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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 7,070

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Does anyone

Remember when Kevin et al said out loud that seniors and vulnerable citizens to Covid should sacrifice their lives and allow businesses to open so a crashing economy would not make trump’s run for presidency be affected with negative economic headlines? Is there one of the GQP, maybe 5 that would be willing to sacrifice their political career, not their lives, to save the world’s economy and millions of Americans can get their earned paycheck, including the military? Nah, cause congress still gets paid if the government is closed. Mostly the same seniors that were asked to die for the Donald back then. And they will vote for him.😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫🤬🤬🤬

When it comes to

Prosecuting trump, I think all attorneys, AG’s, and Grand Juries should charge, Everything, Everywhere, All at once”. Seems to be a winning approach after last night.

Attention GQP

If it is legal to Not bake a wedding cake for gay couple because it goes against your principles and Christian Morals, maybe Rep From Kentucky “Gomer” needs reminded that AT&T/ DIRECTV should be allowed to NOT air Russian propaganda Network, NewsMax that “Bares False witness” every damned word. They should ban Fixed News as well.

Question about Ukraine funding

Being the GQP is owned by the Military Industrial Complex, (as are some Dems) how will the political cash source react to the loss of billions being spent for Ukraine weapons since they are not taking in cash for Iraq and Afghanistan? Will they approve of MTG et al zeroing their sweet profits while our soldiers are not dying there? Sure seems like the MIC is in a win win here with profits and our soldiers are not involved.

40th anniversary

Of Thriller. And MTV has been showing videos from the album. (Those plastic round things that make music sounds)
And Micheal turns into a werewolf right there in front of your eyes. So, Hershel must have ran across that and thought it was a movie, or a documentary. But if he could read, (way to go University of Georgia) it says right at the end, (All characters represented on this video are fictional. (RIP Micheal, you made this white boy wanna dance, in private)

Boebert has been

Getting direct input from Gawd that “End of Times” are near. She did not realize he was speaking of the “End of HER Time”.

Worst case in Senate

It comes down to depending on the fairness of Georgia elections under Kemp. And Walker wins after trump and Graham spend the next month in Georgia harvesting Ballot's. GQP gets 51 in senate. “Watch how fast the filibuster dies” and will not be used for the next 2 years. By then voting rights are abolished and states Legislative control of elections goes through.
Come on Arizona and Nevada. Make Walker useless. And how the fuck is he even able to be a white tool.

Oh shit

They are interviewing a Houston World Series Champion right now, and he speaks no English. Those Texas White supremacy militias are gonna blow a circuit and start shootin something.
Congrats Houston Astro’s. Sorry Philly Fans. Baseball championship and Soccer Championship all in one day. Gotta suck. See ya Christmas Eve.

I wonder

If Dems should have been ranting about repubs openly stating they plan to “DEFUND” Senior Citizen's and Veteran's as loudly as they have nonstop and Falsely screaming we will DEFUND the police. I wanna throw shit at Tim Scott with the every other commercials of him performing for the white man and dancing for them.

They know they suck

Interesting that most of the political signs out here in WNC, the GQP candidates avoid any RED on their signage. That use to be the repug color of all their political propaganda. They use blue, that being the Dem color. In our local paper there all lists of candidates for each party. The Dems proudly state at the top of their list, “Democratic Candidates for 2022”. The Republican list is backgrounded in yellow and the heading says, “Official Voters Guide for responsible Citizens”. Nowhere does it mention Republican.
That same list was handed out at my precinct when I voted last week. Some may grab that yellow list and not know they are republicans. Especially some of the down ticket candidates.
All they see is “Official Voter Guide”. They may think those are all the candidates, the only ones.
“Ashamed of their in color.”
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