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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,422

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Maybe make everyday Halloween

Watching the Bucs at Saints game tonight in New Orleans. Everybody has some kind of mask on. And happy about it.

Messaging in simple bumper sticker format

“Democrats, we spend taxes on citizens that pay them.”
There, fixed it. Stop giving tax revenue to everyone but those that contribute it.

No BS allowed.

Just went to the VA for my Pfizer booster. Every single person in the hospital had to be masked. Period. No BS exemption. Before entering, if you had a cloth mask, they made you take a surgical mask. It is so good to be in a fully protected environment. Hopefully soon that will be how we all feel, anywhere. Enough of the idiot minority rule. There WAS one ignorant Karen with one of those useless beanie motorcycle helmets with a Trump sticker on it. But the idiot had to wear a mask. How vets support that criminal is ridiculous. Must have had that head hit the pavement in the stupid helmet already.

GQP demands an audit

NASCAR race was rigged. No way Bubba Wallace won the race Sunday. There will be a forensic audit of the results. A black man in a fancy car should have been a red flag and should have been pulled over. “Stop the Steal”. He was there for a quota, like Tim Scott or Ben Carson. He had to get uppity. Pillow guy has the evidence. The real winner, a white man, will be reinstated November 27th.
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