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LBM20's Journal
LBM20's Journal
November 4, 2018

Just returned from a spaghetti dinner and rally for our Dems. Packed school cafeteria. Good event.

In Maine. Our governor candidate Janet Mills, congressional candidate Jared Golden, and local state senate and state rep candidates, former governor and congressman, etc. Great event. People are PUMPED! Hundreds of people. We're working it hard here in Maine.

November 4, 2018

One thing that we have to say about "Hope."

I do understand that when people talk about "hope" they really mean "optimism." Fine. But we also have to move the discussion well beyond "hope." We have to talk about TANGIBLES and RESULTS.

People are tired of just voting for "hope." They want RESULTS. They want higher wages. They want healthcare. They want higher paying jobs. They want their roads and bridges fixed, and broadband internet everywhere. They want lower tax burdens for the middle class. They want retirement security. They want homes, vehicles, to send their kids to college, and to take a vacation every year. They want good, effective, decent, smart government at all levels, and good local services starting with good schools for their kids. They want something done about the opioid crisis. They want to go to college without being saddled with decades of debt. They want safety. They want to be heard and not ignored.

These are things people want, need, and deserve as citizens. We need to be telling people just how we are going to make sure they actually have these things. They are sick and tired of "hoping" for them. We have lost in the past in part because we forgot how to talk about being the champions of the working middle class. Gotta get back to it.

November 3, 2018

My GOTV experience at the doors today. GOOD STUFF!

I'm in an area of Maine that you might call one of our versions of "suburbia", the greater area around one of our larger cities. (There are no very large cities in this largely rural state. Our biggest is Portland with around 65,000 people though with surrounding towns it grows to around 100,000 people. I am in another of our larger general areas but quite north of Portland.)

We have lots of boots on the ground in our area. Hitting the doors hard for GOTV.

Here are my takeaways:

* Our base is highly motivated. They are going to vote. (Some already had with early voting, just like myself. I voted three weeks ago.)

* They are concerned about healthcare, good-paying jobs, and education. But their immediate issue is TRUMP and the need to place a stop on him.

* My favorite talk was with a 77 year old lifelong registered Republican who votes more Democratic than Republican now because he feels the party has gone too far to the right. He is voting for Dems for all the top ticket races. He misses moderate Republicans like Ike and Rockefeller, and those from Maine like Margaret Chase Smith, Bill Cohen, and Olympia Snowe. He thinks Trump is crazy. (This was very gratifying.)

* At another door, I saw a sign indicating her husband was a psychologist. She said they had already voted and for D's. I told her I noticed that her husband was a psychologist and asked if he had any advice for Mr. Trump. She smiled widely and replied, "He has plenty of advice for him but nothing he is allowed to say in public." Good one!

GOOD STUFF! I will do a few more hours after work on election day.

November 2, 2018

OK Folks. The last weekend before the midterms. Go GOTV. TAKE BACK AMERICA!

I'm doing GOTV door knocks Saturday. What are you doing?

November 1, 2018

There are no "Conservatives!" We need to END that word!

Why do we insist on continuing to use "conservative" when it is Donny Rotten's Cult? They are Radical Right Wingers.

The party of Lincoln, TR, and Ike is DEAD. Dead and gone.

Once and for all we gotta stop saying this word. Say Right Wing, or better yet, Radical Right Wingers.

November 1, 2018


March to polls!

Meet at the Bangor waterfront about 4:30 to march to the Cross Center. If you are registered in Bangor you can vote. Or, just come and march and support voting.

Meet at Monument Square in Portland about 4:30 and march to city hall to vote. If you are not registered in Portland, you can bring government ID and proof of residency and register and vote.

Spread the word. It happens SOON.


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