020 #71
You could certainly move to other parts of the country where people are more like you Kaleva Jul 2020 #72
I live in Nevada which is rapidly becoming a blue state. totodeinhere Jul 2020 #73
Negativity generates apathy. NurseJackie Jul 2020 #19
Quite Me. Jul 2020 #29
It's a stressful time. Everyone wants reassurances. But sky-is-falling posts don't help. NurseJackie Jul 2020 #30
... Me. Jul 2020 #33
That's why I'm saying that here. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #41
Exactly, this is the one place where we can voice our fears Bettie Jul 2020 #57
I recommend therapy. Seriously. writes3000 Jul 2020 #20
I fear for the chaos and destruction that lies ahead, but hopeful we will prevail nt Fiendish Thingy Jul 2020 #22
2020 is closest to 1932... utter failure of leadership in a disaster... Gov. attacking the populace JCMach1 Jul 2020 #23
Every day I remind myself of just how many people have been hurt by him msdogi Jul 2020 #24
I think the American people have had just about enough of this clown show A HERETIC I AM Jul 2020 #25
I'll settle for a regular old landslide. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #43
Can't disgree! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2020 #51
Relax on November Fourth calguy Jul 2020 #27
Ten points down would be completely demoralizing. Many would give up or just shoot themselves. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #63
"I am an old man," wrote Mark Twain near the end of his life. . . . Journeyman Jul 2020 #28
That's a great quote GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #44
Despair is very much an occasional human trait . . . Journeyman Jul 2020 #50
You're worried because you're believing a lie about Trump voters in 2016. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #32
Thank you for that summary. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #74
I think Biden will win a close race Awsi Dooger Jul 2020 #34
Joe doesn't come off as a wonky person Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2020 #56
I'll be more blunt about it Awsi Dooger Jul 2020 #66
We only need three states actually WI, MI and PA...but it won't be close. A close election won't Demsrule86 Jul 2020 #92
Trump has proved to everyone,...he is stupid, by saying, "It will go away after 5 people die" Stuart G Jul 2020 #35
I don't know. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #42
We need to vote in massive numbers in November! herding cats Jul 2020 #45
Maybe you worry too much. n/t totodeinhere Jul 2020 #46
Maybe I do. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #75
But on the other hand, maybe you don't worry too much. totodeinhere Jul 2020 #94
This message was self-deleted by its author marie999 Jul 2020 #49
More likely it will be a combination of Secret Service backed dware Jul 2020 #82
They will when President Biden tells them to do exactly that if it comes to this. Demsrule86 Jul 2020 #93
Trump is going to get CRUSHED! GOP will be walloped much worse than 2018! ElementaryPenguin Jul 2020 #58
I personally know too many people who voted for Trump or voted third-party voting for Biden now. phylny Jul 2020 #59
Unfortunately, you are not wrong ScratchCat Jul 2020 #60
He's not running for re-election. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #64
Sorry, but this is nonsense. Fix The Stupid Jul 2020 #87
I've been watching since Nixon (and before). lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #90
jfc obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #61
I am not worried at all. SpaceNeedle Jul 2020 #69
+1. It's good to be on edge. radius777 Jul 2020 #79
Of course I'm scared too, but if I try to take emotion out of it ... dawg Jul 2020 #81
You're wrong and defeatist twaddle helps nothing BannonsLiver Jul 2020 #83
Which is why what Stacey Abrams, Michelle Obama, Beto O'Rourke, and others.... SKKY Jul 2020 #86
If you feel that way, then call your local Democratic Party organization MineralMan Jul 2020 #88
Definitely what I need to do. GaYellowDawg Jul 2020 #95
Post removed Post removed Jul 2020 #89
! Fix The Stupid Jul 2020 #91
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