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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 12:19 PM
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Chris Wallace did a great job

The only folks who should be angry with Chris are members of the Trump campaign - for not saving Trump from himself.

Chris pointed out Trumpís bad behavior and violation of the rules on multiple occasions. He allowed Trump enough rope to gang himself and thatís exactly what happened.

Trumpís terrible performance and constant outbursts amplified and contrasted with Bidenís relatively sane, collected and prepared performance.

Chrisí moderation allowed the world to see exactly what we needed to see. We should be thanking him.

If after November 3rd it becomes apparent that Trump has used fraud to steal the election...

How far will you go to protect our democracy and ensure that Biden is inaugurated in January? If our Democratic leaders - Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Clinton, Carter, and Obama - all said that Trump was engaging in an active coup - how far would you go if they asked for help?

To those who argued it was wrong to suggest RBG should have retired under Obama...

How do you feel today? She remained an incredible jurist for her entire tenure. The argument for her to retire had nothing to do with sexism or ageism and everything to do with political pragmatism.

The people who refused to vote for HRC must shoulder some of the blame. But so must those who dismissed political pragmatism.

We are likely going to spend the next two decades watching RBGs accomplishments be undermined and overturned.

Donald Trump is not the problem and removing him from office will not fix the problem.

62,984,828 of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members voted for this narcissistic buffoon. Over the last 4 years he has proven to be just as incompetent, vile, hateful and ignorant as we all knew he would be - but his support remains steadfast amongst these people.

Our government will be better off under Joe Biden but our country, at its core, will be just as rotten as it is right now. All the Trump supporters will still be here, seething in their deplorable ignorance. These people are the real problem and Donald Trump is the symptom.

Dealing with these people is the solution. Our country will be in a world of shit until we figure out how to do that.

The damage that Republicans are doing to the country may already be irreparable. If we must wait another two decades for the demographics to shift - for old, ignorant white voters to die off so that educated, progressive minority voters become the majority, it will likely be far too late to take meaningful action on climate change. The longer we delay taking action to fix issues like income inequality, the harsher that action we will have to be.

This isnít mean to be alarmist but letís be honest: damn near half the voters in our country support Donald Trump. If that isnít alarming, what is?

Be prepared for hell come November. Things are going to get ugly.
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