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Traildogbob's Journal
Traildogbob's Journal
March 10, 2022

Biden just declared

Pence’s head a “No ‘Fly’ zone”. He also has now committed to send the American invisible stealth fighter planes that Trump bragged we had. If Pooty can’t see em, he can’t blame us.

March 4, 2022

Predicting Putin next Level

I think he is like so many of the mentally disturbed American mass shooters. When he see’s no way out, not gonna go out alone, kills as many as he can then shooting himself. I’m afraid when he see’s then end of power and money, what else does he have to live for, a loving family. The world, except GQP, all hate him and want him dead. So he will end it all for all of us. He is that sick, just like American mass killers. Maybe Tucker et al will realize THEY will not be given a Putin pass when the thousands of nukes get released in every direction, as we all try to out shoot the others. All GQP, MAGA’s, everybody will die. No school desk will save anyone. I guess the Entire trump family think the are radiation immune. Mar-A-Lardo will be nuke safe. But That fat orange blob will melt light a grease fire on a wax table, and destroy everything near it. Ivanka first, Melanoma will run like a crack whore from a police raid. Those plastic kidneys will go first.

February 24, 2022

Why the surprise and shock?

Putin installed trump, finances McConnell et al, and Ukraine would not cooperate with GQP to help destroy Biden’s campaign. Who the hell “would” they be cheering for. If you have heard the sound bites of Bannon with war monger and war entrepreneur, the brother of ole Betsy Devos, slurping at the crotch of Putin and his Dictator style of rule you know exactly why GQP love Pooty and want trump to be our very own Pooty. So do the wealthiest CEO’s here. NATO, we may need some assistance right here. The Putin invasion has been going on at minimum in the US since 2008.

February 11, 2022

Hey truckers

Be aware some GQP states made it totally legal to run over protesters blocking roads. Mounting my brush guard and plow on my truck now. Yeeee Haaaaa!

February 7, 2022

Justin Trudeau's next campaign

Speech, “caravans of trumper are storming our border, they are rapist, murderers, bringing drugs and guns and diseases. We are gonna build a wall and Amurkkka is gonna pay for it. Make Canada Great Again.

January 23, 2022

Go home Aaron Rodgers

You arrogant anti Vax trump humper. With your time off take some time to listen to a Biden speech next to a trump speech and think which is incoherent.

January 19, 2022

The press conference

In Summary. “MR President, why are you so fucked up, Why do you keep fucking up, why can’t you get anything done. And MR President, why is you cognitive abilities so horrific, (News Max). Why can’t you bring the country together, you said you would. How Biden can not jump the podium and kick asses is beyond me. The press is so fucked up. Questions where a joke and an embarrassment. You would think it was strictly Fox that was the only people allowed.
Any of the assaulting question ever asked of trump. NEVER. I want to burn some shit up. The press is poison, and pro trump……Period!!!! We deserve and will have trump repeat with his spawn taking charge for decades. The NewsMax ass and Doooooshee need to be barred from any News Conference forever. What’s sickening, is the so called liberal media are just as fucking ignorant and divisive.

December 4, 2021

Taking no shit

This Judge in the Monster child’s, (Cawthorn’s dream) parents brought the hammer down. Not buying the defense teams BS about full cooperation of parents with law enforcement.
But I have no doubt the gun nuts will “Go Fund” Bond for the “Cause”. Even if they do, their life until trail will be hell. The local community will not be having a welcome home party for them.

October 31, 2021

Maybe make everyday Halloween

Watching the Bucs at Saints game tonight in New Orleans. Everybody has some kind of mask on. And happy about it.

October 11, 2021

Messaging in simple bumper sticker format

“Democrats, we spend taxes on citizens that pay them.”
There, fixed it. Stop giving tax revenue to everyone but those that contribute it.

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