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11. Almost all Dem contenders are fine with policy.
Sun Jun 30, 2019, 05:55 PM
Jun 2019
let me guess Skittles Jun 2019 #1
As of today yes I think he has the best chance to win by the largest margin. That of course can UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #6
well it does need to change Skittles Jun 2019 #8
And who in your opinion is 'better'...all of a sudden Biden is chopped liver. Really pathetic. nt UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #32
I think several candidates can beat Trump. 33taw Jun 2019 #27
I'll take three of them Skittles Jun 2019 #31
Morality wins the day with me Generic Brad Jun 2019 #2
That's a good metric to go by! Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #3
We must win as handily as possible considering all the tampering and the slim margin of victory UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #4
Policy, for sure. PETRUS Jun 2019 #5
Both with me - they go hand in hand. Claritie Pixie Jun 2019 #7
That is normally how I vote but this year is different for me. BigmanPigman Jun 2019 #9
It's ok to think that - I do all the time! Claritie Pixie Jun 2019 #13
Tired of anti-people policy OkSustainAg Jun 2019 #10
Almost all Dem contenders are fine with policy. UTUSN Jun 2019 #11
Beating Trump by the biggest margin possible will also have a down ballot effect aeromanKC Jun 2019 #12
these are strange days IcyPeas Jun 2019 #14
The one who best understands the current problems in our country. marylandblue Jun 2019 #15
more people voted for Hillary "for a reason" Skittles Jun 2019 #17
First of all "people" means at a minimum enough people in the states where we need them. marylandblue Jun 2019 #20
Trump had Russia and the FBI on his side Skittles Jun 2019 #21
Those wouldn't have worked unless people were already dissatisfied. marylandblue Jun 2019 #24
"the rest of the country" Skittles Jun 2019 #25
I didn't say any of that, and it's clear you don't get it, but marylandblue Jun 2019 #28
I'm curious Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #29
LOL Skittles Jun 2019 #30
Passed. Without admitting the election was stolen and fixing it, none NRaleighLiberal Jun 2019 #16
We can't do anything about that right now. Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #19
Both. guillaumeb Jun 2019 #18
Ability to win is nebulous bullshit. Voltaire2 Jun 2019 #22
Differences in policy are relatively trivial because changes and compromises will happen Orangepeel Jun 2019 #23
Both True Dough Jun 2019 #26
After a review by forum hosts....LOCKING Omaha Steve Jun 2019 #33
It's really hard to believe this poll from what I witness in the Primary forum. nt UniteFightBack Jun 2019 #34
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