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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,649

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I see absolutely NO REASON to debate tRUMP at ALL before the election!

Am i wrong in my thinking here? MSM will just make him stronger. (UNLESS some BIG NEWS comes forward that is)

I'm really thinking that tRUMP and pUTIN somehow have a strange way of

BRAINWASHING people! Totally unexplained to me how the fuck people are swallowing all their BULLSHIT!

Just for the record, is there anyway Rump could file complaints about states decisions regarding

Releasing of tax information? I just DO NOT want him any recourse when he loses in 2020!

Questions for those that understand law! (and feel they KNOW Muellers reputation)

Ok let say Muellers report is done and he turns it in, KNOWING what is in it and WHAT should be done with it. Let's say BARR decides against showing it, even though it condemns everything tRUMP AND the RETHUGS! have done. He knows RUMP needs to be indicted along with others!! My questions here. WHAT will he do? Will he go by the book and consider his job DONE? Will he answer a subpoena from the Dem. House? What is your best thought on this?

Need your thoughts here! Now if the Supreme court were to decide for tRUMPs emergency declaration

Aren't the RETHUGS making a BIG mistake,(by NOT over riding tRUMPS veto)? When a Democrat WINS in 2020? Will this SC. decision set precedence? I'm not sure how this works out.

Should the House immediately pass a resolution

CONDEMNING the words chosen by tRUMP?

Probably will get jumped on BUT

Who do you feel would be the strongest candidate, that would make sure law is followed AFTER they win, to Jail the tRUMP family? THIS is one of my biggest concerns.

Maybe a dumb question BUT

Why did BOTH judges comment on NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION? Seems like it gives the reTHUGS talking points? Just saying.

To me i wonder why Manafort wasn't charged with

TREASON? He's a traitor in my eyes

Question about National security

Would there be a traceable way to see each and every time the Rump family members were looking at OUR national security secret service records? I mean would they leave a trail of what info they were looking at? Also who would have access to this? Could this be something the House would have access too?
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