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Wicked Blue

Wicked Blue's Journal
Wicked Blue's Journal
August 31, 2023

Car with giant bull named Howdy Doody crammed into passenger seat pulled over by Nebraska police

Apparently the car didn't have a horn

NBC News

A man driving a full-size bull named Howdy Doody in the passenger seat of his car was pulled over by police in Nebraska on Wednesday after a stunned onlooker reported the odd sight, authorities said.

Officers in Norfolk, about 120 miles northwest of Omaha, were dispatched at 10:05 a.m. CDT answering a call for a "vehicle with a cow inside" rolling through town, police records showed.

Police assumed the bovine passenger would be a small calf, but what they came upon near the corner of West Norfolk Avenue and North 13th Street was a full-size bull riding shotgun in a Ford Crown Victoria.

The car's roof on the passenger side had been removed so the animal could fit.

August 31, 2023

Your Thursday weirdness

August 28, 2023

Ancient Brick From 2,900 Years Ago Turns Out to Be a DNA Time Capsule

Science Hub

The brick analyzed by the researchers

For the first time, researchers have been able to extract DNA fragments from an ancient clay brick, demonstrating how these building blocks from times long past could be used to catalog flora found in the environment at the time.

When this brick was made some 2,900 years ago in what is now northern Iraq, the process would have involved mixing mud from the banks of the Tigris river, with materials such as chaff, straw, or animal dung.

Small plant particles amid the animal waste and straw can remain protected inside the brick for millennia – as has now been demonstrated by the team from the University of Oxford in the UK and the National Museum of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Having extracted a sample of the brick, the researchers used an analytical technique previously used on other forms of porous material, such as bone. This gave them the ability to sequence (or decode) the DNA in the plant matter, identifying 34 distinct taxonomic groups of plants.


August 18, 2023

Friday weirdness

August 4, 2023

Swiss scientists revel in meteoric arrowhead with roots in Estonia

August 2, 2023

The arrowhead in question, which is 39 millimetres long and weighs 2.9 grammess, is preserved at the Museum of History in Bern. It was found in the 19th century during excavations at a Paleolithic site dating from 900-800 BC, according to a statement issued by the Museum of Natural History in Bern, which conducted the research.

Such metal objects from meteorites dating from before the beginning of the Iron Age (800 B.C.) are very rare. There are only 55 of them in Eurasia and the African continent. The scientists set out to find out whether the arrowhead came from the dispersal area of the Douanne Mountain meteorite, just a few kilometers away

To the researchers' surprise, the arrowhead was not made from one of the 2,000 fragments of the iron meteorite that fell on the Douanne Moutain 170,000 years ago. It contained almost twice as much nickel compared to those fragments.

The most likely origin, given the composition of the metal, is the Kaalijarv meteorite. The latter fell around 1500 BC in Estonia and produced several craters up to 100 metres in diameter. This suggests that a trade in these fragments had developed.


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