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DemUnleashed's Journal
DemUnleashed's Journal
November 24, 2020

Biden Administration

Do you think Hillary will be asked for some spot in the administration??

I hope so. And not only because I like her but also because I want to see republican heads' spin!!

November 13, 2020

Today Trump Said That He Has An Understanding Of Coronavirus!!

Trump says he understands COVID. Oh really??! You called this a flu! You said we'd go from 15 deaths to 0! You said we could inject bleach to treat it! You said it was a hoax! You even now say it's rounding the corner even as numbers skyrocket! What the hell is wrong with you....you know absolutely nothing about anything!!!!!

November 13, 2020

Straight Face

I really want to know how these Republicans say things with straight faces!!

Today I saw a clip of Kayleigh talking to Stuart Varney and saying regarding this "election fraud" that transparency is always a good thing!

Says the person who defends the person that doesn't show his tax returns, doesn't show his transcript of grades, doesn't provide DNA when asked, doesn't provide legit health information...I could go on and on!

How did Kayleigh make that statement with a straight face??!

November 11, 2020

A Meme Needed For Today

Someone should make a meme of Drumpf standing today in front of the wreath at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier with an air bubble over his head saying "Sucker! Loser!!"

November 9, 2020

Republicans' Red Line

I feel that Trump wanting to steal this election is the red line between the deplorable part of Trump's base and the normal part of Trump's base

I have Republican neighbors who voted for Trump but they are good people, not deplorable. I am dying to know where they stand on this issue of Trump wanting to steal this election! Are they finally going to think this is a bridge too far even for them??! Are they going to admit (whether out loud on in their heads) that Trump needs to concede??

October 10, 2020

Re Expanding The Courts

Regarding packing the courts, why can't Biden/Harris say something like

"Senator McConnell denied President Obama's right to even have a hearing for his nomination because McConnell thought that shouldn't be allowed during an election year. Obviously, that really is not truly an issue for him because he now wants to ram someone through to be a Justice, within a month of the election. It was a false excuse. And it is now a false excuse for him to claim that it can be now allowed because the Senate and the Presidency are of the same party. They never brought that up as a reason during the time of Obama's nomination of Garland. The only excuse that McConnell brought up was the part about it being an election year. McConnell is now grabbing at any excuse he can to justify his decision to ram Judge Barrett through. McConnell also made it difficult for Obama to fill vacancies for federal court judges, yet McConnell has now been filling federal judge vacancies in record number. So for all of this double standard behavior on the part of McConnell, are we Democrats supposed to be weak and just roll over and take it?? Should we allow someone to take advantage of us like this, or should we have a spine and stand up for ourselves and say, 'You are not going to walk all over me!' In any relationship, we teach our children to be strong and to not be unfairly taken advantage of, and to stick up for ourselves. And, that is exactly what we are doing! We Democrats are now coming up with various ideas for some type of justice to the obvious and flagrant continual inequities and dominance that McConnell is bestowing upon us Democrats. So when you ask us if we are going to expand the courts, the reason we can't give you a definitive answer is that we haven't made a decision. Expanding the courts is just one of the ideas that we are mulling over. It is just one of the many ideas that we are considering to confront the dirty politics that McConnell is playing!"

October 8, 2020

Blackburn on The View re COVID

Marshall Blackburn was on The View today and was blaming China (as usual!) for the virus

I called all her offices and either spoke to someone or left a message saying "I saw the Senator on The View today and she was blaming China for the virus. I know she and the President like to do this. Yes, I agree it's China's fault for the existence of the virus but I would like to ask the Senator how it is China's fault that we have reached as high of a number of deaths in this country as we have. What did China do to get us to over 200,000 deaths? Isn't that on Trump??"

It drives me crazy that Republicans think they can get away with the "Let's blame China" narrative!! 😤

October 8, 2020

What Did Trump Think

I wonder what Trump thought of Pence's performance....I want to be a fly in Pence's hair for that conversation...ha ha ha!!

October 7, 2020

Nancy Pelosi's Freudian Slip Today

Nancy Pelosi was on The View today and Anna Navarro was asking her about Trump's erratic behavior and in answering, Nancy said Trump's EROTIC behavior! Too funny!!!

October 7, 2020

My 15 year old asked me my thoughts on Trump's COVID diagnosis

Just now before my son left for school, he came over to me and said "Mom, I know you hate Trump but you don't want him to die because he got COVID, do you?"

Now how the hell am I supposed to answer that?? I didn't want to send the message to my kid that human life doesn't matter and that you should never wish harm on anyone and I would be a horrible human being if I was fine with someone dying and on and on with those types of thoughts

So I just said "No, I don't want him to die" and I left off the part that I don't want him to die because I want him to suffer with the damage that COVID can do to you if you survive, that I want him to see Biden win, that I want him to see Republicans down the ballot losing big time, that I want to see him prosecuted and go to jail, that I want him to see his family go to jail

How horrible of a mom would he think he had if I had said all those things, so I didn't!

I'm curious....how do you suggest I should have answered his question? Have any of you been in a similar predicament?

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