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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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Here's a link to

the presser from Letitia James:


I haven't used this link before. I prefer Youtube. But, we'll see.

The UN Security Council

and world leaders will meet at 10 am on Thursday at the UN to discuss the situation in Ukraine. You can link up to the broadcast by googling "UNWEB TV."

I watched the Queen's funeral all night

except for when I fell asleep at the end and missed her actual internment. The stamina of the marchers was impressive.

My mind kept making inappropriate jokes. I couldn't stop myself. I guess it was an inverse grief reaction, although I don't feel what England obviously felt. Condolences to all of England. Thank you for allowing the world to participate.

But, here's an American funeral plan you might enjoy, from one of my favorite singers:

Did you see in the latest DOJ filings?

There are 3 pages of persons interested in the filing, a "Certificate of Interested Persons." (Major typo, by the way.) And down at the bottom appears---RAJ K. PATEL!

You know Raj. He's making appearances in the case by filing crazy briefs. He's back! He has been discussed on DU. He's not Kash Patel.

Technically, we are all on the list under "United States of America." I wonder if I should have filed an Amicus brief. Why not? This is my country. Lock him up!

So, it shows in the 11th Circuit Docket

that something was filed by the Gov. It also shows a motion to admit an amicus brief. When will we get to see the filings?

Isn't something supposed to be filed today?

Like, an appeal in the Cannon debacle?

So, I finally figured it out about QE.

The Queen died at Balmoral Castle, in Scotland. They draped her coffin in the Scottish Flag, put her in a hearse, and drove her to Edinburgh, where she was stashed in a cathedral for the night. While there, the family came for a ceremony. They did that famous walk behind the hearse (that would have killed me), up some named street, and then she was carried into the cathedral. Thereafter, they had something called "vigil of princes," or something. This meant that her children all stood around the coffin with their eyes lowered, for twenty minutes (that would have finished me off.)

Her daughter Anne became the first female Royal to stand the vigil, wearing her uniform. She's 72! And genuinely grieving. Andrew was there, but he is disgraced, and they wouldn't let him wear his uniform. On the walk behind the hearse, someone in the crowd heckled him, and that man was arrested.

They're going to fly her to London next (maybe she's already back) and after ten days of mourning, on Monday the 19th, they'll have her funeral. I guess this is the event that Joe and Jill are going to attend.
T**** has that golf course in Scotland, but it won't do him any good. If he's going to crash, it'll have to be in London. I guess he could pretend to fly to Scotland.

Some things I noticed were that it took 8 soldiers to carry the coffin, and that they didn't wear headgear; they placed a crown on one end of the coffin which I found ghoulish. The Scottish people lined the roads all along the route, and in parts they clapped.

I hadn't realized that Charles is now King over Canada and Australia. I don't like that very much, but it's not my business. I've been waiting to see if the Orange Turd makes a move to crash, because I'd like to see him detained in London.

If we could start a war over

Weapons of Mass Destruction, which ultimately proved to be a figment, why can't we search our own country--i.e, all of Trump's properties, plus Ivana's alleged grave--to look for critical classified documents? Seems like more of a sure bet than ever.

How many people think

that T**** only took nuclear defense plans from another country? They have told us (as opposed to leaked to us) that an unnamed country's plans were found in the stash of purloined papers. This seems to be the mildest revelation that might be made regarding nuclear secrets. And yet, it makes no sense that he would only take those papers. My guess is that he took a complete set of papers, which included our own defense plans.

I know it's not possible, but I would like the titles of all the found papers, as well as what they think was contained in those empty jackets. We are strong; we can all be horrified together.

I also now favor digging up poor Ivana's grave, as well as searching all the properties T**** ever occupied. I don't know how a search warrant could be obtained, because you need something to hang your hat on. I think the best shot at that is the empty jackets, but I don't know how much you need, except to say that you need to search for highly classified documents. An affidavit from one of the document handlers who would know what was present and missing might do it, but having an inkling about what is now presumed missing or sold would be helpful.

That is why the Government's ability to keep digging is so important, and likely why T**** is so desperate to shut down the investigation. I also favor impeaching that stupid Judge Cannon, because even if she didn't intentionally eff up, she's still too stupid to be on the bench.

Queen Elizabeth

I didn't like the way they treated Princess Diana, but that doesn't mean I am not sorry that QE has passed. It's been a terrible year, a terrible week, and now this.

One memory I have, is of the Queen when one of her grand children was being born. She was out horseback riding at the age of 92, or 93. Of course, she was being ponied, but I still admire her for that.
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