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NotMyFuhrer's Journal
NotMyFuhrer's Journal
May 24, 2017

Rachel Maddow weekly ratings beat Fox News, CNN for first time ever - Entertainment Weekly

Thanks for being honest, smart, caring and steadfast. Keep it up . . . America clearly loves you (and the rest of the gang at MSNBC)!

BTW – Anyone in NY / NJ going to the show-of-support / gathering to back Lawrence O'Donnell?

Time: Thursday afternoon
Where: in front of MSNBC's Manhattan headquarters
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY
Corporate Phone Number: 212-664-4444

May 20, 2017

Joe Biden, Sit Down and Be Quiet

In an era where we need to look forward, to plan on how Democrats will take back BOTH the House and the Senate . . . the last thing we need is divisiveness and in-fighting!

Having said that . . . it can be argued that the reason Hillary lost was precisely BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Yes Joe, you!!

There are a lot of misguided insulated misfits running Congress. The voters in the US (AND FRANCE for that matter!) . . . by electing Trump (and Macron – a total outsider) . . . in effect said: POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!

If you do not think there is an anti politician mood . . . just look at the popularity rating of Congress!

Unfortunately, Hillary could not live down . . was not able to shed . . . her "establishment" tint.

As in France, the mood in the US was for an "outsider"! As a confirmation of this, just look at the traction Bernie got!

There is widespread revulsion about Congress. We see mostly: Dysfunctional Politics, Confrontation, Extremism, Polarization, and extreme obstructionism!

In fact, you, Joe Biden are a good example of the adage that “We have the best politicians money can buy”!

For those people who do not know . . . YOU and your sons received huge funding from BANKS. You were the poster child for them getting their moneys-worth, when you personally twisted the hands of Democrats to support (in 2000) Bush's first legislative agenda, his number one initial priority . . . to gut the Bankruptcy Laws. You helped them undo 600 years of Old English Common Law!

You single-handedly helped Republicans re-write the protections for “average people”. To screw “the little people”.

Bankruptcy is now a sham and has been corrupted with your help! We are not dumb, we do not forget!

Again . . . you are part of the problem, so be part of the solution and retire! Take up painting as the person who you helped rewrite the Bankruptcy Laws is doing.


May 19, 2017

Media - I hope you're chasing down the money Putin paid to the Green Party ( Jill Steins ) Election

Lets not ignore the OTHER Possible High Impact Russian Meddling!

It is a well know fact that Putin has funded many “opposition” parties all across Europe!

Please have your network of contacts look into the good chance, that he also gave support to Jill Stein (the Green Party) here in the US!

*** Her running has certainly hurt Clinton! ****

She went to Russia and praised Putin a lot!!

Ever since what Nader did in Florida, it is clear that the Green Party has been very interested in getting FUNDING! Focused on not its effect on the political process, but in getting enough signatures to be considered eligible for Federal Campaign funds!!

SO . . . a KEY question is . . . while Jill Stein was in Russia . . . did she (or her campaign) also collude with them, and did she get financial (or other dis-information Web Trolling support) from them !!??

It seems to a casual observer that they helped her a lot! For she played into their objectives!

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