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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Media Is Completely Ignoring Fact Putin Worked With Trump Campaign To Elect Him

According to documents released yesterday by Mueller's team.

Massive coordination.

Obvious criminal conspiracy to rig election.

A government of cowards too scared to hold any Trump Crime Family Members accountable for CONSPIRACY.

I am sick of our rigged system and media that ignores the obvious, and only want to sell ads for drugs.

Trump's Inaction On The Virus Amounts To Murder - We Have No Testing Kits - People Are Dying Here

Going on television and lying about everything, acting like a stupid idiot isn't exactly what is needed at this time in America.

We don't need a mentally retarded liar with the attitude of a spoiled 3 year old in charge of 330 Million people's lives.

Personally I think Trump Supporters should be stacked in asylums like cord wood.

ST Over Media Now I Want To Hear About Russians Running The Trump 2016 Campaign

They did a huge data dump (Mueller) on Super Tuesday, and the media completely ignored Putin electing Trump all day.

This is huuuuuuge.


God I Hope This Is The Last Daylight Savings Time Bodyclock Attack Washington

I guess we are waiting for a federal waiver or something.

We don't have a federal government, just a bunch of liars stealing all they can.

This is it.

How Many Are Infected With COVID-19 In Washington State Trump? Stop Lying People Are Dying

I am sick of the lies from Donald Do Nothing. We had many weeks to prepare for what everyone knew was coming and what did Trump do to get ready for the outbreak? Lie his ass off about everything, and do next to nothing. Now my fellow citizens are dying around me, and I can't get a straight answer from the maggot in the White House, or any of his lying accomplices. Pence looks like a meth addict needing another fix on TV.

Do we have enough tests here in Washington State to judge what to do? Hell no. A national plan? Hell no. Leadership. Gimmee a break.

Donald Trump may as well be killing these people himself his "response" is so pathetic.

Will someone point out this obvious fact?

Trump and his minions of liars and thieves are getting people killed because of their stupidity, inaction, and god knows what else.

We have had enough of your lies, and malpractice you murderous orange asshole.

Seattle Strong.

Thank God My Family Has Cadillac Health Care Coverage

If I am not feeling well, I can go see a doctor, and not lose half a paycheck.

If I need care, I most likely won't go bankrupt.

I realize others are not so lucky.


What the hell is wrong with this country?

Why are only the lucky (hard workers) and other lucky people get great coverage, while millions are screwed if they get sick?

I am so happy my wife worked a horrible crappy job where they gave her zero respect for years. Now she has a better job but it was hard for her to hold on day after day. The fact that she didn't want us to join the health care lottery is sad. The Supreme Court and Republicans can pull the health care rug out from under millions any time they feel like it.

I just wonder how many people will not make it because they don't have workable health care options, or thousands in the bank....

Why Is Pence Rocking Back And Forth Like On A See Saw?

I am getting dizzy watching him. Listening to him, no, just watching him. I wouldn't believe a word this moron who thinks the Earth is only 6,000 years old says.

Does he have to go pottie?
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