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NotMyFuhrer's Journal
NotMyFuhrer's Journal
July 1, 2017

Media, please follow up apparent OTHER Trump-Enquirer conspiracies / intimidation / blackmail

Media . . . please follow up OTHER previous Enquirer “hit articles”

Robert Mueller needs to investigate Trump's personal and business e-mails with American Media (National Enquirer) CEO David Pecker? No?

July 1, 2017

Trump whisperer Newt Gingrich is continuing to be destructive and divisive!

He is now trying to discredit the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in order to mislead the Republican base as to how awful and painful the tax cut (disguised as a health care overhaul) really is.



June 26, 2017

Separation of Church and State is now in question

With the latest Supreme Court Ruling . . . are we on a slippery slope toward the end of the Separation of Church and State?

Is the US moving toward theocracy?

Implications of now having a green light to the creation of moral police, institutional religious prejudice, etc.!!!

June 4, 2017

CAN THE Googles, Facebooks of the world STOP block and protect us . . . from ROBOT programs ??

Whatever is said by Putin / Trump or their enablers . . . the catastrophe is that with technology run-a muck . . . propaganda, take down hate speech, and “alternate facts” are now greatly AMPLIFIED by ROBOT programs.

CAN THE Googles, Facebooks of the world STOP – block – identify and protect us . . . from ROBOT programs that are like megaphones. . . giving unfair advantage to spin artists, haters, and well funded organizations that want to influence our Freedom of legitimate discussion!

First Amendment or no First Amendment . . yelling fire in a theater should still be considered illegal!

Putin, Trump and their enablers have money and are blatantly funding a well orchestrated campaign to marshal ROBOT programs that spew millions of tweets and e-mails slanted to their side, on a hourly basis!!

Again let me askagain . . . can the likes of Google and Facebook counter this non-level playing field, and the technological assault on OUR FREEDOM OF (LEGITIMATE) human to human (ie: not Robot technology skewed) speech?
June 3, 2017

Media: PLEASE IGNORE TRUMP'S RALLY TOMORROW! Do NOT allow him to continue to manipulate you!!

We do not want to see an idiotic pep rally. Do not subject us to his manipulation and deflection on why he pulled out of Paris (for Pittsburgh's sake).

Anyway . . . since these sideshows / admiration seeking nonsense are formal 2020 political campaign re-election events . . . should not Democrats be demanding EQUAL TIME from the media that do cover it (have covered them in the past)!!??

June 2, 2017

Boycott Trump!

Let his followers stay at his hotels, golf at his overpriced facilities, buy Ivanka's handbags, drink his kid's wine, etc.

From now on . . . hit them in the pocketbook, till they crawl back under the rock they came out from!

June 1, 2017

Ivanka . . . a moderating influence on Donnie Two-scoops on CLIMATE CHANGE?

Climate change “decision”? It should NEVER have come this far!! NEVER!!!

Thanks Ivanka . . . Thanks for your “moderating” influence on this curse of a father you have. It is True that the Orange does not fall far from the Orange tree!

May 26, 2017

Christine Pellegrino is elected for NY district 9, a Republican district that Trump won by 23%

Source: NY Times, The Nation

see also:


Christine Pellegrino did not just declare victory after a remarkable special-election win that saw her flip a historically Republican New York State Assembly seat to the Democratic column . . . . . . was sending a message that will resonate far beyond a legislative district that backed Donald Trump last fall but that has now will be represented by a bold progressive activist.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/24/nyregion/special-legislative-election-christine-pellegrino.html?_r=0

May 26, 2017

The Republicans will reap, what they enable Trump to sow!!!!!!!

Conservatives Await the ** Media’s Apology ** for the Republican candidate in Montana's assault on The Guardian reporter says The New York Times.

This is the “Trumpian effect” at work!

That of insolence, mocking, tacit approval of violence, and closed minded stupidity!

May 24, 2017

What we have here in the USA is a failure to communicate!

Conservative, Liberal, Socialist, Free Market enthusiast, Nationalist, Blue, Red, Social Conservative, Religious, etc. etc. These are just semantics and rudimentary shorthand terminology.

Not surprising that George Bernard Shaw said: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

Today, more than ever, is it necessary to have civility, in order for us, as a people to discuss ideas and have progress. To get un-stuck!

With technology and mass media as it is . . . it is not surprising that there is divisiveness, when an outside enemy is funding armies of trolls hell-bent on throwing flames into social media discussions.

With technology and mass media as it is . . . it is not surprising that when right-wing ideologue driven organizations / Pacs / Foundations . . . create Robot web programs that automatically spew FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

We need to think, as a society . . . of righting this leaning ship, we need knowledge, charisma, and a more balanced "cadence" in communicating with each-other. No ?


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