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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 13,617

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So Jack Smith Is Still In The Netherlands,

crashed his bicycle and ended up in the hospital. He probably won't have health insurance if he travels to America.

Oh well, a virtual Smith is still scary.

Does Kevin McCarthy Have The Votes To Be Speaker?

I have this intuition that Elise Stefanik may be a middle ground choice. McCarthy may be too close to Trump.

For People Who Like To Source "The Hill."

I saw a headline from "The Hill," some poll I never heard of has the Warnock/Walker race a dead heat.

Brings back memories of the Fetterman/Oz dead heat.

Keep voting Georgians, send Walker back to Texas.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is scared shitless of Jack Smith.

That is all.

Will Dec. 7th Be Trump's Pearl Harbor Day?

The Georgia election will be over so no partiality. Indict MF45 for something, anything. If nothing is done soon we are heading into the Christmas break, heading into New Years when the Magats control the House.

Pull the fucking trigger, what a nice Christmas present that would be.

If not now when? A Trump trial at this pace cannot happen until 2026? Hells bells 2027 is coming into play.

I'm 75 years old, I will have to look into that memory pill they advertise on TV.

Nicolle Wallace Was Pissed Off Today and On Fire

She opened up with the Trump/Fuentes/Ye dinner. She right off the bat corrected everyone by saying this story isn't about Trump, it is about the Republican (Magat) party failing to condemn Trump. The Congressional reporter she had on as a guest was scared shitless when Nicolle asked him follow up questions. He opined that McConnell will make a general statement condemning White Supremacy, Nicolle said no he won't and definitely McCarthy will not. The conclusion at the end of the segment was that the Republican (Magat) party is the party of White Supremacy. Quite a statement.

She had a fantastic show today and hit the major topics.

Not telling anyone what to watch on TV but my only watching Nicolle recently has worked for me.

The IRS Nailed Al Capone

So James Comey and Andrew McCabe both come under super duper top of the hill audits at the same time, what a coincidence.

So now Trump former Chief of Staff John Kelly has publicly stated that Trump wanted him to sic the IRS on Comey and McCabe, coincidence?

If Trump directed the IRS to go after political enemies, that is a crime, whether or not the IRS even did the audits, which it did.

Supposedly the IRS IG is investigating this and Kelly is a witness.

Will this be another crime that gets shit canned? If a Democratic president had done this it would be plastered all over the MSM 24/7.

No wonder Trump gets away with everything, no one gives a shit, the FBI would rather talk about the threat of China.

When will Wray be investigated for lying to Congress? No one gives a shit.

Michael Cohen goes on TV every day and claims that Trump could be indicted for tax fraud tomorrow, and he is willing to testify, but no one gives a shit.

Rant off.

Got My 9 Year Old Grandson To Listen To Me.

He challenged me at a game of 9 ball. His technique was awful, squeezed the cue and swung it like a ferris wheel, miscuing most of the time. I tried to get him to listen to me to make a couple of easy changes, but he knew it all. I quickly won the 1st 2 games, and finally I make him a deal, changed the grip he had on the cue and leveled off his stroke. That was my deal to him, try those 2 things and if they don't work go back to what you were doing. He conned me into letting him break since he lost the 1st 2 games. He made the 9 ball on the break and stood there in shock, and so was I, and he was recording everything on a video camera.

He came back and won the next 2 games to beat me, with a few mulligans, using the 2 little changes I suggested. He does listen to grandpa once in a while.

I left his house and made it home, a 2 hour drive, got a text from my daughter, the kid just beat her too, dad is next on his list.

Heading To The Burgh Soon

Heading down scenic Rt. 28, Trump country, to Thanksgiving dinner at my daughters in Allison Park.

Now I just smile and laugh at the Trump/Mastriano/Oz signs that are still up. I especially like one sign that says, God says Trump 2022.

Hold the fort down, don't eat too much turkey, goodbye for 4 days. Happy Thanksgiving.

OK, leaving in about an hour, wife needs to make arrangements to have our kitties fed. Not taking our 1 indoor cat who either pukes and poops 15 minutes into the drive or 15 minutes before we arrive. Yeah we tried the stuff the vet gave us, this cat isn't a car cat. She is a shelter cat, the most timid cat we have ever had. Bye, over and out.

Trump Got An Early Thanksgiving Present

N.Y. enacted a law the Adult Survivors Act which allows victims of sexual assault whose time limits have expired to sue. The new law is in effect for 1 year and then expires. E. Jean Carroll's attorney electronically filed her law suit at midnight last night with an added surprise for Donnie. Carroll's amended law suit now isn't just for defamation but also includes sexual assault. Happy turkey day Donnie.

Carroll's original law suit has been tied up in the courts where the courts are deciding whether defaming someone is an official duty of the president. Merrick Garland thinks it is, he chose to defend Trump (the office) in E. Jean Carroll's law suit. A district judge ruled it was not an official duty but that decision has been appealed by Trump.

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