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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
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The other Brown Shirts on the march


Peaceful protest?

From NPR

With COVID-19 cases going up in places key to his reelection and his poll numbers in those same places going down, President Trump has been boxed in to shifting course.

Let's recap. This week, as NPR's Ayesha Rascoe recounted on NPR's Morning Edition Friday, Trump:

Endorsed wearing masks, calling it "patriotic" after resisting wearing them publicly for months.
Acknowledged that the pandemic will likely get worse before it gets better after months of dismissing its seriousness.
Backed away from his insistence that schools reopen this fall, having previously threatened to pull what small federal funding schools receive.
Canceled the in-person Republican National Convention that was supposed to take place in Jacksonville, Fla., after lambasting North Carolina's governor for not being able to guarantee that an in-person convention could be allowed to take place in his state by August. And though Trump made fun of Democrats for planning a virtual convention, the GOP convention will now be largely virtual, too.

I wonder if anyone remembers the famous "flip-flop" advertising campaign......Of course, that was then, this is now.....

DeSantis proclaims

that the rise in cases and deaths in Florida is not because of Florida mishandling the health crisis, it is just seasonal........

Yea, right, flu viruses are known to propagate wildly in the hottest time of the year.....

Face it Ron, you blew this by following your President who also blew it. After this election, the people of Florida need to begin a campaign to impeach the Fascist bastard. We can't afford two more years of DeSantis.

So Trump plans to send as many as 75,000 Brown shirts

to cities lead by liberal Democrats. Trump's Idea of dealing with shit is to stir it. Hopefully they can stay through November in these cities to maintain security at polling places.......

Affected cities should shut off utilities to Federal buildings.

The Fascist bastard just can't go quick enough.

Florida Corona virus breakout should end this week

The entire Southern part of the US is expecting record-breaking heat this week. It will extend from California to the Florida panhandle. USA Today forecast dangerous weather of excessive high heat and humidity. By Friday, the Corona virus should magically disappear, proving that King Donald was correct!


Republican led Florida continues winning

Just short of 11,500 new cases today, 25 short of our record date (July 4th) Meanwhile, Disney World opens tomorrow, and schools will be reopening in a few short weeks.

The main responsibility of government is to provide for collective security for the people, the Republicans have failed miserably at the National and State levels. We need to throw all of the bums out.

If Trump continues to run his campaign like he has run the Covid response,

Hopefully he will have the same kind of success.

Florida DID NOT set a new record today

Only 10,049 new cases....Sunday has been a traditional under-reporting day.

Old News! Florida sets new daily record.....

Nearly 11,500 new cases. Desantis and Trump are really winning now! In two weeks we will be able to see a new 4th flood and the death toll from this past week kicking in.

Still, no state order for face masks. Governance by ignorance; see a problem, ignore a problem. Making America Great Again Republican style!
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