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He was investigated for sexting a student at the Coast Guard Academy. He's now a college president.

He was investigated for sexting a student at the Coast Guard Academy. He’s now a college president.

A college president, who wants his campus to become the business school “of choice for women,” once exchanged hundreds of sexually suggestive messages with a student he taught at the prestigious Coast Guard Academy, prompting prosecutors to recommend charges against him in military court, according to confidential records obtained by CNN.

Attorneys at the Coast Guard were so troubled by Capt. Glenn Sulmasy’s actions — and by the fact that he continued to work with students — that they recommended in early 2016 that he be charged with conduct unbecoming an officer even though he had retired from the service the prior year.

“Prosecution appears to be the only proper course of action,” an attorney wrote in a February 2016 memo laying out the prosecution recommendation. Failing to act, the attorney added, could attract “significant negative publicity by the media, Congress and internal staff for the appearance of sweeping the case under the rug.”

Coast Guard leaders, however, quashed the case and never prosecuted Sulmasy, which allowed his career in private academia to flourish. He now heads Nichols College, a small school in Massachusetts that focuses on business and leadership education.


In the separate investigation into Sulmasy, Coast Guard investigators uncovered more than 1,600 texts between him and a young female student....


The messages show Sulmasy, who also served as a department chair at the academy, commenting on how attracted he was to the student more than 20 years his junior, requesting photos of her and expressing his desire to “spoil” her. “I am… a good boy — no final for the goddess,” he wrote one night. “Just know that I will give u a 100,” he said about another assignment. “Do u luv turning me on…U really looked great and the nails were very hott.”

Venezuelan Migrants Scored a Big Victory. Biden admin grants right to workl status for 500,000

Venezuelan Migrants Scored a Big Victory. How Will It Affect New York?
With nearly 500,000 Venezuelan migrants able to legally work, N.Y. officials were weighing the practical and political impact of a complex decision.

The Biden administration’s decision to grant special status to Venezuelan migrants will have no greater impact than in New York City, where thousands of immigrants will soon be eligible to begin legally applying for work and eventually move out of taxpayer-funded shelters.

Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul, both Democrats, cast the move as a badly needed reprieve, saying on Thursday that it could help some of the 60,000 migrants in city care move to independent housing more quickly. The policy could also help ensure that other Venezuelans never need the shelters.

Yet even as they celebrated a policy shift after months of intensely lobbying the White House, top New York officials, immigration experts and shelter operators labored to figure out the practical and political impact of a decision many thought President Biden would never make.

Some conceded that it would do little to defray the larger crisis confronting the nation’s largest city — and could eventually worsen it by encouraging more people to immigrate.


Woman sues Google, says Maps app led husband over collapsed bridge to death


A North Carolina woman is suing Google for allegedly directing her husband across a collapsed bridge in September 2022. He followed Google Maps’ instructions, the lawsuit claims, and died after crashing.

Google Maps continued to direct traffic over the bridge and suggest it was a usable roadway until Thursday.

Alicia Paxson filed the lawsuit on behalf of her husband’s estate and herself on Sept. 19 in North Carolina’s Wake County. The complaint, viewed by SFGATE, accuses Google Maps, as well as the private owners of the collapsed bridge, of negligence — Snow Creek Bridge in Hickory, North Carolina, has allegedly been unbarricaded and still on the mapping service since it fell in 2013.


Philip Paxson, according to the complaint, followed Google Maps’ instructions home from his daughter’s 9th birthday party in an unfamiliar neighborhood and drove off the collapsed and unbarricaded bridge in Hickory on Sept. 30, 2022.

“Google Maps directed Mr. Paxson to travel home over the Snow Creek Bridge,” the suit says. “Unbeknownst to Mr. Paxson, a very large section of the Snow Creek Bridge had collapsed in 2013 and was never repaired.” Paxson drowned in the creek, the suit says.

Body cam catches white cop berating Black bystanders during takedown: 'Who runs these streets?'


Body cam footage captured a white Florida police officer taunting and cursing at a group of mainly Black bystanders during a narcotics arrest, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Officer Dukagjin Maxhuni, a 10-year-veteran, was issued a written reprimand by the Tampa Police Department and transferred to another division. But according to the head of the Hillsborough County branch of the NAACP, the incident showed abuse of the local Black community that's instilled in the police department.

The video shows Maxhuni getting out of his cruiser and taking down a fleeing suspect with a kick. He then responds to some inaudible comments from bystanders who were on the scene.

“You f--king broke my glasses you piece of s--t,” Maxhuni said to the suspect, telling bystanders, "That was one hell of a flying knee from me, guys!”

“You should have seen it, it was good. It’s on body camera, I’ll show it to you. It was awesome," he said.

He then started following group of people who seemingly shouted in his direction.

“Hey, hey, you’re not going to do anything,” Maxhuni said. “What are you gonna do?”

“You wanna be a tough guy? Come talk to me now,” he said at another point in the video. “You little b--ch boy.”

“Hey come stand up to me, I’m standing right here motherf---er,” Maxhuni said. “Motherf---ers, you should know who runs these f----ing streets, and it ain’t you all.”

In a statement, the Tampa Police Department said Maxhuni violated the department’s standards of conduct and also violated “courtesy to the public” rules.

Federal Judge, 96, Is Suspended Amid Concerns About Her Mental Fitness

Federal Judge, 96, Is Suspended Amid Concerns About Her Mental Fitness
Judge Pauline Newman has denied accusations that she is unable to perform the duties of her job and has challenged an investigation into her cognitive state.


Judge Newman, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, has vigorously challenged her colleagues’ investigation into her fitness and has said she is mentally able to do her job. Earlier this year, she filed a federal lawsuit accusing the chief judge of the court, Kimberly A. Moore, and other colleagues of violating her due process rights.

In the unanimous order, which was issued by the court’s active judges, Judge Newman’s colleagues wrote that they had no choice but to suspend her, despite her status as “a highly valued and respected colleague,” widely recognized for her contributions to the court and knowledge of the patent system.


“With no rational reason — other than frustration over her own confusion — Judge Newman has threatened to have staff arrested, forcibly removed from the building and fired,” the order said. “She accused staff of trickery, deceit, acting as her adversary, stealing her computer, stealing her files and depriving her of secretarial support.”

Her refusal to comply with a special committee’s order that she be examined by a neurologist and undergo neuropsychological tests “constitutes serious misconduct,” the order said. It said she could be suspended again in one year if she continued to refuse to undergo the required tests.


Judge Newman’s suspension seemed bound to reignite the debate over mandatory retirement ages and term limits for federal judges. A 2020 study in The Ohio State Law Journal found that the average age of federal judges was 69, older than it had been at any other time in the country’s history.


F--k the locals': Calif. restaurant owner apologizes for video criticizing San Luis Obispo

‘F—k the locals’: Calif. restaurant owner apologizes for video criticizing San Luis Obispo

A San Luis Obispo County restaurateur found himself in hot water after his social media team posted a TikTok where he cursed about local customers.

“F—k the locals,” Roger Sharp said in a now-deleted TikTok video, with the profanity bleeped out. “That’s the way I feel in my heart. I mean, because they’re not going to be the ones that make us money, right? They’re not who this place is designed for.”

Sharp owns almost a dozen San Luis Obispo County restaurants, including Tortilla Town in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo, Blue Sky Bistro in Morro Bay and Tito’s Red Tacos in Pismo Beach. The video was initially posted on his TikTok account @restaurantmillionaire, where he chronicles his restaurant ownership and gives business advice.

“I just popped off and said that,” Sharp told SFGATE. “And then I continued on with this conversation, which is the part that nobody sees is that … I even say it’s not that I don’t like them. But, you know, if they’re going to bitch about everything that we’re doing … and that doesn’t mean if a person doesn’t like what we’re doing, I completely understand. But to sit there and just hammer us on, on social media and specifically me personally, when they’ve never met me, and they have no idea what I’m actually about is kind of disturbing.”

On Sept. 15, Sharp released an apology video on his TikTok account where he said the video was part of a “larger conversation,” but some people keep “reposting the hatred.”


FTX sues Sam Bankman-Fried's parents to claw back funds, FTX was a self-described 'family business'

FTX sues Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents to claw back funds
FTX was a self-described ‘family business,’ lawsuit says

The managers of bankrupt crypto exchange FTX sued the parents of co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer Sam Bankman-Fried to “recover millions of dollars in fraudulently transferred and misappropriated funds.”

Allan Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried allegedly exploited their access and influence within FTX to “enrich themselves, directly and indirectly, by millions of dollars,” at the expense of the debtors and creditors, the company said in a Monday court filing.


Bankman and Fried are renowned legal scholars and taught at Stanford Law School. Bankman is an expert on taxes, while Fried’s specialty is ethics.


Despite “knowing or blatantly ignoring” that FTX was insolvent or on the brink of insolvency, Bankman and Fried discussed with Bankman-Fried the transfer to them of a $10 million cash gift and a $16.4 million luxury property in the Bahamas, the filing said. The pair also “pushed for tens of millions of dollars in political and charitable contributions


The filing includes details of spending escapades, particularly by Bankman, who was employed by FTX Philanthropy starting in 2021, according to court papers. In one instance, he gave a former law student a “free trip to France,” which included tickets to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which cost several thousand dollars.

Although Fried was not formally employed by the crypto exchange, she too wielded influence over the company’s finances. The lawsuit describes her as the “single most influential advisor” over her son and FTX’s political contributions. As evidence of that, she had Bankman-Fried give millions to a political action group that she co-founded, court papers show.


Armenians shut down Los Angeles freeway

'You're a Tijuanan': Viral moment - white woman/ Latino spurs hundreds to protest in Santa Barbara

Video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CxUIxrTRPuh/




A viral moment between a white woman and Latino man in Santa Barbara captured on video struck a nerve over the weekend as hundreds flooded the streets to protest what many deemed a racist encounter, emblematic of the rarely discussed issue of racism in the majority-white city.

The video, captured Saturday morning by construction worker Luis Cervantes, shows Jeanne Umana inside a house down the street from her home. Cervantes repeatedly tells Umana that she’s on private property at a construction site.

“Oh, arrest me,” Umana said, walking away.

“OK, I can call the cops,” he responded.

“I live here. I’m American, you’re a Tijuanan,” Umana said.

“Thank you for being racist, thank you,” Cervantes said, following her off the property.

Umana turned around. “I am very, very much against people who break our laws,” she said, then reached out and appeared to slap or grab Cervantes’ phone.

In an interview Monday, Umana apologized repeatedly for what she called her “inappropriate remarks.”


David and Rosy Gonzalez, a married couple born and raised in Santa Barbara, carried their infant son to the gathering in front of the police station, a short walk from their house. They said they had never witnessed such a large demonstration in their hometown.

“It feels empowering,” said David Gonzalez, 34. “I think it’s important that we speak, we hold people accountable. Ten years ago, this might have been different.”

He recounted stories of police mistakenly identifying him as a criminal suspect and pinning him to the ground, and another incident when he was pulled over in his own driveway because he was driving a vehicle registered to a different family member.



Bible-based textbook by Dave Ramsey approved for Florida classrooms


Pasco residents object to Bible-based textbook by money guru Dave Ramsey
The personal finance text is approved for Florida classrooms, but some say its religious content is unfit for public schools.

Another set of materials approved for use in Florida classrooms has come under fire, with some saying it could indoctrinate students.

Eight Pasco County residents have objected to the school board’s adoption of the “Foundations in Personal Finance” textbook by Dave Ramsey, the internet financial advice personality. Ramsey, whose shows are listened to by millions of people, has said frequently that he bases his teachings and advice on evangelical Christian beliefs, and sprinkles Bible verses throughout the pages.

Calls and emails to his company Ramsey Solutions were not returned.

Opponents of the book, often used by home schooling families, argue it tells students what to think rather than how to think about personal finance, a course that lawmakers recently set as a high school graduation requirement. They suggest it runs counter to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ insistence that schools educate, not indoctrinate.

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