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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 10:14 PM
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So the question is, why NOW??

We know that TFG took boxes of documents when he left the White House, and we know that many were marked 'Top Secret'. And we know that he returned most documents, but that he didn't return ALL of them.
What made the DOJ act now? And with a very high-profile RAID?
What may have happened recently, to make the DOJ suddenly fear for the safety of those Top Secret documents?
One recent event was the Saudi-Backed LIV Golf tournament. Was Treasonous Bastard overheard making a sales pitch?
Sure, just conjecture.

I wasn't prepared to face a religious test when renewing my license plates

I knew that this year, Tennessee was issuing new, redesigned auto tags this year. But the question of religious preferences took me by surprise. "Do you want 'In God We Trust', or without."
I wasn't sure. Its not that I don't BELIEVE in g-d, but I sure don't TRUST him/her. And Tennessee has a mandatory liability insurance law -- doesn't sound like the state has much faith in him/her either.
So, in order not to have my hypocrisy cast into stone (or, in this case, aluminum), I opted for the 'without', and left, feeling like a Rebel without a clause.
This question of one's religious beliefs at tag renewal time is apparently happening in many states.

“In God We Trust” license plates are already available in 20 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

So, my advice is to be prepared -- your automobile's eternal salvation may depend on your answer!

Lowering the US flag by Presidential order is a problem for Red states?

I live in a rural Tennessee cummunity, and I know that Biden supporters are harder to find than a vegetarian restaurant out here.
But I've noticed this week, that the older from President Biden to lower flags to half-staff, is being ignored. Flags at city halls, fire departments, veterans centers, even federal post offices, are flying at full mast.
When I ask about it, Im told that; "the Governor never passed on the order", " Lowering the flag doesn't have the meaning it used to", "We never received an email from ....", etc.
Is anyone else seeing this??

It seems like all of the Republicans' heroes have either asked for, received, or handed out Pardons.

An odd qualification for sainthood in the Republican party.

A monument dedicated to Tennessee's 20,133 US Colored Troops who fought for the Union

Yesterday's Unveiling Ceremony in Clarksville was inspiring, with music and dance perfomances. But the statue ... was.... AMAZING!
Great pictures in this article.

In honor of Tennessee's US Colored Troops, a Clarksville organization's exciting contribution


(cross-posted from the 'African American' topic)

In honor of Tennessee's US Colored Troops, a Clarksville organization's exciting contribution

According to Mount Olive historian Phyllis Smith, The 101st USCT was headquartered in Clarksville, and 30 USCT soldiers are buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery. As many as 3,000 former slaves joined the USCT through the Clarksville recruiting office, the site of which is now home to Austin Peay State University’s Dunn Center.
"We have a lot of history with the U.S. Colored Troops here, and their involvement in the Civil War is not one that is generally well known. We wanted to do something to commemorate these soldiers,” Smith said. “We wanted to make sure that they are remembered.”

The website for the Mt. Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society is:

I'm a recent member of this organization, but I've been a big fan of their work since I visited the Mt. Olive Cemetery four years ago. The preservation of African American history is critical for the health and growth of our society. I would encourage any DUer who is making a trip through middle TN (I-24 runs right alongside Clarksville) to visit the cemetery, and to complete the visit with a tour through Fort Defiance.

I started this morning by reading a disturbing post about breaking into abandoned buildings

Then I went on to read about a Pastor who called upon his flock to rise up in a violent insurrection, a woman running for office in Georgia who insists that her church should control the state, and to top it off, Henry Kissinger calling for a policy of appeasement for Putin's criminal actions.
That woman in Washington cutting through the chain link fence started looking quite restrained and reasonable. And I'd certainly prefer HER as one of my neighbors!

A great new documentary series "Our Great National Parks", with BARAK OBAMA narrating!

A VERY enjoyable look at national parks all over the world. Really makes you appreciate how many national parks are responsible for preserving species that are on the brink of extinction.
And of course, a reminder of what is being lost through climate change.

As states seem to be on the brink of being able to control the reproductive role of women

I wonder if the ultimate goal is not to increase the populations of those states, without having to rely on an influx of 'undesirable' immigrants.
Perhaps those states may even begin to offer incentives to women to have more babies, set a kind of competition in motion by awarding medals based on how many babies they produce!
I can't take the credit for this brilliant idea about the medals - its already been done.
On August 12, 1938, Adolf Hitler institutes the Mother’s Cross, to encourage German women to have more children, to be awarded each year on August 12, Hitler’s mother’s birthday.
The German Reich needed a robust and growing population and encouraged couples to have large families. It started such encouragement early. Once members of the distaff wing of the Hitler Youth movement, the League of German Girls, turned 18, they became eligible for a branch called Faith and Beauty, which trained these girls in the art of becoming ideal mothers. One component of that ideal was fecundity. And so each year, in honor of his beloved mother, Klara, and in memory of her birthday, a gold medal was awarded to women with seven children, a silver to women with six, and a bronze to women with five.
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