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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 09:14 PM
Number of posts: 772

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a shame I can't seem to post an image here

I've got a bottle of Korbel champagne with the presidential seal that I've had for nearly 20 years. Its a beautiful thing. I'm going to drink it when Joe Biden is elected president. I wanted to share that with the good people at DU. Thanks for the sanity.

So it seems that covid was running rampant in the Rose Garden

during the announcement of the Supreme Court nomination. Good to know that SOMETHING thrives in Melania's butchered Rose Garden. Maybe it should be known as 'Melania's Covid Gardens'.
Sorry. We should be sad.

Biden won the debate by default

Trump was a no-show. You know those dolls that say random things when you pull the string? Trump sent one of those dolls onto the debate stage, a life-sized replica. It became obvious when the string got stuck.

Trump blames Blue states for his high Covid death numbers

I guess he thinks Democrats are dying, just to make him look bad. The truth is, the highest death rates now are in states that voted for him. It's easier just to lie.

Don't know if this belongs in Greatest Threads, but we all need a laugh


I think John Kelly just grabbed him by the pussy.

It's so bad, Putin is shifting his support to Kanye!

These days, it's hard to tell The Onion News

From the rest of the news. I mean, the crazy shit comes at you so fast, that it's hard to sort out the real crazy shit from the satirical crazy shit.
An example;

I see a problem with Trump's golfing analogy about choking on a putt.

For some reason, these particular golfers only 'choke ' when they're hitting BLACK golf balls.
I don't know anything about golf, but maybe there's a handicap for that?

God, it felt SO good to laugh. Had to share it.

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