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Member since: Thu Sep 30, 2021, 08:06 PM
Number of posts: 440

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Question: if COVID 19 evolves into something no more than a nuisance

Do we need to still lock down?

Hear me out -- a successful virus does not kill its host

Thus, viruses evolve until they find a way to be undetected, and keep the host alive without symptoms

So, if COVID 19 takes this route, could this be no more than an addition to flu shots in future years?

Don't get me wrong -- Omicron is real and we don't know all the short term and long term effects of it

But hospitalizations are down, and the next variant may be a "successful virus" that is, asymptomatic and non-lethal

Stinky Camenbert Cheese and Merlot

Very good pairing

Threw in a charcuterie of figs and Asian pear to round it out

Merry Fucking Christmas

Merry fucking Christmas to all of you beautiful people

Hug your fucking loved ones and mourn the fucking loved ones who aren't fucking here

Hug your furry fucking friends and give them a fucking snack from the table just fucking because (just make sure it's not fucking chocolate)

Peace on the fucking Earth, and good-fucking-will towards everyone!

So Alcohol...beer, wine, bourbon, etc etc...is it killing us or making us stronger?




With some major names departing MSNBC and CNN, why not bring back Olbermann?

Yeah, he could be a jerk, but he was our jerk

We need more fighters like him

And we need a "Worst Person in the World"

Anyone up for a "Gifts of your Region" gift exchange

Like I, being in California could gift Chardonnay in exchange for Texas BBQ or NY Deliwiches?
Posted by RFCalifornia | Mon Dec 6, 2021, 06:24 PM (7 replies)

Dear Silent Genners, Boomers, Millenials and GenZers

I love you folk

Yeah, GenX here

Just shouting out some holiday love to all you guys and gals

Even if I'll never understand what yeet means

Posted by RFCalifornia | Mon Dec 6, 2021, 06:19 PM (7 replies)

Anyone out there think Lara Logan might be longing for the days of Apartheid?

Maybe its a jump but she grew up, privileged, white and in Apartheid SA

I'm guessing she wants to go back to that

I have a question for all of the US Veterans

I sell to a number of customers and and have previously sold to State and Federal agencies

At one point I was selling to the the Coast Guard but after 9/11 they required me to get a clearance, which I didn't want to do (too much of a fan of 420, and there were better accounts to have that didn't require it)

Anywho, around November/December, the Coast Guard would go on a serious buying spree. They told me their budget would be shrunk if they didn't use it all. So we sold product at list price, and they didn't care.

Is this one of the reasons why our military budget is so bloated?

Is this why the military buys equipment they didn't even ask for?

Capitalism isn't the solution, it IS the problem

Any system that rewards greed over communitarianism is a problem

Any system that puts the individual above the community is a problem

Why do you think we have so many antivaxxers and antimaskers?

This isn't just because they want to "own the libs"

It's because our flavor of economics rewards the individual over the community, so anything that individual wants to do is favored over what could help the community

So to assert your individuality, even at the cost of your own life or others, is considered being a "maverick"

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