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DemUnleashed's Journal
DemUnleashed's Journal
February 21, 2022

How Exactly Has Fox News Been Reporting On This Issue??

So I have a Trumplican friend who I was just talking with on the phone. She's not a deplorable...no way would I be friends with them! But she is someone who I had a political clash with before and we both cooled down by not talking to each other for a few months. And then a few months ago, we started talking again but neither of us has brought up politics again

Well when I just spoke to her this morning, somehow the discussion went towards political correctness and cancel culture and she said she couldn't understand why black people would want to ban books like To Kill A Mockingbird! I was like "What??!!" I said black people are not the ones who want to ban it...it's white supremacists in red counties who do! She was shocked, we hung up, and she texted me a little while later and said she read up on this issue and that I was right

So my question is....How Exactly Has Fox News Been Reporting On This Issue??!

I know they lie and gaslight all the time but, come on!!

January 11, 2022

Just had the biggest laugh!

I just watched Progressive David Pakman talk about this guy named, I think, Daniel McCarthy. So Pakman shows a video that McCarthy made saying how he is no longer a Trumpster. But he starts out by saying something like "Hey Trump, the country is now catching onto your grift!"

I had to laugh...are you kidding me....you're just realizing that NOW??!! Democrats have known that going on 7 years now!! And most of us knew that even longer than that!

If anyone ever has a bridge to sell, just go to your nearest Trumplican...quickest way to make a sale! Such fools!!!

September 5, 2021

The latest from one of my Republican friends

I have mentioned on here before that I live in Florida and that I have 2 Republican friends who I am still in touch with. I lost my other Republican friends (not to death but due to friendships lost over politics)

Even though I am still in touch with these 2 Republican friends, we have definitely had our fair share of sparring since Trump came along!

Well one of them texted me about an incident at Disney World today...a fight broke out over the threat of an active shooter. (I haven't checked out the story yet, myself)

Anyway, so I responded to her by texting back saying "Your extreme always wants to fight and/or kill people. My extreme wants everyone to have health insurance!"

It's been a half hour....haven't heard anything back from her yet!! 😂

The least she could have come back with is "How do you know these people in the fight and the possible active shooter are Republicans?" I didn't even get THAT back from her! 😅

August 31, 2021

Is anyone else scared...

Is anyone else scared of how MAGAts are going to treat our new Afghani refugees who have come to the US?

August 31, 2021

Is anyone else scared...

Is anyone else scared of how MAGAts are going to treat our new Afghani refugees who have come to the US?

August 9, 2021

2 observations I Made Today

Ok...so this afternoon I took a dip in the ocean (some of you may know that I live in a red county in Florida). We got whistled out of the water by the lifeguard due to impending lightning

My 2 thoughts:

1) I was waiting for the freedumb loving Americans to complain that no one gets to tell them when they should get out of the water, even if there's lightning!

2) Then I remembered neither Fox News (or other right wing media) nor the Republicans in Congress ever told these people that they should stay in the water even when there's lightning! Explains why no one complained

#1, I said in jest!

#2, I did not say in jest!

August 2, 2021

The tiniest of the tiniest glimmer of hope in Florida

The last few times I went to my supermarket, I was literally 1 of 2 or 3 people in there wearing a mask (those wearing a mask, were customers). Today when I went, about half were masked up! Maybe they're finally actually taking the Delta variant seriously now!!

July 26, 2021

Democratic COVID vax-deniers

Yesterday someone posted on here that they had a die hard liberal friend who won't get the COVID vaccine because they believe in their plants and herbs....and rocks and things (fans of the band America, will know what I did there)!

But I'm just curious....does your friend, at the very least, go everywhere indoors, wearing a mask? Do they wear a mask outdoors or at least socially distance while outdoors? I would hope if they're not going to get the vaccine, they would at least take these basic precautions to help reduce transmission

Anyone else have liberal friends not getting the vaccine? Are they taking the basic precautions to help to try and not increase transmission and to try not to lead to more variants??

July 2, 2021

Just had a thought about Megan McCain

I just had a thought about Megan McCain...after seeing that she is leaving The View, it made me think of some of the horrid things she has said on the show over the years, one of which was how she would probably rank climate change as #30 of her list of important issues the country needs to address. So the thought that just came to me is...I wonder if now that she has a baby, if climate change has moved up on her list! You know republicans...things are only important to them when it affects them! I really wish someone would ask her where she would rank climate change now! I bet you anything it has moved way up on the list!!

June 30, 2021

Advice needed on my Did I Cross The Line lunch

The other day I posted on here describing my lunch with my Republican friend and her republican friend. It was titled "Did I Cross The Line?"

I truly wish I could have recorded the discussion I had with these two women and I wish I could then play the recording for you....it is truly unbelievable how these people think!

Ok...the advice I need is how I should have responded when they brought up Hunter Biden. All I said is 1) what does what Hunter does have to do with Joe? And I also asked 2) where was your interest in the last 4 years in the shenanigans and criminality of Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric?

But I would like advice on how better I could have answered their question, "What about Hunter Biden?"

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