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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,652

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

I thought the whole point of America was that this couldn't happen.

Coercing anyone into childbirth contrary to their will is an utter abuse and violation of bodily autonomy and consent. This sits at the very heart of misogyny. It’s the moral counterpart to rape. It shatters the foundations of womens hard fought and hard won freedoms.
That’s the whole point with these far right religious theocratic stealers of progress.
Separation of church and state my arse….

Suddenly these scenes seem very prophetic

West Wing - Short List - Supreme Court and Constitution
The role of the Constitution and the judges of the Supreme Court.

The next level stupidity is a feature not a bug

The KNOW how stupid their base is, with limited (mostly very limited) critical thinking skills, never mind just understanding words. Heh.

Some unbelievably f**ked up stuff happening here


The new platform would call for:

Requiring Texas students “to learn about the humanity of the preborn child,” including teaching that life begins at fertilization and requiring students to listen to live ultrasounds of gestating fetuses.
Amending the Texas Constitution to remove the Legislature’s power “to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.”
Treating homosexuality as “an abnormal lifestyle choice,” language that was not included in the 2018 or 2020 party platforms.
Deeming gender identity disorder “a genuine and extremely rare mental health condition,” requiring official documents to adhere to “biological gender,” and allowing civil penalties and monetary compensation to “de-transitioners” who have received gender-affirming surgery, which the platform calls a form of medical malpractice.
Changing the U.S. Constitution to cement the number of Supreme Court justices at nine and repeal the 16th Amendment of 1913, which created the federal income tax.
Ensuring “freedom to travel” by opposing Biden’s Clean Energy Plan and “California-style, anti-driver policies,” including efforts to turn traffic lanes over for use by pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit.
Declaring “all businesses and jobs as essential and a fundamental right,” a response to COVID-19 mandates by Texas cities that required customers to wear masks and limited business hours.
Abolishing the Federal Reserve, the nation’s central bank, and guaranteeing the right to use alternatives to cash, including cryptocurrencies.

Emphasis mine

I know it is Texas but the proper theocratic cray cray has taken over the hate filled, misogynistic, homophobic asylum. Unless you want to live under his eye I would be getting out of dodge.

Handcart for Boris


It is not funny though, we need a proper grown up in charge through what is going to be a horrid time for many and we have BoJo. It is not good enough.

Literally the UK Government

To be fair we have always had our issues on race and immigration, right? Tolerant rather than inclusive in policy terms, and much work was still to be done. But THIS? THIS? WTAF has happened that bitterly racist people are running this country and pandering openly to the worst impulses of white supremacist nationalists.

The cruelty and racism is the main feature. I want my country back.

The problem is that the psychopaths are in control in a cost of living crisis that they caused

A cost of living crisis they care not one jot to try and fix cause billions in profits, price gauging and dismantling society is a really good plan. NPV way more important than people choosing between heating and eating because of their policies. Later stage capitalism leaning into hungry and freezing children really really hard.

What is really at stake is the rule of law across the western alliance.

Trump and his sycophantic violent democracy destroying enablers have, with deadly intent, systematically pushed the boundaries of the American democratic system as far as they could, to see quite how far they can force the anti-democratic authoritarian envelope. It they are allowed to walk away from the insurrection consequence free they will subvert the next election, of course they will. It is an inevitability. What the JAN 6 hearing demonstrates is that violent insurrectionists, and their law making supporters in the GOP, at Trump’s bidding, wanted to overthrow democracy. Luckily for everyone, they were amateur hour incompetent, like their dear leader, but next time round there is no guarantee that they will not have learned lessons about how to be more successful in their traitorous behaviour. Their perfidious seditious feet MUST be held to the fire of justice to ensure this cannot happen again.

The next few years for America are pivotal for everyone globally. If things continue on their current trajectory, a minority fascist, theocratic cray cray could get their hands on the levers of power again, and not trying to be a drama queen but if democracy goes down in the USA – the western order is doomed, doomed I say!

Obama Issues Dire Call To Save Democracy From GOP Fascism

“In my own country, the forces that unleashed mob violence on our Capitol are still churning out misinformation and conspiracy theories,” the former president said. “For those of us who fervently believe in the ideals of democracy, the question is: How do we respond? The point is, if we want democracy to flourish, we will have to fight for it. We will have to nurture it. We will have to demonstrate its value, again and again, in improving the lives of ordinary people. And we will also have to be willing to look squarely at the shortcomings of our own democracies—not the ideal, but the reality. Only then will we be able to tell a better story of what democracy can be, and must be, in this rapidly changing world.”

Emphasis mine

The democracy stealers, the populists, the autocrats are emboldened right now. The post WW2 liberal settlement has never been under bigger threat. The historical memory of the horrors that came last time people got voted into power and then dismantled democratic norms seems to be really fading - and that is allowing horror shit show fascists risk all of us. They need to do one. From Putin, to BoJo, to Trump, to Hungary, Turkey and Brazil, these awful awful men need to be traduced from polite society.

That noise you can hear That right there ...is the will of the people.


Oh my word…

Listen to this

That noise you can hear

That right there

…is the will of the people.

Never a worthier boo booed
Heh. The people that rock up to watch this kind of event - are not the people you want booing you if you plan to stay in Number 10. Tick tock
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