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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
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Simone Biles and the RW media

[begin rant]

After reading a few items this morning on the RW media coming down on Simone, three things seem obvious:

1) The RW media is doing this in their continuing efforts to feed their readers bullshit they can get mad about. Apparently the RW media thinks their readers are gluttons for anger, which says a lot about both the media and their followers. Either that, or the RW media is in cahoots with companies that make blood-pressure meds -- which would make an interesting plot for a movie.

2) At the same time, they're using this as just another distraction, in this case from the hearings.

3) They're basically saying that Simone (and, by extension, other athletes) is a commodity -- an object for their amusement. So the fact that she's worked her butt off to be able to do what she does is totally irrelevant to the folks who sit on their fat asses all day swilling beer and finding stuff to get angry about.

So, in my humble opinion, fuck them all.

[end rant]

I'm confused about January 6.

Reading CNN just now, it seems Republicans are saying Jan 6 was peaceful and quiet. But they're also saying Antifa, or the FBI, incited the riot.

So yeah, I'm confused... were there two parallel universes going that day?

CNN: "Subpoenas are coming "soon" from Jan. 6 select committee, panel chair says"

Chair Bennie Thompson told CNN that the select committee will “soon” issue subpoenas, but he declined to say who would be targeted.

He said the panel won’t resort to writing letters for voluntary information — and will instead go straight to subpoenas.

“Letters just lengthen the time. We just want to get it all done,” he told CNN off camera.

Thompson also said they plan to meet with Attorney General Merrick Garland soon because they want access to all relevant data. He added they would seek information gathered by impeachment investigators about the Jan. 6 attack.

Good. Screw the letters. Go right for the subpoenas.

And I hope they have plans for what to do about those who ignore them.
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