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20. First of all "people" means at a minimum enough people in the states where we need them.
Sun Jun 30, 2019, 06:21 PM
Jun 2019

Second of all, the fact that Trump even got more than 5% of the Republican vote let alone 46% of the entire country speaks to a much deeper and more serious problem than Trump himself. As of now, only two candidates seem aware of this, so one of them will get my vote, unless someone else figures it out.

let me guess Skittles Jun 2019 #1
As of today yes I think he has the best chance to win by the largest margin. That of course can UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #6
well it does need to change Skittles Jun 2019 #8
And who in your opinion is 'better'...all of a sudden Biden is chopped liver. Really pathetic. nt UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #32
I think several candidates can beat Trump. 33taw Jun 2019 #27
I'll take three of them Skittles Jun 2019 #31
Morality wins the day with me Generic Brad Jun 2019 #2
That's a good metric to go by! Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #3
We must win as handily as possible considering all the tampering and the slim margin of victory UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #4
Policy, for sure. PETRUS Jun 2019 #5
Both with me - they go hand in hand. Claritie Pixie Jun 2019 #7
That is normally how I vote but this year is different for me. BigmanPigman Jun 2019 #9
It's ok to think that - I do all the time! Claritie Pixie Jun 2019 #13
Tired of anti-people policy OkSustainAg Jun 2019 #10
Almost all Dem contenders are fine with policy. UTUSN Jun 2019 #11
Beating Trump by the biggest margin possible will also have a down ballot effect aeromanKC Jun 2019 #12
these are strange days IcyPeas Jun 2019 #14
The one who best understands the current problems in our country. marylandblue Jun 2019 #15
more people voted for Hillary "for a reason" Skittles Jun 2019 #17
First of all "people" means at a minimum enough people in the states where we need them. marylandblue Jun 2019 #20
Trump had Russia and the FBI on his side Skittles Jun 2019 #21
Those wouldn't have worked unless people were already dissatisfied. marylandblue Jun 2019 #24
"the rest of the country" Skittles Jun 2019 #25
I didn't say any of that, and it's clear you don't get it, but marylandblue Jun 2019 #28
I'm curious Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #29
LOL Skittles Jun 2019 #30
Passed. Without admitting the election was stolen and fixing it, none NRaleighLiberal Jun 2019 #16
We can't do anything about that right now. Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #19
Both. guillaumeb Jun 2019 #18
Ability to win is nebulous bullshit. Voltaire2 Jun 2019 #22
Differences in policy are relatively trivial because changes and compromises will happen Orangepeel Jun 2019 #23
Both True Dough Jun 2019 #26
After a review by forum hosts....LOCKING Omaha Steve Jun 2019 #33
It's really hard to believe this poll from what I witness in the Primary forum. nt UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #34
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