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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
November 3, 2021

The One Drop Rule

Occasionally on this board posters declare their prejudices against White people. While I generally agree that *some* White people are White Supremacists and that *some* Whites only vote White, I do not agree that ALL Whites are bad people who hate people of color. A lot of us don't give an RA what you are outwardly, but only care what you are inwardly. But, we take the rap anyway.

Now, I am White, and have been designated such from the day I was born. However, I discovered a picture of an ancestor which seems to be a family picture wherein he is sitting next to a female who appears to be a woman of color, and there are children arrayed around them. I thought probably that was a weird nanny picture, but what if.....

Now, if you are one eighth Black, you are an Octoroon. Kind of a cool name, probably not in practice, though...at any rate, it used to be that if you had *any* Black blood, you were Black, period. So, even if you were snow white and called White, a smidgen of ancestoral love could pull you into the realm of being Black, with all the work that entails, and you would be passing as White, even if you didn't know. Hear me out. It will take generations and generations to get past this skin, culture and heritage nonsense. What with global warming, we will all drown before we reach that treasured state of nonprejudiced brotherhood.

Why don't we just all declare ourselves to be whatever we want? College students do that all the time for selection advantage. (I, myself, have considered whether my possible-but-not-proven heritage could be upheld through my family picture; it would be better if she were Native American, but I swear I can't tell...) We can sweep all the pain away for today by simply picking whatever we want to be and ignoring the puzzled looks. Voting blocks of all Blacks could contain White people with no problem. Blaming people for voting failure wouldn't work, because everyone would be whatever color they needed to be. Not only that, but you could switch up whenever you wanted. On Monday, you could be White, but on Tuesday, you could be Black; on Wednesday you could be Native American...

Same for religion. Go with the flow. Be a human on all days, but celebrate whatever you want, whenever you want. It's all irrelevant, anyway, except for when you are entering battle, and on the last day, when everyone will pray to somebody.

I think those boxes on forms that the Government wants you to check should be removed and replaced with, "Are you human?" Then, we would gradually teach each other not to worry about that stuff. "Decline to state" doesn't get there. I don't decline to state anything. I'd tell you if I knew. The problem is, who does know for sure? You look at my color, you look at my facial features, and think you know, but as you insult me, do you really know who I am?

November 3, 2021

'Zat You, Santa Claus?

'Zat You, Santa Claus?
Gifts I'm preparing for some Christmas sharing
But I pause because
Hanging my stocking I can hear a knocking
'Zat you, Santa Claus?
Sure is dark out, ain't the slightest spark out
'Pon my slackened jaw!
Who's there? Who is it stopping for a visit?
'Zat you, Santa Claus?
Are you bringing a present for me
Something pleasantly pleasant for me?
Then it's just what I've been waiting for
Would you mind slipping it under the door?
Cold winds are howling, or could that be growling?
My legs feel like straws
My my oh me my, kindly would you reply?
'Zat you, Santa Claus?
Hanging the stocking, I can hear a knocking
'Zat you, Santa Claus?
I say, who's there, who is it? Are you stopping for a visit?
'Zat you, Santa Claus?
Oh there, Santa, you gave me a scare
Now stop teasing cause I know you're there
We don't believe in no goblins today
But I can't explain why I'm shaking that way
Bet I can see ole Santa in the keyhole
I'll get to the cause
One peek and I'll try there; oh oh, there's an eye there!
'Zat you, Santa Claus?
Please, please, pity my knees!
Say that's you, Santa Claus!

Lyrics by Jack Fox

We'll be okay!

November 2, 2021

I'm concerned about the trending

downer talk about dismal chances at Midterms. I don't mind cautionary alertness, etc., but why talk defeatist when we need to rev up and fight once again? Our best weapons are our votes. People won't turn out if they feel emotionally defeated. We did an outstanding job the last time. Now we need to do it again. We can do it again!

October 13, 2021

Desktop Christmas Cheer

If your looking for widgets for your desktop, I found a free site that has interesting little things that you can download. The fireplace is particularly good. The fire is very realistic, not cartoonish, and it has a strip of lights across the top that flash.

Also, the Christmas trees are excellent, but they're kind of busy. There's lots of them, though. I put a strip of lights across the top of my screen. I'll leave them there unless I feel that my desktop is too busy. All these things stay on top no matter what. If you want to delete them, click on "exit" and they'll be gone from the desktop. I didn't find a panel to adjust the lights at the top.

These are zip files and seem to be old, but they appear harmless. I am running Windows 10, and they work. Use at your own peril; I didn't make these. The fireplace is advertised all over the net. All the references refer back to this one site: http://get-xmas.com.

I just thought that someone might want this for their desktop. Doesn't hurt to tell you. The fireplace is much better than it looks. All this stuff opens in the lower right corner, but then you can move them. The garland opens at the top, and does not move.

October 5, 2021

I've been watching

Dog Agility Trials on YouTube. Also, dog herding demonstrations. I am getting a bit of sports euphoria from them, and I find them very entertaining.

It is enough to make you haul your dog to the back yard and begin making it comply. But, I think that if I had a dog in a trial, my poor doggie wouldn't win because I can't run that fast anymore, if ever I could. Sometimes, it's just as fun to watch the trainer run the course as it is the dog. For one video, they drew a graphic of the course on the picture, showing the pathway. Man, I'm too stupid to remember all that. The dog has to be told what to do next. They don't know. And, I'm afraid I wouldn't know either. I guess they use cheat sheets.

It sure looks like fun. You might enjoy watching a few.

October 4, 2021

I want to run away.

The last year has been rough. My quality of life is slipping. I'm not able to cry anymore, and to put the icing on the cake of misery--toilet cakes, I guess--my old cat is screaming at me. She jumps up and bleats at me like a roaring lion. And then, gives me a really dirty look. What'd I do to deserve this? I give her everything. I serve her.

I don't like being screamed at by a cat. I love my last remaining cat, but doggone it! My nerves are shot! She has such a nice manner of talking to me when she's normal--you guys told me tortoise-shell cats are like that--but all this week she has beaten me up, and appears angry with me. She's up in my business, knocking stuff off the table right and left, and is following me around constantly waiting for me to deliver...what??

I bought her those Delectable Squeeze Up Treats. She goes almost berserk over those. Someone asked me what's in them...tuna, chicken...??? Catnip? I don't know! There's no listing. I think she wants that, but I can't hand them out like Halloween candy! I have considered tasting the paste just to see if maybe it's something I want! Maybe all I need is a hit off of this Squeeze Up cat treat. Maybe that's the ticket. Another secret treatment...forget FB, forget IG, just pass the paste over and maybe I'll share it with my cat!

September 7, 2021

My missing ballot.

Not much to say here. The USPS has declared me nonexistent. They returned my ballot to the Registrar, telling them I do not exist. I kid you not.

I will not defend the USPS. This is the last straw. My logistics are such that I may not be able to vote in the recall election. I am not sure what to do. I don't know what this means in terms of being on a list of eligible voters. I am pissed. I am pissed! And, they say they will take care of things for you, but then they don't.

The most important thing to me this month is getting my shot. I am hoping that one vote not cast will not hurt Newsom. But, I don't know what to do. They sent me an email saying that I can REREGISTER for voting. What does this mean in terms of my ability to vote on the 14th? If I reregister, will it take me off the list of voters on which I presume I am still accounted? I am not on any party's lists. I am "preferred not to state," or something like that. I thought for a long time that I had registered Independent, but I'm not that. If I reregister, will there be enough time for my name to make it back on the books?? This is California. Anyone got any advice on what I should do? I hate to be beaten, and I will vomit if Cali turns Red.

I hate the Post Office. Really, I don't need all this extra stress. DeJoy can shove it where the sun doesn't shine. I am going to get my shot this month, and I think that nothing can stop me. I have a plan. I'm ready. And, it has nothing to do with the post office.

September 2, 2021

Christmas is here.

For me, at least. I used to deplore the early sales season in the stores, but then I discovered that actually, I like it. Every year I start about July. This year I staved off my desire until late last month. This month, I am fully letting go, just go with what I need. Peace on Earth is what I need.

Christmas for me is largely a secular affair, but I get some inner dialogue in there, helping me to keep going. I have my first Covid shot planned for later this month. It is largely on my mind. That'll be the thing this month that will be my big accomplishment. I have waited for personal reasons, but I have won that war, so bring on the shot. I am behind ya'll, but I'll get there. I've been totally isolated, but I bought new masks, and feel prepared to head out to the big event.

I have a subscription at Amazon, so I can listen to Christmas music all day long if I want, as I work on my computer. Between Cowboy songs, Christmas songs, and 60s hits, I'm set. I can watch Hallmark romance movies, very formulaic but comforting, when I am lonely, and I can use my imagination to picture a world that I fit in.

I follow the career of a certain singer, who is a really good singer but still singing in pubs, so I can dream of good fortune for him. He really should apply for one of those national talent shows. He's that good. Last year, he did a sequence of Christmas songs, so I can also listen to those and feel good.

But, no one ever taught me what to do about being hooked on Tortuga Rum Cakes. I have an almost uncontrollable desire to eat Tortuga Rum Cakes for every meal, in place of my regular modulated diet. I'm still skinny, but I won't be for long if I let my self control go.

It's pretty bad when you wake up in the morning and the only thing you want to eat are Tortugas. What do you think you would like to eat for breakfast? Uh, Tortugas...of course, when I am eating them, I am thinking of Johnny Depp and his drunken pirate...it's all good, but I'd like my Christmas stocking full of Tortugas.

I want the rest of my time on Earth to be filled with service. It's difficult to implement, but I have decided that if there were only one tiny thing per month that I did, it would be satisfying. Like, the one starfish that got thrown back. You all know that one.

Well, okay. Planning to vote no to Republican wet dreams on September 14th. That's another September event that is a must. That along with my new Christmas start date. And my shot...

August 31, 2021

Biden is getting crucified

by many different sources. the latest thing I have read is that families of the dead marines feel that he was disrespectful when receiving their caskets back home. Apparently, he looked at his watch several times. Apparently, he talked about his own son. Apparently, they don't think that their children's sacrifice had to happen.

I think you can't win for losing here. Their kids are dead. They're in some phase of the grieving process. But, I would have to say, 1) we don't know why he looked at his watch. Maybe it was set to Kabul time. Maybe he was stressed because he had a meeting with someone important. Maybe he was waiting for news of something. We just don't know. He's the President. 2) What he has in common with the parents is his own military kid. Is it really so bad that he mentioned this connection to a parent? It only indicates that he understands what they might be feeling. 3) Burn in hell, Trump. There never was going to be a good outcome after he effed it up. Less was said about the Kurds who got royally shafted, because the news media didn't care to make an issue of it. Who cares about Kurdish allies getting murdered when Erdogan is your buddy? But, let Joe have to come along and clean up your mess, and let's kick him to the curb. Joe didn't let 5,000 maniacal prisoners out of jail. Trump did. Joe didn't know that the Afghan army would cut and run. He didn't know that the Afghan president would disappear into a neighboring country, and that the government would dissolve. Instead, he did the best he could and did a major airlift, along with our allies, and tried to get everyone out. And, after the attack, he kept firm to the objective and resisted temptation.

I am pro Biden. I am an armchair warrior like all the rest. But, I'd have to say, that I take a dim view of current soldiers opening their yaps and criticizing Biden's choices behind his back. They are not free to do this. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. I do not think that Biden is a coward, nor stupid. Character counts. I think there were no good choices here. I would have processed papers out of country, but other than that, the situation sucked big time.

The governments in the ME are not our friends. The people can be, but let China get it's ass kicked by the Taliban now. It's their turn. Twenty years and a trillion dollars, and the Afghan army lays down its weapons and quits. The Taliban are going to show their intent and character now. I feel bad for the people, but they should have fought for their country.

Nothing the main stream media says will change my mind about Joe. So, now we have to hear about his being "disrespectful" to fallen soldiers. Hell, he came to receive them, along with the First Lady. At least he didn't mean mouth them like Trump did, or refuse to go because of weather, like Trump did.

I'll cut the parents a lot of slack. But, everyone else can go to hell.

August 29, 2021

Fire and Flood

Take your pick. I'm currently following a major fire near me, watching the brown and black smoke being blown my way, but knowing that I am not in any danger. It would have to cross a major fwy and burn down the town before I would be forced to leave. So, I'm okay. But, others are not so lucky, and I pray for them. I keep thinking what a grand job my goats have done on the area around my place. Still, you monitor what's going on, and the sky is very ugly right now. Nothing like Calder. But, that wouldn't matter to those forced to flee.

Then, with a category 4 hurricane coming ashore tomorrow, I am frightened for those folks that are going to have to endure that. Can't catch a break. Kabul airport massacre, Hurricane Ida, and umpteen fires all around...I am listening to music with my animals at my feet, which is where they like to be. Only the loyal goats are stuck outside, but they have shelter and water. It's hot, so hot. Tomorrow it will be the same, the news filled with reports of what happened to New Orleans. When the sun goes down and I can't see the smoke anymore, I may switch to the cameras and buoy reports. I feel somewhat guilty for being able to do that, just sit here while other people are so affected by climate glitches. Kinda teary eyed, but it's just my nerves. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Good luck, people, praying for you.

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