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DemUnleashed's Journal
DemUnleashed's Journal
April 5, 2023

MAGA Luncheon

Ok so some of you know that I have 2 non-deplorable MAGA friends (I know, I know...is there such a thing as non-deplorable MAGA?!). Well I hardly post on here but always read what's on here every single day.

So we 3 have had a few political discussions in the past when we'd gone out for lunch or dinner and made a decision one day to never talk politics again

Well one of them invited us both over to her house for lunch today. She made a lovely lunch for us. At one point, though, she had to say "I don't want to talk politics but what happened yesterday was despicable for this country!" I said "You two can talk about this when you're alone together." That discussion then ended

Then later the other one brought up the Nashville shooting and they both said these meds made the trans person want to shoot people. I said "Then what about the other 100 mass shootings this country has had. Those weren't trans people!" I was so close to saying "They probably were MAGA people even though MAGA still was not a thing when some of these shootings happened." But I didn't say anything more

Then the hostess said "They're saying all the other previous shooters were trans too!'" I said "No, they weren't!!" We then ended that discussion

But why wasn't I quick thinking enough to say "If all those other shooters before were trans, why did that never come up before?? Why is it only with this trans shooting, that they are saying on Fox News and other RW media (or whatever these people read and watch) that all the previous shooters were also trans??! Don't you think FN would have brought that up before if they had all been trans??" Unfortunately I am never quick thinking enough!

But, anyway, this is where their thinking is. Just wanted to share!

February 2, 2023

Help needed from Fellow DUers

I have been in a back and forth tweeting conversation with a MAGA guy for the past week or so. Pretty quickly, he started calling me "dumb dumb." I asked him why he was acting like he's 12. And then I said "I know why...because your role model, Trump, acts like a 12 year old when he calls people childish names." After that, he stopped calling me dumb dumb, so there's that!

Anyway, he's a typical Republican who likes to blame both sides when it's only Republicans that are guilty of something. So he was saying that we need to get dark money out of politics and said both parties are guilty of receiving this money. I said Dems are the only ones proposing a constitutional amendment to get rid of Citizens United. He said Dems had full control for 2 years...why didn't we do anything about CU?

So Fellow DUers, how do I answer that? Even though we had full control, we still had Manchin and Sinema. Plus, it requires more people to get this done than just the # of Dems we had wanting this to happen, right?

I was able to hold my own with him for a week but when it gets more into the weeds, that's when I need help. Please help me in my response to him

Thank you!

August 26, 2022

I don't think we should be shocked TFG took docs

Isn't this the kind of stuff we always suspected back in '15 that might happen if Trump became President in '16?? After all, we said Putin is holding something over his head and will make demands. And we also said Trump would do anything for Putin if it means he gets something in return. I don't remember if we mentioned Saudi Arabia or other countries back then but we of course talked about Russia!

August 25, 2022

Who I'd Love to See Write a Tell All

I don't post very often here but I read DU Every.Single.Day

Just wanted to say that

Anyway, with everyone from Trump world writing tell all books, I would absolutely love to see a book written by Don Jr's ex-wife! I was just thinking that the other day

I think the book would be absolutely fascinating!!

August 7, 2022

Chomping at the Bit

If Republicans take over the House and Senate, we know it will be absolute destruction, carnage, lack of civility, lawlessness, retribution, unfounded investigation after investigation, authoritarianism, impeachment/eviction, more police brutality, etc etc etc but do you get the feeling that Republicans right now are just chomping at the bit for all of this to happen??!! I actually think they are salivating over it! I think they have all these evil plans in place already and it will be a trigger moment to start implementing if they win in November

It scares me to death if we don't keep the House and the Senate!!!

July 5, 2022

Republicans like to trot out...

Republicans like to trot out people who say something like "My mom thought about having an abortion but she didn't. If she had, I wouldn't be here today!"

We need to trot out people to say "My mom had an abortion before. If she hadn't, I probably wouldn't be here today!"

June 16, 2022

Hope they're going to flip Capitol tour guy

They're saying that one of the guys on Loudermilk's Capitol tour is also the same guy spotted at the insurrection, right? So hopefully the Feds can tell this guy that charges against him will be reduced if he tells everything about Loudermilk's Capitol tour

May 24, 2022

Kellyanne Conway...

Kellyanne Conway was on The View today. I wished there was a way I could have magically appeared at the table!

Ok...I think I can read people pretty well. I have always felt that Kellyanne just loves the title that she is the first female to head a Presidential campaign to victory. I was so hoping no one would bring that up today because it's something she loves to hear...I was hoping the ladies on the panel wouldn't feed her ego! Well 2 people brought it up (Sarah and Alyssa)....so infuriating!!

If I had been on that panel, I would have said "Excuse me but Ms Conway did not get Trump to be the winner....that was Putin and James Comey that did that!!"

If you could get "I am the first female campaign manager to to lead a President to victory" to fit on a button, I swear she would wear that button every day!

March 3, 2022

Tucker and Ketanji

Tucker Carlson thinks we need to see Ketanji Brown Jackson's LSAT score because it's only fair to see it considering the important position that she has been nominated for!

Oh back to the racist thing you Republicans love! Had to see Obama's birth certificate but never any other President's birth certificate. Gee, I wonder why!

Have to see Brown Jackson's LSAT scores but not those of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, or Coney-Barrett. Gee, I wonder why!

And talking about important positions, Tucker...would you consider President of The United States to be an important position? You know...being in the most important position, not only of our country, but of the world?? Would you agree that the President should be a smart person, Tucker?

Well, if so...if Trump runs again, we need to see his SAT scores and college grades. What was his GPA? Hell, I'll make it easier for you, Tucker. I'm going to give you a real bargain! If Trump runs again, let's forego the SAT scores, forego the college grades, and forego the GPA! Let's instead put him on ONE episode of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. Now, Tucker, even you can see what a deal that is! I'm not even asking him to go on Jeopardy! Heck, I'll even handicap it for him and Trump can get asked Are You Smarter Than A 2nd Grader type questions!

Come on, Tucker, this deal is a real steal! If you don't agree that Trump must take up this offer, then I can only surmise that you must think Trump is not really that smart!

February 28, 2022

If Putin goes down...

If Putin goes down, whether he's brought down or it's a self-inflicted fall, I hope he first spills all the dirt on Trump, other Republican politicians, and our right-wing media!!!

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