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13. I did read that, once estranged, women are more likely to come back than men.
Fri Nov 29, 2019, 08:53 PM
Nov 2019

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I'm not sure if that's because they're more open to emotions/communication or what.

The religion aspect is the most disturbing. You can justify almost anything with it. :/

You might just need to give her some space. Maybe you can keep sending her well wishes on her birthday and the holidays, even if she doesn't respond. She may eventually regret cutting you off.

I don't talk to my Fox-News-loving parents anymore but they created a lot of family disruption (via divorce/re-marrying) when I was a kid so their politics were really just the last straw for me.

I'm so sorry. Lunabell Nov 2019 #1
Thank you. They're church pastors so I'm not very hopeful. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #2
Maybe they should rethink whatever their religion is. blueinredohio Nov 2019 #22
Apparently God hates liberals. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #34
Jesus. dchill Nov 2019 #53
Anne Lamott -- spike jones Nov 2019 #70
sad Skittles Nov 2019 #3
That is the thing that I think about most. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #23
Yes, but not everyone is equally vulnerable to that. Hortensis Nov 2019 #47
Too many average humans are susceptible to the poison, tho. SuprstitionAintthWay Dec 2019 #158
Too true. Fox isn't just everywhere, it's easily the best Hortensis Dec 2019 #159
I've read that children of religious extremists.... reACTIONary Nov 2019 #117
Although my husbands parents were not extremists, bamagal62 Nov 2019 #149
Very interesting - nt reACTIONary Nov 2019 #155
I truly don't understand people who allow political views to dictate their lives. cwydro Nov 2019 #4
The OP's situation isn't entirely about political views, it seems. Mariana Nov 2019 #14
One of the more cultish aspects of the religion Major Nikon Nov 2019 #15
Do you know where this is in the bible? Raised Catholic, never heard that. Tech Nov 2019 #19
Sure. Mariana Nov 2019 #26
And yet as he was dying on the cross, dawg day Nov 2019 #42
Maybe by then, he decided Mariana Nov 2019 #51
you are putting a false spin on what He said questionseverything Nov 2019 #110
More specifically, it is a bad translation ThoughtCriminal Nov 2019 #132
That was always my take on it as well. Plus... Beartracks Nov 2019 #134
That's because Catholic and Orthodox do not believe in a literal Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #29
Even if it's only metaphorical, the message is the same. nt. Mariana Nov 2019 #36
No it's not, not even close. Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #37
Please, then, do tell us what it means. nt. Mariana Nov 2019 #52
It refers to love, not hatred... Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #65
The opposite of love is indifference. n/t spike jones Nov 2019 #79
No. Apathy is not Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #80
But when you don't love someone you don't care about their interest. spike jones Nov 2019 #98
Love is always saying you're sorry Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #101
that is a quote from a movie that I have never seen. spike jones Nov 2019 #116
Interesting discussion, thanks. Hortensis Nov 2019 #119
The level of pretzel logic required to refute that is astounding Major Nikon Nov 2019 #127
Nah, just not a Protestant Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #138
I've already told you I'm not playing your games anymore Major Nikon Nov 2019 #140
Then how about you quit pretending you understand Catholic teaching Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #141
Unlike you I'm not even "pretending" you are wrong Major Nikon Nov 2019 #144
You presented a viewpoint founded on YOUR interpretation of Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #153
I like dark beer Major Nikon Nov 2019 #157
It's not. a la izquierda Nov 2019 #150
Of course they do Major Nikon Nov 2019 #57
That is NOT Catholic teaching. Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #68
more on those below Major Nikon Nov 2019 #73
By all means, tell me where the Catechism says what you purport Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #76
Protestants also believe they are conveying the correct message Major Nikon Nov 2019 #86
The Popes do NOT teach that the Bible is incapable of being wrong Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #93
From the same source you are using.... Major Nikon Nov 2019 #95
And yet the synod of Bishops refuted that under Benedict Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #97
Wow, so the catechism is the authority on Catholic teaching except when it isn't! Major Nikon Nov 2019 #107
Only straws are the ones you grasp Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #115
I've never read or heard that. Could you tell me the book and verse? blueinredohio Nov 2019 #25
I provided them here: Mariana Nov 2019 #31
Thanks blueinredohio Nov 2019 #39
Jesus was a fairly loathsome character in his teachings. A real shithead, to be honest. stopbush Nov 2019 #30
He hates FIGS, for gods sakes. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2019 #55
And pigs, too. He hates pigs. stopbush Nov 2019 #59
But he blessed . . . Richard D Nov 2019 #71
Hmmm! 🤨 BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2019 #83
What teaching of his was loathsome? Beringia Nov 2019 #72
Cited earlier in this thread. But many more. stopbush Nov 2019 #92
So scroll thru 138 posts for I don't even know what I am looking for? Beringia Nov 2019 #139
Yep. That's how it works. We're adults here. stopbush Nov 2019 #154
What God has joined together let no man put asunder delisen Nov 2019 #43
It happened with my cousin tymorial Nov 2019 #5
I haven't quite been there... regnaD kciN Nov 2019 #17
For one thing she might be reacting to people who think that she is incapable of thinking for braddy Nov 2019 #6
unrec. n/t Coventina Nov 2019 #9
Keep a relationship with your grandchildren, someday they may surprise you. dem4decades Nov 2019 #7
The grandchild are 4 and 2. She doesn't allow us a relationship. I leave gifts on their porch. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #10
That's tough, i can't even comprehend. It's like a cult and sadly you can't do anything. dem4decades Nov 2019 #20
This must be heartbreaking for you. Desert grandma Nov 2019 #44
Thank you, we would never deny her support or love. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #49
I don't know your daughter, but I'm spitting mad at her Rorey Nov 2019 #50
Thank you. Of course we wouldn't discuss those subject with children. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #54
She is probably indoctrinating them to believe that you do not want them. keithbvadu2 Nov 2019 #75
My greatest fear. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #99
wow jberryhill Nov 2019 #142
I think it's difficult to remain in such a false world. The truth will makes its way through. The Wielding Truth Nov 2019 #8
I hope you're right. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #35
We cut my son-in-law's family out years ago. Aristus Nov 2019 #11
My sister in law did that, when she got recruited into a fundie church. Mariana Nov 2019 #12
I did read that, once estranged, women are more likely to come back than men. NCLefty Nov 2019 #13
I agree with this. Keep a thread intact. blm Nov 2019 #18
My parents are pretty hard core Faux watchers Calista241 Nov 2019 #16
We tried diligently to keep a relationship. She slowly but surely stopped including us, stopped onecaliberal Nov 2019 #21
Maybe she's being emotionally blackmailed by the husband lostnfound Nov 2019 #94
Very good suggestions. I will definitely look into that. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #100
Yes, good suggestions. She may well have been pushed into Hortensis Nov 2019 #131
We never discussed politics with them or her In-laws. We were politically active before my onecaliberal Nov 2019 #32
I think the best thing is to let it go for now... GitRDun Nov 2019 #24
Well, we have no choice but to accept our reality. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #28
Agreed GitRDun Nov 2019 #45
Good for you, even though it's got to be difficult Rorey Nov 2019 #46
I tried to point that out to the girls GitRDun Nov 2019 #77
If you have any assets, leave them each one hundred dollars in your will. keithbvadu2 Nov 2019 #81
I didn't realize that could be a problem n/t GitRDun Nov 2019 #96
We don't have a lot, it's all in a trust. We will leave a letter onecaliberal Nov 2019 #104
There is a thing about leaving a small amount--as stated above. I think judges consider that. NCLefty Nov 2019 #146
You did the right thing. radius777 Nov 2019 #105
There was a lot of history here.... GitRDun Nov 2019 #121
I feel you. Perhaps the ex-wife/mom radius777 Nov 2019 #145
Your son should've called the cops on that oldest sister. Nt raccoon Nov 2019 #152
Politics should not divide families at140 Nov 2019 #27
Its talk like this that will lead to 4 more yrs of tRump. Joe941 Nov 2019 #61
I wish my talk could sway elections..alas they never have! at140 Nov 2019 #78
Tell that to those who will not have health care if goppers destroy it. Joe941 Nov 2019 #106
The lives of some ARE drastically impacted Rorey Nov 2019 #87
My words were meant more as a at140 Nov 2019 #91
Sorry DENVERPOPS Nov 2019 #33
What denomination does your daughter's in-laws belong to? YOHABLO Nov 2019 #38
It's part of the Baptist convention. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #56
I'm so sorry, Onecaliberal. We're parents too. Hortensis Nov 2019 #40
The door will always be open. Her husband was home schooled onecaliberal Nov 2019 #58
Sounds good, even though very closed off. Seriously. Hortensis Nov 2019 #66
I have not thus far. I don't want to talk with other family onecaliberal Nov 2019 #108
Listen to this episode of 1a... LaurenOlimina Nov 2019 #41
It's very painful for us in any case. We did nothing to deserve this. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #60
That episode helped me. LaurenOlimina Nov 2019 #69
Thank you. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #111
Glad you posted this catchnrelease Nov 2019 #109
This happened to a friend of mine. guillaumeb Nov 2019 #48
Fascinating thread. cilla4progress Nov 2019 #62
hang in there handmade34 Nov 2019 #63
Thank you. Peaceful thoughts for you onecaliberal Nov 2019 #112
Tell them that the estimates of deaths from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars number into Maraya1969 Nov 2019 #64
Oh she knows how we feel about Iraq. We protested BIGLY onecaliberal Nov 2019 #113
She is loved and respected erlewyne Nov 2019 #67
I hear your heartbreak. Mine is reversed. Backseat Driver Nov 2019 #74
Thank you for the insight. It helps to know that you have onecaliberal Nov 2019 #118
Wow. So sorry - these are such challenging times on so many levels NRaleighLiberal Nov 2019 #82
Our two dogs and two cats despise trump as much as we do. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #120
that happens to a lot, the cult is spreading, they even have evilgelical recruitment yaesu Nov 2019 #84
I'm so sorry, I can't imagine. 😪 BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2019 #85
Thank you. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #136
Isolation - a strong sign of a cult. keithbvadu2 Nov 2019 #88
I'm so sorry that it has came down to this, onecaliberal Niagara Nov 2019 #89
I love this suggestion. Thank you. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #122
You should force the issue and ask why radius777 Nov 2019 #90
Everything was fine until she married. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #125
my wife didn't speak to our daughter for several years.......... Takket Nov 2019 #102
Thank you, I appreciate the suggestions. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #128
I lost my oldest son, and 2 granddaughters I will never know FirstLight Nov 2019 #103
Have you ever wondered, what Dan Nov 2019 #114
Happened to us during the Bush II era ThoughtCriminal Nov 2019 #123
I think there is a real chance Trump will be the downfall jimlup Nov 2019 #124
Tell them to read what Christ says in John 13:34 NameAlreadyTaken Nov 2019 #126
Dear onecalliberal, madaboutharry Nov 2019 #129
Thank you all for the kind words and encouraging suggestions onecaliberal Nov 2019 #130
I'm so sorry. Joinfortmill Nov 2019 #133
It's hard to imagine anything more painful, except for a terminal illness. pnwmom Nov 2019 #135
Absolutely, I need to write her a letter. onecaliberal Nov 2019 #137
I'm so sorry for you kimbutgar Nov 2019 #143
There is a big difference between the ideology of the Church, vlyons Nov 2019 #147
I have a suggestion for you to ponder. KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2019 #148
When my grandmother died... a la izquierda Nov 2019 #151
This message was self-deleted by its author Shrike47 Nov 2019 #156
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