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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 2,991

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God's will

Never forget Pillow Guy stood on the insurrection incitement stage screaming to the terrorist that God sent and intended Trump to serve 8 years. He also needs intended a young husband and father have his head bashed in with a fire extinguisher.
And every death and attempted murder on or before Inauguration Day is fully on the hands of Pence (another godly soul) and McConnell. The targets will all be in one place, why Trump will not be there
God be Blessin MurKKKa.
Anyone else see the Jesus flags and at least one terrorist was holding up and waving a Bible in the capital mosh pit?

Forget the 25th

Pence is already on a death wish list by Trump Dynasty of idiots. If he pushed 25th, he and his family would be target number 1. He is the same sniveling coward that dwelled up trumps ass for 4 years, glaring at him lovingly from behind at every presser. Ain’t gonna happen. He is now enemy of Trump state number one.

Trump won't attend!!

Just like he would “not” attend, HIS capital take over as he said, because he may very well call his goons to arms for violence at the inaugural.
He knew as he and his spawn watch video, and cheered it on. He is a typical dictator coward. Instigate your fools to go die and sit in your bunker and cheer it on. (Hitleresk)
Those videos of him and his spawn watching and cheering MUST be exposed. Fuck pee tapes. Treason tapes are more powerful. He has pissed on democracy for 4 years, nobody gives a fuck who he pees on.

Mr President elect

Release the kids in cages, and pack them full of these Sons of bitches, and have all Latinos guards and staff care for them. Covid, ah it’s a hoax, fuck them, a silver blanket, stale bread and Flint water. “Be best” way to deal with em. Also every Trump klan arrest, save a gage for them. And Rudy. Lock em up!!!

No Socialism

How many of the Duck Dynasty National Militia (White ISIS terrorists) will send back the recently deposited $600 gubment checks from Pelosi? I would bet that money was used for travel and lodging to get to the battlefield. And, they will get the coming $2,000 from President Biden to buy ammo, flags and travel to the next trump theater gubment take over. MAGA


Rick Santorum on CNN with words of Wisdom. “This is time when both sides need to tone down the rhetoric.” Where any liberals climbing walls, usting windows, destroying media equipment? Was there a liberal rally this AM encouraging us to storm the capital and take selfie’s sitting in congressional offices? Why is he allowed to speak?

Just think

A $600 check from gubment is on the way, if not already deposited for each of the criminal treasoners. And early next year, probably another $2000 from president Biden. And probably no charges like the cop that shot a black man in the back 7 times. MAGA
The ass posing in Pelosi’s office, GITMO, over seen by Iraqi gourds.
Everyone ID’d from this mob, never another job, never another dime from government, never allowed into a hospital for Covid.

A devastating day

In America. We were only “2 weeks” away from getting the greatest health care plan in the history of the world. And we were beginning to round the curve with a deadly pandemic. Sad, so sad.
(Do I need a sarcasm note?)
And all the other historic policies that were coming in 2 weeks from the greatest leader since Jesus.

Sitting on my porch

With wood stove and white mountain tops from the view of class panes. Listening to Stephanie Miller on Free Speech TV. They played a clip of PRESIDENT Biden from the rally last night. That man is so talented. He nailed his impersonation of Jim Carry. I mean I first that I was listening to an SNL clip. What a man!
Carry may have a career while Biden is President.
(Sarcasm here, he is a national treasure)

Cheers to all, up to US to make it a happy New Year

Announcement from the MC1 on ship! This is your New Captain and XO speaking. Commander Biden and XO Harris. I have the Con.
“General quarters, General quarters, this is not a drill. Man your “battle stations”. All hands on deck. The Master at Arms is Clearing the Bridge and filling the Brig. We are under new command. The new helmsman (us) has the wheel. Hard Port 180 degrees, One eight zero, full speed ahead, from Four years of heading toward Russia. We will always take port turns, never Starboard again. Starboard is straight into the Bermuda Triangle en rout to Russia. Everyone in CIC watch intensely and ID all bogies ASAP and report to the Captain on the bridge. Operations Specialist, man every scope and plot every contact on the tote board at 1 minute intervals, I want course and direction of every single contact constantly updated and reported. EW’s scan all frequencies and report bearing and distance to the Captain ASAP. I won’t to know immediately all transmissions from Murdock media. Missile guidance, be on high alert and have weapons hot for that target. Prepare for battle, we are at war. A treasonous enemy has boarded the ship and it is time for mutiny to end the take over of democracy. We all took the same oath.
We are headed back to America, myself and the XO will command this ship with clear eyes and clear hearts and depend on every sailor on board to do the job you are trained for. We need your input to right this ship. We have been listing Starboard way too long.Together we will stay the course.
Master at arms, prepare the planks, all mounted on the starboard side. Marines manning the Brig, do not be gentle in putting traitors into the cells.Walking of the planks will begin ASAP. Sonar has located schools of sharks below. And those schools are not in command or the recent Secretary of Education any more.
To all my shipmates, May Science bless you, and may Science bless and protect, the Untied States of America.
We will make this a better year. Captain Biden and XO Harris, out.”

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