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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 3,282

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Seeing a lot of people who are trying to push cabinet picks...

but don't have an business being involved.

Just was Nina Turner on CNN trying to say that the cabinet isn't diverse enough. First of all, Nina Turner and all of her friends can stfu on trying to influence anything in the Biden Administration. This is the same lot that made up rape accusations during the primary, called Biden a racist, blamed him for all of the problems with prisons, pushed the Green Party, and on and on.

Nina Turner, David Sirota, Brie-Bire, Susan, Ryan Knight.....they can all go grift somewhere else for the next four years and see if they want to be a more constructive group next time around. Maybe then they can figure out if they want to help us win and reap the rewards or not.

We should impeach

And name every crime we think Trump may have committed.

Not to remove him, but to prevent a pardon. The constitution explicitly carves out cases of impeachment when defining presidential pardon powers

They could still argue that the pardon doesn't apply to impeachment but on DoJ proseuctions....but thats something we could fight.

Biden should let Trump join his administration.

To appease republicans. I think that since Trump founded the Space Force we should honor that and appoint him to the newly created Ambassador to the Andromeda Galaxy and immediately dispatch him on a diplomatic mission there to make contact and use his super negotiation and development skills to build a new BEAUTIFUL EMBASSY.

Biden Team announces several new appointments


President-elect Joe Biden is expected to nominate Jake Sullivan as his national security adviser and Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U.S. ambassador to the United...

A latino immigrant will be leading DHS now.

This is pretty clear.

Not perfectly linear, but the negative correlation is very clear. As countermeasures increase, hospitalizations decrease.


Been working on a map of election results

showing changes in the Democratic margin of victory between 2016 and 2020 in most US countries. Interesting.

Note that the map doesn't show Alaska or Hawaii. Also, keep in mind that the data is preliminary and some states are still nowhere near done counting. I'd expect results to change a lot in NY, CA, and MA from this map and a final version with full updated data. Again, this is a preliminary, draft version of the map. I plan on doing a lot more on it and with the data when we have finalized results.

In this map, the redder an area, the more the margin moves to Republicans and vice versa in the blue. This isn't who won the county, but who improved their margins there vs. 2016.

Can everyone do me a favor to poke Trump?

When the final map is done for 2020......print one off and mail it to Trump. I'd like to mail him a couple million of them if possible.

He loved to hand out maps of 2016, let's return the favor.

First day in office

Two things I can think of Biden can do on his first day.

1: Rejoin Paris Climate Accords

2: Rejoin World Health Organization.

Add your items.

LOL, Trump better not bank on the military vote


Editing to add another tweet to replace the one that was deleted.


Joe Biden just became

the first Democrat to win GA in a Presidential race in 28 years.

There aren't enough votes out there to get Trump back in the lead. Almost everything left is going to pad Bidens leads now.
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