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DemUnleashed's Journal
DemUnleashed's Journal
May 2, 2021

A Frustrating Evening

Met with two friends (republicans) for an outdoor dinner. First time seeing them since COVID started

Where do I begin??! Here is the rundown....

1) They think Biden has dementia

2) They think Trump had nothing to do with the Capitol insurrection

3) They think Trump is responsible for the successful vaccine rollout

4) They think Biden will make us Venezuela

5) They don't think anything is wrong with America, and they can't understand why Americans want to change it

6) They think Biden stole the election

I could go on and on. They kept coming up with one republican talking point after another. I know there are plenty of people that still think like them but to hear it face to face was too much for me to take! I was able to refute everything they said but of course they didn't buy what I had to sell. The only thing that I didn't say that I wish I had is, regarding #5, "If there's nothing wrong with America, then how come I never heard you complain about Trump's slogan...Make America Great Again??!! MAGA means you want to make changes to America. So if America's so great, why didn't you complain about Trump wanting to make changes??" I didn't think of saying that back to them until we got away from politics and then I didn't want to go back to that subject again with them!

Just came home and I feel like I need a shower to wash that Republican crap off of me!!

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