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Somehow, I'd feel right at home on this flight

Like old friends we collect along the way ~

'Honey from the Jar' 1979 - Herbie Hancock

Yoga with your dog. The leg lift !!!


Shontel Brown OH-11 "Today's recent news from SCOTUS regarding Roe v. Wade .."



From the desk of Jen Psaki



Miss Ella Emhoff graduated today


"Recommend: PBS series, Rise of the Nazis, on how Democracy died in Germany from 1930-1933"

It took just 4 years


1/ Recommend the @PBS series, Rise of the Nazis, on how democracy died in Germany from 1930-1933.

The antidotes to fascism are to:

1. Strengthen #VotingRights.
2. Hold those who break the law accountable.
3. Fight disinformation.

2/ 4 key takeaways that America should consider before history repeats.

#1 Don’t think it can’t happen here
#2 Don’t cooperate with those who show authoritarian tendencies
#3 Holding political people accountable to the rule of law saves lives
#4 Disinformation leads to death

3/ Some details from the @PBS episodes that jumped out, if you’re interested.
Rise of the Nazis” starts with a warning…

4/ “In 1930, Germany is a liberal democracy—with elections, parliament, and the rule of law.
Just 4 years later, freedom of speech is over, most of the political opposition is in jail, and the government is in the hands of murderers.
This is the story of how democracy died.”
(Source: https://threader.app/thread/1393249543433515008)


Speaker Pelosi statement on Stefanik appointment


PBS interview, Wednesday
Pelosi said the GOP is, "punishing Members who tell the truth" about Trump's election loss and his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, per a statement posted to her website.

"Nothing less is at stake than out democracy," Pelosi said in an interview with PBS on Wednesday.

"Maybe she's more, shall we say, compliant," Pelosi said in reference to Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), who has been floated as Cheney's replacement as House Republican conference chair.


"They believed they had the decks so stacked that they couldn't lose -- that's why they are crying foul because they know the treachery they did to secure a win"



Activists and Ex-Spy Said to Have Plotted to Discredit Trump ‘Enemies’ in Government
The campaign included planned operations against President Trump’s national security adviser at the time, H.R. McMaster, and F.B.I. employees, according to documents and interviews.

May 13, 2021
Updated 3:39 p.m. ET
WASHINGTON — A network of conservative activists, aided by a British former spy, mounted a campaign during the Trump administration to discredit perceived enemies of President Trump inside the government, according to documents and people involved in the operations.

The campaign included a planned sting operation against Mr. Trump’s national security adviser at the time, H.R. McMaster, and secret surveillance operations against F.B.I. employees, aimed at exposing anti-Trump sentiment in the bureau’s ranks.

The operations against the F.B.I., run by the conservative group Project Veritas, were conducted from a large home in the Georgetown section of Washington that rented for $10,000 per month. Female undercover operatives arranged dates with the F.B.I. employees with the aim of secretly recording them making disparaging comments about Mr. Trump.

The campaign shows the obsession that some of Mr. Trump’s allies had about a shadowy “deep state” trying to blunt his agenda — and the lengths that some were willing to go to try to purge the government of those believed to be disloyal to the president.

Central to the effort, according to interviews, was Richard Seddon, a former undercover British spy who was recruited in 2016 by the security contractor Erik Prince to train Project Veritas operatives to infiltrate trade unions, Democratic congressional campaigns and other targets. He ran field operations for Project Veritas until mid-2018.

Last year, The New York Times reported that Mr. Seddon ran an expansive effort to gain access to the unions and campaigns and led a hiring effort that nearly tripled the number of the group’s operatives, according to interviews and deposition testimony. He trained operatives at the Prince family ranch in Wyoming.

Dig deeper into the moment.

The efforts to target American officials show how a campaign once focused on exposing outside organizations slowly morphed into an operation to ferret out Mr. Trump’s perceived enemies in the government’s ranks.

Whether any of Mr. Trump’s White House advisers had direct knowledge of the campaign is unclear, but one of the participants in the operation against Mr. McMaster, Barbara Ledeen, said she was brought on by someone “with access to McMaster’s calendar.”

At the time, Ms. Ledeen was a staff member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, then led by Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa.

James O’Keefe said during the Trump administration that his group, Project Veritas, had been investigating the deep state.Credit...Erin Schaff/The New York Times
This account is drawn from more than a dozen interviews with former Project Veritas employees and others familiar with the campaign, along with current and former government officials and internal Project Veritas documents.

The scheme against Mr. McMaster, revealed in interviews and documents, was one of the most brazen operations of the campaign. It involved a plan to hire a woman armed with a hidden camera to capture Mr. McMaster making inappropriate remarks that his opponents could use as leverage to get him ousted as national security adviser.

(This is all I can copy from the long article.
MORE..But its behind a NYTimes paywall
) 🤬

Eric Garland has a lot on his twittet but no Threadreader yet.

Unfkingbelievable how deep down this Maggothole we go.
Wonder how much McGahn's private closed door testimony has revealed.
This is the BFD of the BFD's...

Damn. UK?

Rep Sharice Davids: "The historic nomination of Lauren J. King, a Muscogee Nation citizen, by @POTUS


Sharice Davids
Representation matters.

The historic nomination of Lauren J. King, a Muscogee Nation citizen, by
is one more step to recognizing the unique history of Native Americans in our country. Let's keep moving the needle to reflect the people we serve.

From Huffpost:

Biden nominated Lauren J. King to a lifetime seat on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington. King, a citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation based in Oklahoma, is currently an attorney at the Seattle-based law firm Foster Garvey, P.C. She has served as a pro tem appellate judge for the Northwest Intertribal Court System since 2013 and previously taught Federal Indian Law at the Seattle University School of Law.

If confirmed, King will be one of just three Native American judges currently on the federal bench out of nearly 900 federal judgeships. The other two are U.S. district judges Diane Humetewa and Ada Brown.

Only four Native Americans have ever been federal judges in the 230-year history of the U.S. courts, and that’s out of more than 4,200 people who have served as Article III judges (i.e., lifetime judges on district courts, appeals courts and the Supreme Court). Besides Humetewa and Brown, the other two were U.S. district judges Michael Burrage and Frank Howell Seay. There has never been an Indigenous judge on a U.S. appeals court.
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