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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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Vince Wilfork

Wilfork has some son troubles these days, but I like Wilfork and think highly of him for the simplest of reasons:

For those that don't know, Wilfork was a nose tackle in the NFL for something like 14 years. He played mostly with the Patriots until his time was up and he switched to the Texans because his daughter wanted him to play there. I think (not 100% sure) he was the one involved with the famous Butt Fumble.

At any rate, the reasons I like Wilfork: 1) his loyalty to his wife. Players were making fun of the way his wife looked. She's not a super model or anything. He said, 'But, I love her..." in such a way that I never forgot. The others should have such loyalty and love cast in their directions, if ever they got lucky like that. When they are burying Wilfork, this is what I will remember.

But, Number 2 is awesome: Wilfork was playing for, I think the Texans, and, being a nose tackle, he was in the center of the field. Now, nose tackles are heavy guys, and Wilfork weighed between 300 and 400 pounds. They don't look like they can move at all. Well...some guy running the ball got away from everyone. He's running down the right sideline like a bunny. Wilfork sees this, and decides to get the guy. So, Wilfork runs from center field toward the pursuit. He pours it on and accelerates, making an angle adjustment halfway there, and HE nails the runner. I did not think the runner would stand up after that. He did pop up, but they showed Wilfork flying through the air to knock him out of bounds over and over again. It was awesome! It taught me a valuable lesson. Looks can be deceiving. I've never seen anything like this guy's acceleration as he saved the touchdown. It was unbelievable. Wut happened? I dunno, but I want to see it again!

I wish Wilfork well.


Tebow had gone to baseball, a sport I don't really watch. Then, he retired from that. Next thing you know, he's tried out for TE with Jacksonville, and he has a one-year contract.

Most football professionals are having a fit, saying he can't play football, etc. So, I get it, yada yada, but it bugs me when they talk about whether he will whiff on blocking. As a longstanding Tebow fan, let me tell you honey: the guy thrives on trucking people. Hell, he blocked when he was a QB. I've seen plays where he was running the ball and tacklers declined to attempt to tackle him. Tebow can do the sled at 1400 pounds, and he is not going to decline to block someone.

So, I'm just saying. Anything can happen. He might get dumped by someone who is also doing his best to stick; it could happen. But, I just want the world to know that Tebow is not going to decline to block someone. He loves it, he has always loved it, and he has the potential to be really good. No, he's not 6'5 (6'3), but his speed is decent, and something good will happen here.

He also has practiced catching down through the years. He has practiced this position even if there is no demonstrable game to show. He isn't starting cold. So, he has a shot. And, they could put him on the practice squad if one of those hopefuls beats him out. So, there it is.

My favorite player is now Mahomes. But, I will enjoy every second of Tebow's remake, and if he makes the squad, I will not know what to do if the Chiefs play the Jags. Just saying. I love to watch these guys play.

Well, there, then...

"We are aware of the statements LTG (R) Flynn made May 30 and June 1. The Army is not investigating these statements further at this time," an Army spokesperson said in a statement.

Given the fact that Flynn is retired, the Army's decision is in line with the US military's typical approach to similar situations, when potential misconduct carried out by retired members who are out of uniform does not prompt an investigation by the armed services."

First, I'd like to know who the unidentified Army spokesperson was. Above or below Secretary of the Army? Who was this? "Potential misconduct..." WTF?

Oh, but here:

"1 Jun 2021
Military.com | By Steve Beynon
The Army is investigating a Reserve officer and U.S. House candidate after he made an appearance on a partisan media show in uniform and later denied that President Joe Biden is the legitimate commander in chief.

First Lt. Alex Stovall is a chaplain candidate assigned to the Army Reserve's 91st Training Division; he enlisted in January 2013. He's running as a Republican in Arizona's 9th Congressional District, which is in the Phoenix area.

"We are aware of the situation and are investigating," Lt. Col. Simon Flake, an Army Reserve Command spokesperson, said in a statement. "The U.S. Army Reserve follows the Department of Defense's long-standing policy regarding service member involvement in partisan political campaigns to avoid the perception of DoD sponsorship, approval, or endorsement of any partisan political candidate, campaign, or cause.""

Let's review: "...follows the Department of Defense's long-standing policy regarding service member involvement in partisan political campaigns to avoid the perception of DoD sponsorship, approval, or endorsement of any partisan political candidate, campaign, or CAUSE."

Oh, I forgot, in case you don't know, Flynn, the retired military general, is white, and Stovall, the reserve 1st Lt., who also states that Biden is not the legitimate President, is black. Look up his picture. Sure seems black to me. I guess the difference is that Stovall actively drills, while Flynn runs around doing the bidding of Trump.

I dunno, people, it reflects badly on the Army. Really badly. My guess is that Stovall, a Republican, and Flynn, a Republican, both get away with it. They should both be kicked out.

Why is the Army suddenly responding to these issues? Because people want to know why Flynn, et al, get to run around undermining our Government? Who's running this show, anyway?

I want Austin Lloyd to speak up strongly and start kicking their asses. He can easily do it. I want him to instruct the Secretary of the Army to recall Flynn for investigative purposes. And, guess who signed the EO enabling the Secretary to do just that? tRumpy.

A pet peeve of mine

is the fascist nomenclature of "Homeland." I hate it. Bush the Younger changed this. "Homeland Security." Bah. Homeland nothing. We are the United States. We are not some version of "Der Fatherland."

I want Joe to change it all back. We were doing just fine before! Our identity is not fascist!

I have gone so far as to reject courses labeled: "Homeland Security something." It is offensive to me, and I would not want a diploma hung on my wall with this word on it. It'd be like a Nazi award.

I don't know why brainless Bush had to do this. Now, we will have youngsters who know nothing else, and perceive it as normal.

Joe, Honey, do me a favor and just start changing it back. And, maybe while you're at it, take "In G-d We Trust" off the national money. We trust no one; we verify. And, also, I want Harriet Tubman on the $20. See if you can find a photo of her smiling.

The money came in.

I received the stimulus money by direct deposit on the day that they said they would give up the payment.

I feel it's worth mentioning, because everyone's been upset. I am still angry, because those Trumpians had to be threatened in order to distribute the money. I wonder what it's like to have the power to affect so many people, and you feel you should abuse that power?

Got news for you: Trump is gone. And we are NOT going to let him return. So, it did you no effing good to hang on to the money.

If you have any doubt about the ill will that the Repubs demonstrate against, oh, everybody, just remember this. There was absolutely no reason to hold this money back.

I'm becoming something of a Grey Panther. Look out Repubs, you now have many more enemies to cope with in 2022 and 2024! What were you thinking?

Is there a thread

about the National Guard troops that were held at gunpoint while transporting vaccines?

Greatest Japanese Song Ever

Kyu Sakamoto did not write this song, but he sang it in 1963. Poor guy died in a plane crash years ago, but his song lives on. You can find all sorts of renditions of it, and alternate lyrics. It is a great song.

It is particularly poignant now. Here is a You Tube version for your scrutiny:

Instagram is down

worldwide. Or, at least mostly down. Lots of countries are reporting server error messages.

I used it earlier today, adding three posts without a problem. Shortly thereafter, Instagram dies. I'm not saying I posted anything toxic, but...

Tulsa Race Massacre by Bailey Sarian

This is an interesting report of something that happened in 1921.

If you think about the context, as she tells the story, you can find parallels, and perhaps learn stuff from it. The timeline is particularly interesting.

I don't want to upset anyone, or fan flames. But, it IS topical and of interest.
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