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Doc Sportello

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Oklahoma
Home country: United States
Current location: Northern Arizona
Member since: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 5,612

Journal Archives

Salient point about the plot: Whitmer is a woman who stood up to them

They tried to intimidate her with a show of force that included weapons of war and tactical gear at the capitol. They were enraged that she didn't give in on masks etc. the way other officials have in the past ever since the tea baggers raised their ugly heads. I don't think it's a coincidence that these animals chose a strong female as their main target.

Sticking your head up drumpf's ass will draw flies

I thought Kamala would do well but she has been AWESOME!

And I don't mean just because she is on our side type doing well. But in every way, articulate but down to earth, fact-based, and her calm, likable demeanor while the asshole keeps interrupting and going over time just shows to any undecideds or almost there for Biden-Harris types how much more ready she is for the office to those voters. She is a decent person and that is coming through to those watching. It also blows the "radical left" smear they are trying to against her out of the water.

Brianna Keilar ripping Faux, Fucker Carlson and Covid propaganda

I've posted about her before but she is must watch journalism in my mind. Carlson tried to go after her before and lost. So she is showing old clips of him warning about the virus in March, contrasting that with his recent statements telling Faux viewers they are all going to die anyway so don't worry about it. Also Ghouliani and a Pence aide are getting the Keilar treatment, which is using facts and liars' own words, narrating in measured tones, to shine a light on the truth. Journalism as it should be done.

I don't want him to get real sick or die

BEFORE the election. Afterwards, I couldn't care less. I think it is going Biden's way and a big disruption would just be used by McConnell, and the rest of the repub mafia to try to change the outcome they know is coming.

And anyone who thinks the same traitors who refused to stand up to him, changed norms and rules to steal SCOTUS seats and suppress votes won't do whatever they can to keep in power if he is incapacitated or dies, haven't been paying attention. Oh, the Constitution and line of succession, you can forget about that.

The data scientist tracking white supremacists

From the Guardian:
"Emily Gorcenski has been tracking them every step of the way.

Since 2018, the 38-year-old data scientist has been exposing members of the far right and cataloguing white supremacist violence across the US through her site, First Vigil. The project grew out of the attack on her Charlottesville, Virginia, community the year prior the deadly Unite the Right rally, which brought Gorcenski face to face with neo-Nazis bearing torches and swastikas, shouting racist and transphobic vitriol at her. One of her attackers was later revealed to be an active US marine.

Using court files and other public records, the anti-fascist researcher has catalogued hundreds of criminal cases, connected the dots of dangerous neo-Nazi networks, and revealed links that journalists and authorities have missed. "


Here is the website:

Can one get COVID from pressing an orangutan's pants?

Too soon?

Waved at a passing parade of trumper cars, trucks and motorcycles this evening

Unfortunately, my arthritis kicked in and I only could wave with one finger.

Military wife Brianna Keilar eviscerates drumpf, then tells her story

She is on now so there isn't a video yet, but it is the most extraordinary takedown of the shitbag I have seen. She has been doing a great job on other issues but I urge everyone to watch this segment when available.

As she always does, she uses facts, videos and a carefully measured tone to demonstrate his venal behavior,m incompetence and indecency. But this was special because she brought a story from her husband's service to personalize it. I kept expecting her to get emotional because I did, but she kept it together while at the same time bringing a passion that made it even more powerful. Then she had on Tammy Duckworth to finish. I love Ms. Keilar.

The case for Susan Rice

From former Democratic admin official Jen Psaki, who worked with Rice. I have been concerned about Rice's lack of political experience, but Psaki answers those questions; also the times I've watched her interviews she is very good at speaking plainly, something not every policy wonk can do.
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