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Thu Oct 1, 2020, 08:50 AM Oct 2020

planning a trip to the olde sod this winter. tracing the tree. my heritage

dang. i sure do like this site. i got the premium package so i can trace the irish part of the history.
cheaper than ancestry. uploaded dna and found a cousin from the same county where my gramps was born. having a nice convo.
soooo easy to use. tree is up to over 100 ppl, when i added only a doz by hand.
found the ellis island records of my paternal grandparents. famine refugees who came in steerage. i thought this was the case, but what a wave of sadness to see that in writing.

but boy howdy. learning a lot about the irish gift for holding grudges. my dad's mom had 10 sibs. never met a one. many stayed in delavan wi, but many moved to chicago, as did my grandparents.
had already found out that my mom's mom had 10 sibs also, 6 of which stay in new york after arriving. my mom had no idea. she died thinking that her brother's 3 kids and their kids were her only living family. they used to come to our house before their dad died, in his 40's. but the ties died w him. xmas cards was about it. i did reconnect w his oldest daughter through 23/me.
the rest of the sibs that came to chicago had no kids. one of those grandneices got married in a big wedding and didnt invite her. about the saddest i ever saw her.

anyway. highly recommend this site. had an ancestry account, and had a terrible time getting my password reset. this was $149/yr for premium. feel like i have gotten that much out of it the week i have been using it.

planning a trip to the olde sod this winter. tracing the tree. my heritage (Original Post) ihas2stinkyfeet Oct 2020 OP
Have you been to Ireland? PJMcK Oct 2020 #1
I have both accounts MaryMagdaline Oct 2020 #2


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1. Have you been to Ireland?
Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:02 AM
Oct 2020

We spent 2 weeks there a couple of summers ago. What a wonderful country! It's beautiful, historic and the people were among the friendliest I've ever met.

The food was awesome! We had delicious meals everywhere we went in the country.

We had been planning a trip to Scotland. But one evening when we were watching a TV show about Euorpean castles, the owner of Birr Castle, Lady Rosse, mentioned that they had a cabin on the castle grounds that they rent to guests. My wife and I looked at each other with wide eyes. I reached for my laptop, pulled up their website and within minutes we were booked for what turned out to be one of our most wonderful traveling experiences. The cabin was a 300-year old house that was beautiful and comfortable. It was also much less expensive than most hotels we've stayed at.

Hope you get to go to Ireland! You'll love it.


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2. I have both accounts
Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:04 AM
Oct 2020

I am glad you are making great connections.

I love finding new documents. My Heritage is tougher for me to follow.

Our Ireland trip this year was cancelled by Covid. We were going to see some of the great places but not so much our ancestral homes. My people come from Tipperary, Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny, Down, Limerick. Our trip was going to be Dublin then Galway and Aran Isles.

Enjoy your trip and meeting family!

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