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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
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Just went to see Apollo 11

Awesome movie (more like a documentary). I was in high school and glued to the TV for the whole thing. Different times back then. Hard to keep a dry eye.

Do "challenging questions" always need answers?

Getting away from the upcoming elections for a moment...

I've had several cases recently where someone has asked for my views on diversity as part of an interview, in one case asking how I feel about discussing issues about diversity. In another instance, someone asked for my views on empowerment, as in, does being, say, white or female, empower someone to do something and why or why not?

Granted I'm from an older generation and some of this stuff is beyond me, but I have to wonder whether there's even a need to answer these questions. I can sling BS along with the best of them, but, just because I may consider it important that Icelandic fishing fleets are having a huge effect on the price of kumquats in Outer Mongolia, do I really have a "right" to expect someone to tell me how they feel about this? Just yesterday someone referred to these as "challenging questions."

This whole thing about diversity seems like such a PC bunch of BS to me. When I was in school, we were always taught that the U.S. is a melting pot and proud of it, and that that's what's made it such a great country. Now you see people and organizations treating it like it's such a new and novel concept, even to the point of having training sessions. Of course, I can guess that in some cases it's just a way for the organizations to cover their asses.

Maybe it's just a factor of the places I've worked and the caliber of people they've hired, but I have not run into any issues with people being from different places or having to talk about it. Yes we've had arguments and nasty ones in some cases, but place of origin or personal insults never came into it.

Ah, this new-fangled world we live in.
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