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ihas2stinkyfeet's Journal
ihas2stinkyfeet's Journal
October 2, 2020

so, for all you humor lovers-

there is a fb group- fans of sir micheal palin. some epically funny ppl there.
i was awarded the badge of the spanish inquitition by a guy named norman, who may or may not have spines. it was hard fought. i had to promise him a shubbery. then i had to promse him 2.

i also found out that if you order a book from his personal website, he will autograph it.
so i ordered 'a sackful of limricks'. i recounted the story, and he signed my book- nobody expects the badge of the spanish inquisition.

October 1, 2020

planning a trip to the olde sod this winter. tracing the tree. my heritage

dang. i sure do like this site. i got the premium package so i can trace the irish part of the history.
cheaper than ancestry. uploaded dna and found a cousin from the same county where my gramps was born. having a nice convo.
soooo easy to use. tree is up to over 100 ppl, when i added only a doz by hand.
found the ellis island records of my paternal grandparents. famine refugees who came in steerage. i thought this was the case, but what a wave of sadness to see that in writing.

but boy howdy. learning a lot about the irish gift for holding grudges. my dad's mom had 10 sibs. never met a one. many stayed in delavan wi, but many moved to chicago, as did my grandparents.
had already found out that my mom's mom had 10 sibs also, 6 of which stay in new york after arriving. my mom had no idea. she died thinking that her brother's 3 kids and their kids were her only living family. they used to come to our house before their dad died, in his 40's. but the ties died w him. xmas cards was about it. i did reconnect w his oldest daughter through 23/me.
the rest of the sibs that came to chicago had no kids. one of those grandneices got married in a big wedding and didnt invite her. about the saddest i ever saw her.

anyway. highly recommend this site. had an ancestry account, and had a terrible time getting my password reset. this was $149/yr for premium. feel like i have gotten that much out of it the week i have been using it.

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someone who regretted not finishing college until i realized that the more time you spend in those windowless boxes, listening to people drone on and on and on, the dumber you get. the evidence that ppl w letters after their names are idiots is all around me. sometimes, what you think is the worst thing in your life turns out to be the best thing.

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