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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,177

Journal Archives

Major typhoon predicted to hit South Korea next week.

From: https://www.metoc.navy.mil/jtwc/jtwc.html

Should it follow the predicted path, it's going right through the center of the country and possibly cause major flooding and wind damage.

Kind thoughts and DU hugs go out to our SK friends........

More US colleges are grappling with high numbers of students testing positive for Covid-19

Extracted from Guardian's rolling live coverage of coronavirus news from around the globe:

More US colleges are grappling with high numbers of students testing positive for Covid-19 just days into the start of the new semester, after some universities rolled back their campus reopening plans in recent weeks.

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/aug/25/coronavirus-live-news-gaza-in-lockdown-following-first-local-cases-hong-kong-man-re-infected

Posting entire piece because I can't link to any individual section.......

The University of Alabama on Monday reported more than 550 people across its campuses had tested positive for Covid-19 since it resumed in-person classes on 19 August. Most of those infected were students, faculty and staff at the university’s main campus in Tuscaloosa.

Citing a “dramatic increase” in coronavirus cases on campus, the mayor of Tuscaloosa issued an executive order on Monday ordering bars to shut down for 14 days and placing restrictions on other establishments.

“Many students who tested positive for Covid-19 have chosen to go home to isolate,” Kellee Reinhart, the university’s vice chancellor for communications, told Reuters.

Reinhart said the school had an “ample amount” of space for Covid-19 positive students to isolate and that it was enhancing testing of various groups.

The university has conducted more than 46,000 tests, according to a dashboard it released this week, and the positivity rate stood at about 1%.

The number of positive cases does not include the 400 students who tested positive upon returning to University of Alabama campuses before classes began last week.

Alabama is not alone in scrambling to deal with Covid-19 college outbreaks.

The University of Southern California (USC), which resumed education almost entirely online on 17 August, on Monday said that more than 100 students at the University Park Campus in Los Angeles were in a 14-day quarantine after exposure to the virus.

Ohio State University, where classes resume on Tuesday, this week issued more than 200 interim suspensions for students following a string of large parties where health and safety rules were largely ignored, according to media reports.

Last week, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill cancelled in-class instruction after positive cases of Covid-19 shot up dramatically.


Will America ever learn to put human life above Wall Street's interests (my experiences with OSHA for example says NO!)?


Life in Kentucky as we know it is now over......

KFC drops Finger Lickin' Good slogan as 'doesn't quite fit' in age of Covid-19

Fast food chain says tagline is unsuitable in the light of the hygiene measures to tackle pandemic

See: https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/aug/24/kfc-drops-finger-lickin-good-slogan-due-to-covid-10

The fast food chain has acknowledged it will need to move on, at least temporarily, from the tagline it has used on and off for more than six decades, releasing new images of advertising posters and packaging with the words blurred and pixellated.

The move comes about five months after it pulled ads featuring the catchphrase amid complaints that the featured montage of people licking their own fingers and those of their companions ran counter to official advice to stem the spread of the virus. According to the Drum, more than 150 people complained to the Advertising Standards Authority in March.

But is it still OK to lick the skillet?

Seems a bit of a farce since ya' just about have to pick the chicken up with your fingers anyway.

KY........ .......

OK, time for a break. Feat. Buddy Mercury Dog and Lil Sis!

Buddy Mercury and Baby really rock out for National Kids and Pets Day!!!

Awwww, baby wanted a treat, too!


Belarus is more likely linked to Russia's defense radar systems....

but that's just a wild-ass guess.....

But destroying protest balloons does sound like a Putin-style move.


The core essence of that statement is the objective of dividing our nation.

Division among the populace is the core objective of the ultra wealthy so they can keep us blindly occupied with jobs and consumerism while being fearful of our neighbors. In other words, community is the enemy of our corporate world and the Democratic Party believes in community. Therefore, we are the enemy. When divided, people are easily controlled.

That philosophy is cleverly promoted through right-wing media and think tanks by designating us Democrats as "the other" or "the enemy" for decades on talk radio and Faux News to the point that now, around a third of Americans are thoroughly brainwashed.

They've used every emotional tool in the right-wing fascist playbook to achieve that goal including gun ownership, racial issues, women's rights, hatred of government and taxes and faux patriotism.

I honestly have little long-term hope for our Nation and many others like the UK unless we can drastically reduce asset and income inequality around the globe.

To date, that inequality is only getting worse day by day.

KY rant done for Monday.....

'Conmen, grifters and criminals': why is Trump's circle so at odds with the law?

This is a good article to pass along to any right-win knotheads among our coworkers or friends....

'Conmen, grifters and criminals': why is Trump's circle so at odds with the law?

Apart from legal trouble, what Bannon, Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, Stone, Gates and Papadopoulos have in common is the president

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/21/donald-trump-law-crime-steve-bannon

To live outside the law, Bob Dylan sang, you must be honest. It also helps, apparently, to stay as clear as possible from Donald Trump, whose inner circle of advisers has suffered steady attrition since 2017, through a series of encounters with the criminal justice system.
“Why this unprecedented situation?” said Cotter, now a Chicago-based officer with the Greensfelder law firm. “My almost 40 years working in criminal law has taught me that criminals of a particular type tend to associate with other criminals of the same type. There is a comfort level and mutual understanding in such associations.

“So when I see a swarm of conmen buzzing around one particular man, in this case Trump, my experience suggests that it is because they recognize one of their own. And in selecting them to be his confidants, the president also recognized kindred spirits.”

It just keeps happening. But it has not happened to Trump, yet.

The author gives us a snapshot review of the criminality that has surrounded tRump since day one in office.


Get your ducks out on the job! These guys are coming to get you.....

if you're snail!......

Mighty ducks fight pests in South Africa | Eco-at-Africa
DW News

White dune snails are wreaking havoc on grape vines in South African vineyards. Ducks - and not chemical pesticides - are being used to fight them. That's good news for bees and other insects.

Direct link: https://www.dw.com/en/tv/eco-africa/s-32686


and a bonus duck feature for Tuesday.....

Ducks Trained to Manage Rice Paddies in Thailand

This farmer trains his ducks to do this work. It takes two months of training before they are ready. He hires out their service to rice farmers. The ducks enter rice field three times per rice growing cycle.

They eat insects that are destroying the rice and then fertilize the crop with their manure. Back at the farm they lay 500-700 eggs/day in rainy season and 2000-2500 eggs/day the rest of the year. Quite a feat of organic, sustainable method combining farming and animal husbandry.


Love the way the ducks spiral down out of his truck.


Please relay best wishes and DU hugs to Texas Towelie...

and tell him DU needs him back for election and general hell-raising support......

Hope he has a good prognosis and speedy recovery. Please keep us posted on his progress and thank you for your message.


More ways to protest Trump's screwing with our Postal Service...

1. Emailing the USPS Board of Governors:

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan

If you can't protest in person, please consider emailing the USPS Board of Governors. Tell them to stop DeJoy.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

2. I'm considering emailing the offices of companies I pay bills to by mail (utilities, insurance, etc.) with a request to extend the due dates on my bills by say, 5-days to allow for potential mail delays, with a note stating "due to recent Trump administration changes in the Postal Service".

Enough requests like that could result in these companies pressuring Trump to reverse those changes.

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